Getting Ahead Of Alzheimer’s: Young People Look To Protect Brain Health | TODAY

Getting Ahead Of Alzheimer’s: Young People Look To Protect Brain Health | TODAY

this is the new face of fighting Alzheimer's young people in their 20s and 30s even famous Millennials like funny man Seth Rogen if you start seeing the signs of Alzheimer's in your 60s you're actually starting to develop it in your mid-30s the actor is now part of a new study on educating teens about Alzheimer's that's why we need your money Seth and his wife Lauren also created the Alzheimer's fundraiser hilarity for charity after her mother was diagnosed with the disease illnesses of the brain are heavily stigmatized and people just don't like talking about what we try to do with Larry for charity is to D stigmatize it to make it part of the conversation to make it fun and friendly to take care of your brain as a young person in fact more and more young people are making radical changes to their lifestyles now so they won't get Alzheimer's decades later comprehensive new research out this week suggests habits like a healthy diet regular exercise and brain stimulation may dramatically reduce Alzheimer's risk in older age in some cases by up to 60% the three of you you're all in your 20s and 30s when you go out with your friends is brain health on the table No so max Lugo vir decided to do something about it after his mom was diagnosed with dementia he started looking up research about how to reduce his own risk last year he wrote a best-selling book about diet in the brain and now uses Instagram to teach young people brain healthy habits like eating foods high in antioxidants and good fats avoiding processed carbs and sugars doing regular high-intensity workouts and pushing your brain with exercises like learning a new instrument you say you want to make dementia sexy that's your focus rather than writing the dementia prevention book I called my book geniuses because who doesn't want to be more genius in their everyday life I knew that if I was going to call it the dementia prevention book Millennials weren't going to buy it to educate his peers Nihao Satyadev started a non-profit in college called the youth movement against alzheimer's in addition to working out and eating right he meditates every day to reduce stress and tries to get eight hours of sleep a night all habits linked to better brain health lifestyle really has to be viewed as a medicine in NF itself and making these changes can have an immediate impact on how you feel I am a completely different person than what I was just a thin student Cristina Tehama used to diet all the time leaving her feeling cloudy and exhausted were you starving yourself and then hence starving your brain yes I was comparing myself to those girls around me and I wasn't eating enough once I started to eat again my anxiety went away my depression went away and I'm performing much better than I ever have throughout my entire life these young Trailblazers with an urgent message start protecting your brain now before it's too late when you're in your 20s I get it the last thing you want to think about is what is my health going to be like in my 50s and 60s lead a more brain healthy lifestyle now you will also feel better and probably just be happier for longer what a great message that what a great movement to Maria here's the thing though for folks like us like above 20 or 30 healthy habits can they still potentially help reduce the risk absolutely doctors and researchers say it's never too late to start fighting for your brain and caring for it and another big thing is social engagement interacting with people who make you happy interacting with a purpose a sense of purpose so actually getting up at like 3:30 this morning coming here interacting with everybody here this whole village to do this together you guys good for my brain this morning – thank you so much you


  1. This is an important great grandfather had Alzheimer's and my paternal grandmother has dementia so I know how hard it is to watch their minds fade into's like their bodies are still here but their mind checked out a while's heartbreaking..but there are also causes that mainstream media will not talk about and those factors are just as important as the ones mentioned in this video..if you want to know what those other factors are and you're brave enough,you can do your own research about it..I'm doing what I can to prevent Alzheimer's and dementia from happening to me because I was brave enough to do my own research..PLEASE,for your own health take the information in this video but supplement it with more info that's out there..this is a horrible disease and we need to prevent it as much as well everyone ☺☺

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