a lot of people get into private and they don't make sure their interest rate is achieved in the capital market which is like this is your full case topic of course I'm going back and doing my favorite topics which is health insurance and the health care system in Germany it is basically main reasons why I moved to Germany I absolutely love the system I love the history the structure that Alice of it it's just great I notice a lot it's a bit of a problem for people moving to Germany expats that are coming here eck spots that are already here it's a little bit tricky I thought all right I would make another video this time a bit more factly about the breakdown of the systems what might work for you why in sort of debunk some common misconceptions because as you know it gets complicated but in Germany is that the insurance health insurance is mandatory and this can result in a there are two things either you get fine for not being insured or you don't receive your visa our example freelancers coming here a lot of times they come to Germany and they need to apply for a freelancing visa while they're here they need to show proof that they're enrolled in a buff and recognized insurance and then they can apply and receive their visa getting straight into it there are two different types of insurance in Germany the two branches are one the public geekify or if you're a package a German get that nigga can't confess ich komme the second one will be the private pick off all Levite tongue confess ich own these ones I would say just flat-out guys which I'll repeat later over and over again one is not better than the other they're good for their own separate reasons and whichever one fits you is completely based on individual needs I can say that my choice and the insurance I'm in is based on what works best for me I mean I realize my needs are met in public it's not a problem and it works better for my situation than private would put break down in public is that major if people come into Germany you're gonna get automatically enrolled in public why because one private qualification base but also you have to make the choice yourself and do a bit more legwork to get into it so if you're newly coming here it's a lot easier for your company's HR to just put you on public everything is sort of tied together there's no really qualification other than the fact that you need to be employed in Germany it's tied on to your salary so if you look your salary statement taxes are taken out health insurance and then you get your salary to you it's easy there's no need to go back and forth and arrange things or really understand how it works is it has a free solution for the newcomers that comes the public there are some negative connotations people say oh you'll have to wait forever and ever to get to a doctor and what's terrible because you can't get nice treatment because you're just a public this is BS I can see this firsthand I've never had this issue me if I'm sick I'm the same day even I'll call my doctor and my house Ott's my GP and say listen I'm sick I'm not going to work today can I please get in I are they need a doctor's note or I need some cold medicine or jitter cup what's going on with me and they always say yeah sure and a couple hours however if I need to go to a specialist this is when the waiting starts course that's one of the benefits of being in the private system you get direct access to specialists public people on the big difference I need a physical therapist and I found one that takes public however I had to wait about a month before I can get an appointment let him die over the problem yeah of course it was probably just a luxury problem but if I didn't have a really bad situation there are resources that will help basically expedite and get you an appointment if it's really necessary I think it's just a matter of looking around you putting the work in and it can be done as always in Germany if you do paperwork you're gonna get something just sometimes it takes a little bit more effort I'm big thing I would have to say with public versus private is the cost of your insurance not other people know this but in the public system the cost of your insurance is based on your income less money you make the less you pay the more money you make the more you'll pay and I think in 2019 the cap was just around 900 euros for for a policy so depends there's a sliding scale if you make more money you're automatically got to pay more and then in which case for some people private is actually a whole lot cheaper in that sense but as I said as I will say individual needs this is the best factor to determine where you should go it comes to private of course this is qualification based three grounds on which you can get into private this would either be you are a freelancer you are a student or you are employed person making above a certain required amount per year 2019 the it's just around sixty one thousand for your gross annual salary so if you're making there then you basically have a foot in the door however the second part to qualifying for private is your health status for people with strong pre-existing conditions certain pre-existing conditions you can't qualify or when you get in it's gonna cost you a little bit more for example when you're applying for a private they determine the cost based on the age you under the system and your health status so if you're young if you're a fully fit you don't have a nice teeth policy and it's gonna stay that way because in private they cannot change your policy month by month year by year based on increases in salary or your health getting worse you requiring work here and of course your age which common misconception a lot of people like to complain and say the older you get and private the more expensive it is but guys know it is of course if you enter this system when you're older then yes it's gonna cost quite a bit more I mean misconceptions I think people especially Germans complain about the private because law and they know the price but also I think since it is choice based a lot of times you have to be and you really should be more educated before making this choice for example a lot of people will sign up into private and then complain that they can't afford it and how it works in private is if you're a student or you're employed if you are not a student anymore you don't qualify for anymore and you got out of private if you're employed and you don't make the qualifying salary anymore you have to go to public however if you are a freelancer then you signed a contract and you're legally obligated to follow through with this contract regardless of your income because income was never a qualifying amount for you and a lot of people complain about this because they don't make an accurate financial projection and then all of a sudden they have this contracted obligation that they have to pay that they can't afford it's basically overextending and not thinking of that and of course signing a legally binding document and it creates some trouble so guys if you are going to private please please please look into it first and make sure that it fits your individual situation also people say it's expensive however they're not considering or they're not making sure of their interest rate is achieved in the capital market but enough of that moving for basically one answer this is something they're gonna say okay we're gonna do a house check out and for example you may be young therefore your pulse will be cheaper but if you have a pre-existing condition something like asthma then they're gonna add a slight surcharge this is like a risk charge to say okay could require a bit more care in the future so we're not gonna give you the same policy as somebody in your exact situation that's fully healthy and I think okay yeah that's fair with private basically I think it's not the end not a make or break situation private of course I said it's matter of luxury you can get at any doctor basically you want immediately because the private system pays doctors more so naturally doctors are gonna have these as referred patients but you know money we already knew this makes the world go round no reason to complain there it's kind of obvious with that of course you also get direct access to specialists and you'll get a higher coverage for example in private you'll get dental you'll get vision public it's really really hard to get dental covered and vision not not really it's also the fact that when you're on private you do get a larger network to choose from for doctors and specialized doctors big example is if you want a doctor that speaks English it's very hard to get in the public system because where Jordi wants up practice in second or third languages other than German they only take the private patients this can sometimes be a headache I know when I first moved here I didn't know if your men and I was in public and trying to talk to my insurance one I could barely talk to them because you only spoke German and two if I wanted my house arts to speak English this was also a problem where I couldn't really find one and it was tricky definitely understandable I was just a quick little breakdown of the basic everywhere just you should check and make it quickly add this not a paid sponsorship just a shout out at a resource that I think is really good for English speakers and expats would be pop sure pop sure is a website that helps you find sources for your insurance really handy if you're looking for health insurance and you need to get coverage so you go on their website and they ask you basic information so your age your employment status your income do you have a dependents or long-term financial obligations and then they will show you a list and it will give you some options of things you might need it'll say you qualify for public here's an example click this link they'll sign up with them they'll help you up your Wi-Fi for private here's another example they speak good English go see what it's like to sign up with them it spots it's in English once you can talk to them and get customer support in English and it's just the basics to help you get through the harder steps of integrating to German society into the German life I think that's very helpful because oftentimes a lot of these resources are happening should i thoughts comment did you find this helpful if you did please give me a thumbs up it helps my channel so very much I will link the information below hope it helped you all and have a wonderful day ciao


