Gemini Love & Health July-August 2019

Gemini Love & Health July-August 2019

[Applause] [Applause] Gemini hello would you remember the love health and sexuality reading I do read in person here in Orlando Florida you just need to go through my website to book those um so we do past present future for these and in the past Jim I've got seven of Pentacles so so no Pentacles is your hard work coming to fruition the seeds you've planted are blooming and I see it as like you did some hard work on yourself and and you have planted some seeds when it comes to your love and relationships and interactions right this doesn't just have to be about romance um and now you're kind of like what do I want you know my my blooms are blooming but do I want this one this one that you two I want to relationship friendships like this relationships like that lover like this I love her like that or that you know um and so just kind of enjoying yourself enjoying your own life I feel a lot of you're enjoying it have been enjoying being single yay right I love that um and then Center card is mid-july through mid-august seven of wands interesting seven seven so what I see for you Gemini is you're going to make a choice you're going to be making some choices they always on this card I get he reaches out and he goes I want that but then instead of being like I want that um he's like I want that or do I see so the warning on this card is that decision you're making that that thing you're grasping for is is the one don't second-guess it that would be a Gemini thing edge of anything my mother is sun moon Mercury Gemini it would be very Gemini in hahaha to UM be like I I want this but do i what about that like to get out of your head get a headset step out step away from the brain and um and just know that your you've got good psychic instincts intuitive instincts mid-july through mid-august and your decisions are good and sound and just normally our knee-jerk gut initial decision is the right one is what I'm getting um and then mid August or later a high priestess nice we're the second sign to get this card here so the high priestess is all-knowing she's a serious it is the major arcana signifier card of it's the moon so the moon rules cancer could be a cancer it could also be a Pisces many believe this is a card for Pisces but at any rate this person or you or both are like this I want you I want love awesome but let you're still looking at the past like let me tell you what they did to me but they did this to me and they did that to me and I am still very hurt and traumatized and scarred and wounded and we get it so again this could be you or the other person and what I'm hearing is that in this coupling whoever is doing this the other person is like okay cool yeah we hit on me tell me all about it it's awesome so I'll give you a for instance I Jamie and very like yeah lay it on me when you're all about it hmm but it's like two weeks later two months later three months later four months later you're still beating the drum of I'm a victim I gotta bounce I believe we all have a different amount of patience for that kind of thing so some people can listen to it forever so it just depends right I'm a little more do your work and get over it um and and and heal some wounds never are all the way healed I do get that as well as sometimes things come back up I get that too like don't get me wrong but um one of you is going to be a little more victim II and wounded and it's been so hard than the other one but the other one is going to have just the right amount of patience for that and I love it so it's giving me chills this is a good coupling and I too have this you know I too have oh me tell you about all the men I've loved before you know it is all the men I loved before like it oh my god and I don't know how to edit I haven't learned how to edit yet so I can't take that out and I'm not gonna start this but here's all right right right I've got another message for you if you're still watching here's another message boom and is way Louie sometimes let's let's go back to me I can beat that drum for too long like and then my one boyfriend this and my one then when I was a little this happened and so I also do need someone to be like you know okay enough sweet pea what would where are you now I'm 47 I'm in Orlando Florida like you know I'm not any of those guys and I'm not your childhood stuff so so someone may need to eventually do that lightly with compassion like hey okay I've listened to it long enough and lovingly with compassion though always right so okay all right let's move on to the health message shall we or perhaps I can behave like this like a lady right in the past I've got worship so I feel like so I'm like Jim gems in the past you guys there was something about like worshiping your good health like maybe had a really fit body and you were like one of these like fitness guru Jim Bunny types and really just put a lot into that and that was a really beautiful thing for you nothing wrong with that mid-july through mid August got it protects okay so here's the deal ready I hate this I've lost 90 pounds and that was hard and at one point I was working out six to seven days a week not light workouts either and I upset my joints to the point where I was looking at having to go get an MRI and talk to an ortho surgeon and my hot hot haha that's a high functioning but my fitness guru friend was like