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  2. Hi George. I just found your channel and all of your content is incredible. As a newish CS student do you have any advice for me to be even a 1/5 as good as you are?

    Thanks for your time. Love the videos

  3. If the road have No lane line marking or dark driving we can use another method to track the front car by follow the brake red light , this will decrease the code and help cpu processor to work better , also we can make the camera learn the distance of the front car by make graph grid box on the screen , and add information about vehicle perimeter , using different size and place we can know how much the distance between front car to help us use brake in perfect time , also we can make new version open pilot for truck drivers to increase safety and avoid hit small car

  4. Google set up chinas eyes and ears under no dark corners. Googles now being praised by America for doing the same under current deregulation. China downplayed to confuse the old minded. A trump card. This was built for the American mindset. To kill a generation. China wrapped itself with python faster than anyone else. Google claimed Qsupreme, then a pandemic occurred. If you can’t bring down their firewall, go through it.

  5. I think you don't have any problem regarding with self isolation, quarantine, and social distancing 🙂

  6. George becomes world leader after single handedly hacking out a cure for the coronavirus in python3, there is still a few bugs but it sort of works. on the next stream he cures the HIV and AIDS virus(with a for loop).

  7. Can anyone confirm that basic code for lane detection, Object tracking, and steering was written in c for open pilot or python because I have written one in python and it's very laggy

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