  1. Make no mistake. Private might seem to be better, BUT …
    When you grew a little older, monthly fees will increase … and increase … until you can no longer afford it.
    In case you lose your job at a greater age, then you're SCREWED.
    Because there is NO WAY BACK into public health insurance.
    Been there, done that – trust me on this: it's a NIGHTMARE.

  2. Meine Mutter war privat versichert (Beamte), mein Vater gesetzlich (st├Ądtischer Angestellter).

    Nat├╝rlich waren wir Kinder ├╝ber meinen Vater versichert. Meine Mutter h├Ątte sich bl├Âd bezahlt.

    Daf├╝r bekommt meine Mutter in der Regel "sofort" einen Termin beim Facharzt.

  3. I do find it amazing how people still have this misconception. Do you know where about 70 % of the medical development is achieved in terms of technology and treatment? The U.S. Where can you find the best hospitals? The U.S. Socialised healthcare is good if you don't need it. But if you find yourself seriously ill, it is horrible. You'll wait forever for CAT scans and surgeries. The hospitals are overcrowded and understaffed, because they are not properly financed. And so you find yourself in a situation where doctors are not making enough money and have to work significantly more than they should. Thus, we have about 10.000 doctors graduating per year in Germany, of which about 3000 immediately leave the country to work where they get paid and can work with proper equipment.

  4. If you have a SERIOUS issue, you go to the Krankenhaus (Hospital) and not to a "niedergelassener Arzt" (Doctor with his own practice), so no waiting time of a month even in the public system if you have a serious issue. And most doctor's will give you an earlier appointment if you are a serious case and are being refered from a hospital or a general practitioner. Just be nice to the secretary (Ordinationshilfe) and she'll usually give you an earlier appointment. Also good luck finding a german speaking doctor in the USA LoL, doesn't help that they are all private, so that doesn't even count as an issue/argument really. Every doctor in Germany should be able to speak basic english, otherwise they'd not have made it through university. Some very old ones might struggle with this, but anyone younger than 50 should for sure speak enough english. Some might not WANT to do it, but they have learned it.