girl you're gonna ruin you're gonna ruin yourself so um and it was halfway through the 90 pound weight loss ethos so anyway this is protect and I have joints here so it took more than one super fit health and fitness guru to get in my face and say good for you on the forty five pounds lost but you've got a ways to go still and so no more six seven days a week no more going that hard I was running full out on full out on a treadmill like sprinting like I'm in high school and at that time I was like forty six years old so you don't have saying so anyway I back down my workouts to UM three hard workouts to hot yoga still have the problems anyway blah blah blah I'm I've lost 90 pounds I'm at goal weight and I'm down to three workouts to gym one yoga Sundays I'll add a second yoga every time something happens so it's as we age as we get older we have to concede typically that we're not all Jack LaLanne really dating myself on that reference who you know we're not home I also have to break HIPAA cause hard I work with someone who worked at cedars-sinai and worked on a lot of actors who hardcore action afters if I you you all know their names and she was like you would not believe how many of them have constant back surgeries knee surgeries hip surgeries shoulder surgeries like it's it's they're like football players they're breaking down and note and all anybody sees at the Hollywood the next a blockbuster bazillion dollar movie and so you know it's just message just coming in very very strong whatever you're doing to kind of you you've you've been like worshiping maybe your fitness regimen a little too much and it's a little too much and it's time to back off mid-august relator interesting god s that was the other thing so wait for it I also had to back off from hardcore free weights um in the gym to the Nautilus machines which I've always heavily judged like that's it for old people is cute and then again I was having issues so I've been doing the Nautilus now for like over six months you know the little the machines and you do like biceps and triceps and he do one set on each machine and make a little circuit again with the old people it's adorable and the other day um some guy was hogging the shoulder machine and I got pissed so I just went over to do the free weights shoulders which is right in front of the mirror and I was like yeah yeah look at that so see what you want about my wimpy little Nautilus workout but I was like I've got guns and my joints are healthy and I'm awesome so the message on this card is mid August or later it's like realizing it's about how we look it's about how we feel and being really happy with who we are um you know have you been worshiping other people's bodies and doing something that harms your body to try to look like that I want you to Google test he ESS holiday she's about a size 22 24 supermodel just won some big awards on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine you know what I'm saying like do what's good and right for you I have a friend who um gently walks and rides her bike all the time yeah she she makes my my guns look like baby guns like she is so fit so you know what I'm saying it's just that is the message I'm getting that you male or female or something between empower your gorgeous goddess I love myself no matter what energy I'm here to be healthy not look like Madonna or Angelina Jolie examine their more my age um I do what's right for you is when I'm hearing sexuality we're just real quick it is a general video so I can't go on and on about everything I'm a medical intuitive I've been an RN for over 17 years most of that impost open heart intensive care heart and lung transplant team um so it's a penis psychic human x-ray machine I can go in by the way on all of this and take a look at what's going on and and what might need to be done I can point you towards Eastern medicine or Western medicine and also just provide you with support and hope really it's mainly what I do there so hit me up for one of those readings and now for sexuality I see you've been thinking about your sexuality what do I want for my sexuality maybe some of you or literally have been deciding for yourself what your sexuality is it's just like like I don't know you know what do I want right um a certain really good conversation with a friend about this the other day like do I want to just go sex with a bunch of people or am I gonna like stand strong and wait for the one and you know um and then I see Mitchell a through in August like just really being like this is who I am and I am empowered if I want to be celibate till I find the one cool if I want to sleep with people cool like you know I am transgendered hear me roar like whatever it is like just really like like owning your sexuality power and then stepping into that High Priestess goddess energy is what I've got pretty oh my god let's just send this video shall we please come back general videos for August in two weeks give me another chance and thank you so much it's been a pleasure seriously alright bye


  1. I emailed you about my daughter who is a Gemini but I haven't heard back from you. Wanted to find out about a medical reading for her. Love You!!!

  2. You completely made my day!! I love how you crack yourself up! Thank you, Jami, for sharing your gift with us. You are an absolute doll! Much love and light! 💕

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