all right what's going on guys you already know right from the title this video me and Cornelius's behind the camera we're going over to Planet Fitness we have a Planet Fitness like 20 minutes away from us so those of you who are not aware what Planet Fitness is what it's about basically it's a gym to the people who don't actually want to go to the gym but want to pretend to go to the gym so it's a gym that they don't have any squat racks I don't think they have any bench presses anymore you're not allowed to wear stringers which of course we have on it's basically a gym you'd never catch me at but we're going to go there today and check it out and we're kinda just going to troll a little bit we're going to we're kind of hoping that they like set the lunk alarm off on us to have something there called lunk alarm if you're not aware we'll take all the things in lark alarm no it's a lunk like they're long so go you're alone you can't be in here via it's all uncle arm it's going to be I don't know we're going to see we might not get kicked out I don't know we're going to do we're just going to go in there we're going to troll a little bit see how strict they are at this planet fitness so yeah we're gonna head over there let's go guys it literally took us 20 minutes to find the place when we were like in a quarter-mile radius because it's like all the way in the back in the mall we had no idea this planet said it was over here but apparently it has been here so we just got here we're about to walk in we just saw a guy walk out with a cutoff so we're thinking this Planet Fitness might not be like heavy on their lunk alarm but I don't know let's go check it out I feel this is personally no judgment no judgment no judgment if we don't judge anybody here I feel like as soon as I walked in every single person in here which is like five thousand people just starts staring at me and Cornelius I'm almost 100% sure we're going to do one exercise I'm going to shake this off and we're going to be kicked out immediately I feel I don't know do you think how long is it going to be once I get a month and this shit comes off so we're just going pretty much do a full body workout get a pump and then shirts are going to come off and we're going to happen because the next exercise we're going to do is incline Smith machine benching they don't have any normal benches here they literally took all the normal benches out no small rack all the way to you look like they've never been used before that's a whisper in here the music is quieter than when I'm trying to go to bed at night and I just have a little bit of music playing in the background that just illiterate quieter than that so yeah we're going to jump into some incline all right yeah we're gonna jump into some inclines ah stop Oh [Applause] [Applause] I control the line all right it was successful to get a poem and take my shirt off so we'll see how hauling it up how long we laugh Oh Oh we can we get this alarm off dude I already tried the guy walked off the Cornelius if we were just doing dumbbell we're doing rose as you guys just saw and the guys came off but stop slamming it when clearly it's like barely put the weight down when we're done they get the pump we got to just start fucking oh yeah we're cool take it all now you shut off oh no miss alarms going tell you lies we're going to do it what yeah last idea oh yes I do this rug not a race literally not saying shit will hear me I wash it off for real we gonna put that shit back on for real yo where's this Fisher was we're gonna shit one old bad dude I saw through the mirror this guy Mike saw me he freaked out ran right through the counter I was like oh my god so as you can see we're obviously outside right now that was probably the funniest thing ever literally Cornelius took a shirt off as you guys just saw right and I only like put the camera over one time so you could like actually see people but literally every human being in the gym with staring lonk alarm went off for like 0.2 seconds a few people came overnight oh you guys got to leave you guys got to leave so it wasn't like a crazy dramatic like checkout or anything like that but it still was funny as shit they came over made us leave dude they take you out of motion for taking her shirt off so you can't really blame them for that but that's what we had to do to get kicked out on we were slamming a little bit I don't know I thought it was going to be a lot worse like I thought literally when I took this off and I had just my string home and they were little gonna tell us to get the fuck out but they didn't so I don't know I mean it's definitely a trash Jim because they don't have benches they don't have squat rack the lighting down I li wouldn't recommend it we just spent 20 bucks for 30 minutes guys they got to give us a light yeah yeah like you're not the lighting in there well the lighting the lighting in there add you guys just saw though is insane so if every Planet Fitness is like that it's worth going there filming a video getting good lighting and I'm getting kicked out so my next video is going to be a full day of eating while I'm cutting a lot of people have been asking you guys want to know just some good food ideas while you're in a deficit definitely stay tuned for that one I hope you guys enjoyed and I'm sorry we let you guys down it wasn't more elaborate checkout but yeah I've seen an excellent


  1. Planet "Fitness" is a gym for the over sensitive bitches who get upset over seeing someone whos fitter than them.

  2. Dissing on the number one gym in the Nation 😆😆. You proved jack shit other than your a typical grunt with bacne and a shriveled sack

  3. For someone who doesn’t realize planet fitness is cheap and for people who don’t have a clue how to workout… Gym bros can just chill

  4. Lol you’re ugly as f I’m surprised your stupid ass still hasn’t takin down this fake video after getting body bagged by phillion

  5. 4:56 that’s the way to do the proper bicep curl is to do them mid-way so the bicep itself gets the most blood flow pumping.

  6. I know not irrelevant but you can actually move the chair and do a bench press with the chair flat. Then if you wanna do squats you just move the chair out of the way, it has wheels…🧐🤨

  7. My man is pretty tough for a guy with a Lisp who talks like a 15 yr old valley girl 😂 cant wait to see the video where u get gay bashed pussy 😂

  8. This dude I just show offs
    if you just wanted to show off your body then why did you make this video

  9. In Australia guys like you are called bogans. I highly recommend you check your ego before someone else does it for you.

  10. Im seeing in the comments he didnt actually get kicked out, but one of the actual rules is you cant wear string tank tops lol

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