  5. That what u name Public Insurance is in Germany if u'll translate very, very straight : "The Insurance┬áby DUTY". Because in Germany u do not only┬áor┬ájust have, the right to be insured, actually it is a DUTY, by law, "u have" to be insured. Doesn't matter if u are with or without work, at least in earlier times they just made a difference, if u be a worker, or if┬áwork in an office, to what insurance co. u belong to in the first place, the services are the same, Insurance by duty provides u generally with the minimum standard services, which covers everything┬ápossible┬ábad can happen to u, and one other big advance is, insured with the duty insurance, ur wife & ur kids are also insured at no extra cost.┬áFrom a special amount of monthly income, lets say 2500 bucks, u are eligible to join the so called "Private Insurance" . This insurance in fact, u are right, may be a bit cheaper if u just order standard service, but contrary to the duty insurance the private insurance pays ur doctor 2 1/2 times as much for service than the duty insurance does, & u may be insured to use higher class dental service, u have a right only get service from the " chief-doctor", or in the┬áhospital maybe eligible for one or two bedroom, or get daily extra money, if u have to stay longer than a month in hospital or off work, because ur employer is only requested to pay u for one month, if u can't come to work no more. And so on and so on & naturally this extra services raise ur Insurance fee to a degree. Private insurance keeps literally the same price through all life, except the tax raises, & over the years, the insurance also saves money from ur lifelong payments, so u don't have to pay higher fees, when u get older, something like that. … god bless u !

  6. Hello Aspen,

    it is right that you have the choice in our system between private an public health insurance. But mainly it is about the risks you are willing to take because today you can cover everything you want to have above the public standards with additional insurances, what is lowering your economical risks immensely compared to a full private insurance. Statistics show that in the long therm it is in 95% or even more the better choice to be in the public one, especially if you spend your whole life in Germany or intend to stay here for a very long time. It is just about the simple fact, that private insurance is working on the market, so if you have any serious economical problems, you are screwed. So I know even a lot of freelancers, that chose to be rather in public than in private insurance and several ones that now getting older really regret having chosen private one.

  7. Meine Tante war auch zun├Ąchst privat versichert. Dann hat sie aber festgestellt, dass ihr Sohn jede Menge Kosten verursacht, die sie nicht mehr tragen konnte. Dann hat sie ihre private Versicherung gek├╝ndigt und ist in die gesetzliche!

  8. Wow, quality content! Here are some personal experiences from private insurance:
    Private insurance is a lot of paper work for you personally. With public insurance, you don't need to know what your policy covers, because it's the standard and doctors need your written consent for anything non standard + your insurance handles the paper work. In private insurance, you need to know your policy by heart, because you need to pay for the costs up front and you get reimbursed by your insurance later. This means that you can accidentally accept a treatment that is not covered in your policy (and there are some sneaky doctors that use bs treatments to stuff their own pockets).+ a lot of plans contain a deducible, so if you are healthy and only get a flu shot you might not get any money back.

    benefits: most private plans have way better dental coverage, some waiting periods for specialists are significantly lower, especially cardiology, neurology and psychiatry/psychology. The time saved can be up to 6-12 months in some cases. And possibly better treatment at the hospital (policies can contain the right to single rooms, treatment by head of department doctors, better food choices, etc.) + the right to freely choose your doctor (public plans might assign you to a specialist)

  9. Hi Aspen
    German Doctor not speaking English there where having a joke at your expense, to go to uni to become a doctor you need to be fluent in two languishes besides German
    A little idea for your blog, if you like river cruiser and fireworks check out " Rhine in flames" it is magical and in jule or august but you need to get tickets early and go with friends
    regards Alex

  10. Good thing, if you need an appointment, you always get one within days. "No, first possible date is in september", "I am private", "Oh, why didn't you say that, please come tomorrow".

  11. I am private, and when my daughter went to the doctor, there was always a fight that the doctor does not every possible examination and lab test available. When she needed glasses, the doctor wanted to check for glaucoma because that gave extra money. You always have the feeling that you are a welcome money spender.

  12. If you choose private, you have to pay the bills by yourself. Then you have to send the invoice to the issurance and then, you get the money back. That takes time, so make sure your bank acount has always enough money to pay the hundreds of euros until you get your money back.

