Getting My Physical Health On Track – Know Your Body And What It Needs!

Getting My Physical Health On Track - Know Your Body And What It Needs!

I've said Triceratops Dino whoa is it a big one that is so cool about two and a half years ago I was taking a multivitamin from garden of life just kind of occasionally my mother will help me to figure out which brand would be non synthetic and I kind of was starting the journey with vitamins but I wasn't real consistent and kind of just had projects about it and I tuned up years ago started having some crashes and I do big events my body would just shut down and muscle spasm and so my mother-in-law mother in love Benny came over and she just brought a bunch of vitamins she's a vitamin freak and she's like take this take this take this and so I started taking a bunch of different raw natural vitamins and I was done the major difference even like one week two weeks out just being really consistent with it so I started doing my research and homework and I ended up getting my blood drawn and some aid to a specialist who reads your blood and tells me obviously where you're deficient and I got the results back and it was really incredible because I was having massive stomach problems with digestion and I was having a hard time sleeping at night I just always have dealt with those two things really low energy and I take it I read medicine because I do have like a little siren but that's not all I knew health-wise otherwise I just felt tired and I don't sleepy but I got my results back and the amount of stuff I was deficient in was a pretty long list especially magnesium but unbe by Mindy which the doctor said basically because we work indoors as a humanity that almost every person on a planet is in vitamin B of energy but I started taking the regimen of natural raw vitamins for what I was deficient in really regular I bought this super old lady granny pack that I carry with me day in and day out take Pete me in routine and I just started being religious with it and it's a lot of vitamins like it's a lot in the morning and a lot in the evening but the difference that it made it changed my stomach completely my digestion my sleep it just changed everything and it wasn't like a pyramid scheme vitamin buying weird thing it was just stuff that you think it at the health food store down the road so I really loved that so I've been learning more and gaining and I'm sure there's a million great companies out there I'm not like brand promoting but I am saying get raw vitamins guarantee you me that even if you don't do a blood draw even if you just start with a multi I've been using card of life now for about two and a half years there is men's vitamins women's kids they've been having the little gummy ones but I've heard that they've been bought out by Nestle and maybe changing their formula so I haven't taken the time to like and be their old and new so I've actually switched to a company that my nutritionist has recommended that's another raw vitamin company called nature's sunshine and now I'm switching all of my garden of life over to Nature's Sunshine um but I have felt incredible the past couple years being on this new routine just taking them every day Omega's all all kinds of them but then I just did Brian and I both just did our blood again a couple weeks ago with a doctor in Spain who my mother-in-law worked with in her cancer treatment she's cancer-free now and our other friend who has worked with the same doctor and his cancer free now and our other friends are actually at the treatment center right now so we said our blood works at him and brian has never done his blood work before in depth so his showed a lot of work that he had to do kind of like me in the beginning he had a lot of work and I actually only needed to add three supplements into my already pretty big list but being organized and having a system for taking them is really the biggest thing that you can do to keep yourself and a good flow of it I think having this stupid I just ordered a cute new vitamin organizer it's not here yet but for a Brian and I both but you just have to take that that stupid move and just do whatever it takes so that you are taking them in a good schedule but if you can get your blood drawn and do a lengthy panel not just like what the doctors gonna give you like the doctor of Lille read my can't read my blood and said I was a little low on vitamin B and E and that's when I took it from a medical doctor which I love the medical community but that's when I took it from a medical doctor to a specialist for blood when I found out the lengthy list and it really fixed me so I'm really excited I feel incredible right now and adding these next these little three things that I've just started these past two weeks I felt great so for Brian it's been amazing because his show that he needs to eat left less red meat which is very true even though it's a lot of lead deer meat and more fish and for me it actually said in my blood report I need to be off my feet more which if you know me I'm on my feet a lot and I've been on my feet a lot mainly because I've dealt with piriformis syndrome I dealt with for about seven or eight years so sitting really hurt and was really uncomfortable laying down really uncomfortable so I just stayed on my feet but in my blood results this guy who doesn't even know me it showed that so I've been working with a physical therapist who I call my usual because she came up to me and she said I saw your post online about your back problem and or my friend did and showed me and I'm a specialist and I I'm pretty sure I can treat you and she's been working with me for the past three months and I've tried physical therapy and you name it I've pretty much tried it and I just got a note was relief but this lady working with her with a special treatment that she does with a lot of stretching sitting differently all these different things I am like nine and ninety five percent better and I'm seeing it get better as weeks go by so it's been really incredible to where like I feel amazing and my body's really responding and I think a lot of the supplements that I'm taking have to do I don't think I know have to do with my muscle elasticity and there's definitely a connection with what I'm taking supplement wise and my physical therapy treatment kind of not meeting in the middle where I feel the best I've felt since I was really young so that's that's incredible but if you're out there and you're watching this you're like okay I want to start this journey but I can't get my blood drawn yet or you know figure out figure out a way that you can find a specialist if at all possible and I'll try to post the information on here for the doctor that I used if you're able to do it but I would highly recommend going on nature sent sunshine and we're taking this right here this is a super supplemental so this is a multivitamin and I switched from garden of life mold amendments to this multivitamins just because of the brand continuity and I'm trying this out but if you use this one just check to see that it changed the form in that back start with this one at breakfast one at lunch just start with this and see how you feel I guarantee you you're probably low in vitamin E vitamin D because again everyone are so if you still have low energy after that then just a regular vitamin B vitamin D supplement I recommend the nature of sunshine to be great my kids also take vitamins they have since they were really little and when they're tiny I just give them the little chewy kind I try to get the ones that have fruit and don't have sugar added to them always organic and when they're really turning I give them these and then for my older kids I give them when they're sick this wellness formula is amazing and you can get it at most most health food stores the nature sunshine is I think when they online I've never seen it in the store but maybe this but this is awesome if your kids are starting to get a little cold or allergies it's hard to know if it's allergies were cold these are really really great but on a on a weekly basis have them just take boys can take the men's multivitamin one of those and then the girls do a woman's know that button so that's that's really help um so yeah I just encourage you to find out you know what you need get your blood tested if at all possible and until you can get that done start taking a multivitamin if you're low on energy vitamin B if you're having a hard time sleeping magnesium and just really follow your help path I think but for me the amount of energy I have I thought that got my life back and I feel like I went from feeling like 50 years old for 25 again I'm right in the middle but I just changed my life to really take my health seriously and I watch what I eat I think it's important that you know I'm not sugar free I'm not gluten free I eat gluten I eat sugar sometimes but I really try to make sure that what's in my diet the most is healthy proteins vegetables and fruits and a little bit of carts with sugar are curbs so that's gonna how I do my diet I I think you know my mom taught me really beautifully when I was younger she loved a Butterfinger it's candy bar and she kept it in her cupboard and she took one buy today she loved it and just watching moderation and health we had lots of fresh vegetables and fruit and meat and I just grew up with a healthy mentality and some people are in the fads of no meat or no whatever and some blood types no your blood type some blood types you actually need me and some blood types it's really bad for you so it's really important to know your body know what you need and just go on that journey for health not not for weight or weight loss get them weight out it we want health health is what we're going for emotionally spiritually and physically and I think taking your attention toward your physical health actually makes a massive difference in your emotional health you can't separate them so a lot of times people are depressed or have a lot of symptoms of things when their physical health isn't where it needs to be and I can't tell you how much just getting out and going for a walk 30 minutes 20 minutes if you can just get outside and go for a walk and it ups your endorphins that makes you feel healthier and happier so I think a lot of emotional problems in a big way aren't getting better because they're directly connected to taking your health seriously so take your health seriously