  13. Hallo, die deutsche Sozialversicherung beruht auf Solidarit├Ąt der deutschen und soll allen eine medizinische Versorgung der besten Versorgung mit ├╝berpr├╝ften medizinischen Verfahren gew├Ąhrleistet. Deshalb sollte es meiner Meinung nach eine Versicherungspflicht f├╝r Jedermann geben. Leute die eine "bessere Versorgung" wollen k├Ânnen eine meistens g├╝nstige Zusatzversicherung abschlie├čen. Bei der medizinischen Behandlung gibt es den den Begriff der "Chefarztmedizin", das hei├čt nicht der Beste behandelt, sondern der Chefarzt . Es gibt in der amerikanischen Geschichte einen prominenten Fall. Georg Washington lebte nach dem Attentat mit der Kugel im Gehirn noch 10 Tage weil kein sich traute die Kugel heraus zu holen. Es ging ihm immer besser, weil der Heilungsprozess einsetzte. .Man bestellte dann einen "Spezialisten" der entschied, die Kugel muss raus. Der Versuch die Kugel durch den Schu├čkanal heraus zu holen ging f├╝r den Pr├Ąsidenten leider t├Âdlich aus. Weitere Gr├╝nde warum man sich das mit der PKV gut ├╝berlegen sollte sind: Man muss sp├Ąter f├╝r jedes Familienmitglied eine Versicherung abschlie├čen, in der GKV gilt die Familienversicherung. Es ist nicht mehr m├Âglich in die gesetzliche Versicherung zur├╝ckzukehren. Im Alter wird die Versicherung teurer. Wenn man sich das nicht mehr leisten kann, kann man sich in der PKV auf eine Basisversicherung herunterstufen lassen, die aber auch f├╝r jedes Familienmitglied extra bezahlt werden muss. Diese Basis leistet exact das was du auch in der GKV bekommst. Die PKV Basis ist aber teurer. Als Rentner zahlt man nur noch den halben Beitrag + ca. 1% in die GKV. In der PKV aber den vollen Beitrag. Du siehst wie komplex dieses Thema ist, vielleicht w├Ąre es besser du w├╝rdest auf Informationen von Beratungsstellen verweisen, als deine Vereinfachte Darstellung hier als Video zu zeigen. In Deutschland gibt es den Spruch "Schuster bleib bei deinen Leisten". Ich empfehle dir diesen Artikel.

  14. Private usually you have to pay per person, if you are a couple and the kids are coming, your rates go up. In public children are automatically included. And if your partner loses his job, he is automatically insured as part of your insurance.

  15. PKV ist becoming more expensive if you get older, because the tarif you are in is loosing customers due to fluctuation, while new customers are put in the newer and cheaper tarifs. Also, if you get a longterm sickness that keeps you from having an income and you can not pay your insurance, you will drop into a "basic coverage" which will only pay absolutly necassary treatment (pain and death avoiding) until you pay again. This is why you also need a insurance for your income (Tagegeldversicherung) if you want to cover that. In the GKV income does not matter – you are insured no matter what.

  16. I am in PKV and trying to find a way to get out of it. It gets more expensive every year. I already had two price increases this year and it's just March. The price more than doubled since I signed up in 2007.

  17. There is no problem whith the public health insurance whats nessesery is additional insurance like one that pays if you out of the 6week payment or anotherone for berufsunf├Ąhigkeit thats important.

  18. Hi H├╝bsche, have a nice one.
    ┬áEine private Krankenversicherung (PKV) kann jeder abschlie├čen, der
    nicht versicherungspflichtig in der Gesetzlichen Krankenversicherung
    (GKV), sondern versicherungsfrei ist. Das gilt f├╝r die folgenden Personengruppe

    ÔÇó Selbstst├Ąndige und Freiberufler (Ausnahmen k├Ânnen f├╝r K├╝nstler, Publizisten und Landwirte gelten)

    ÔÇó Beamte und andere Personen mit Anspruch auf Beihilfe

    Arbeitnehmer mit einem Einkommen oberhalb der Versicherungspflichtgrenze ( 60.750 Euro)

    ÔÇó Personen ohne eigenes Einkommen bzw. mit einem Einkommen unter der
    Geringf├╝gigkeitsgrenze (450 Euro im Monat). Das sind z. B. Hausfrauen,
    Hausm├Ąnner oder Kinder.
    ÔÇó Studenten, sofern sie sich von der Versicherungspflicht in der GKV befreien lassen oder mindestens 30 Jahre alt sind.

  19. Hey Aspon… You explained it pretty good. But even when you have GKV you can choose an additional private dental insurance for example . Costs 20-30 Euro monthly what you pay private. Every GKV has options how you can upgrade in private your GKV. Google 'private Zusatzversicherung'. That means private additionally insurance. So you can upgrade special things you need without having PKV. There are so many options ­čśŐ have a nice day… Big kiss to my hometown Munich… Greetings from Stuttgart

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