  1. Oh how I needed this!! Iโ€™ve had so many digestion/fatigue issues. Thank you for sharing Jenn ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

  2. Thank you, Jenn. I know that my anxiety is better when I'm taking care of myself. I don't seem to make it a continuous priority, like I need to though. I appreciate your perspective and encouragement in this. I definitely needed it today.

  3. Ordered some natures sunshine! Thanks for the recommendation. Also do you have to get a referral to see a blood specialist? Would love to see more content like this. Thank you!

  4. Love from Guyana๐ŸŒป! Great ideas re supplements. I used a UK pro biotic but had to stop because my stomach hurt. I need to focus on this๐ŸŒฑ.

  5. This was an awesome video to watch! I am starting a healthy lifestyle and do take vitamins (occasionally lol), but I want to be more knowledgeable about what my body needs and this is a great start. Thank you Jenn!

  6. Thanks for this inspiration & good advice! One note – Nature's Sunshine actually is a Multi Level Marketing company. I've not used their products, but they sound pretty good. I've been using Thorne supplements and have been very pleased. Just my 2 cents :).

  7. So true everything you said im gutted about garden of life i really loved their brand! Thanks for looking out for us ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  8. I love that youโ€™re doing YouTube now! โ™ฅ๏ธโ™ฅ๏ธโ™ฅ๏ธ watching from Bronx New York!

  9. Thank you Jen! I also used to use Garden of Life until the company was sold. Jordan Rubin was the previous owner and formulator, and now he's working as CEO for Dr.Axe products, they are absolutely amazing I've been using them for about 2 years now ,my gut and all over Health has improved! And best of all they love Jesus check them out!!!

  10. Thank you, it's been on my mind to take a vitamin supplement lately and having my blood drawn. Confirmation ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I live in Redding and I need a good physical therapist and natural practitioner bc Iโ€™ve had chronic fatigue and pain in my back, legs and arms for years.

  12. Please recommend the specialist! My husband needs to be tested and I would love to know where to start. Thank you!!

  13. I'm 27 now and I've had autoimmune issues since I was born.. and a lot of other things. I believe God led me to the keto diet in the beginning of this year. I was crying out to him once again because I was desperate and I just couldn't go on like this. I had developed even more health issues by that time. Afterall, all the systems in our bodies are connected. I won't go into the long list but the keto and the carnivore diet REALLY changed my life. I could cry of gratefulness. I'm not saying it helps every single person on this planet but I believe it's a great tool to get your health back. It's just not a diet, it literally switches your body to burning cleaner fuel and makes you metabolically flexible. Among many other things, the mental clarity and calmness it gives is priceless. I am also slowly taking less and less supplements because I'm eating nutrient dense quality foods like grass fed beef, pasture raised eggs, raw cheese and seafood. I've also found that my hair is getting fuller ๐Ÿ™‚ Probably because of high protein. Thank you for making this video! One day when I'm healed, I definitely want to eat some healthy carbs and fruit ( when in season ) here and there.

  14. I loved everything you said!!! Listen carefully to your body and what it needs! โ˜บ๏ธ Thank you for all this wisdom!

  15. Thank you Jen!! I started talking vitamin supplements because Iโ€™ve been anemic all my life and just like you said I feel like Iโ€™m younger than my age. Blessings!! Looking forward to more videos like this!

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