Getting the help you need in the NHS system – Mental Health | Kati Morton

Getting the help you need in the NHS system - Mental Health | Kati Morton

hey everybody happy Thursday now today I have a wonderful and special guest a fellow Kenyan Meg's is here to talk about the NHS system in the UK and how you go about getting mental health health and disability and all of that stuff and I just want to thank each and every one of you for your support in the community every time you comment on a comment or help a fellow Kenyan know that I see it and I truly truly appreciate it and I want to thank mags for putting yourself out there for filming I know it makes all of you very nervous when I ask you to do things like this but thank you for sharing all of your insights this is so helpful for each and every one of us to know when we go about getting help in a different system right I live in the States and I only know our system so it's great to understand what the NHS system is and how it works hi it's mags I'm just filming this video on the UK disabilities and it chests all those kind of things people who might not know how to help both for treatment and financially so Katie's giving me a few questions to kind of go through I'm gonna give you a little background on me and then like the things that I just mentioned and the first question that I have for you mags is how did you know that you needed more help and how did you go about getting that home I know that there are lots of different stages like getting a therapist and how many sessions you get but in the NHS don't you need to be referred first from your GP let us know simply about gay to personal originally I went to the GP GP not long after starting a new job and I felt like my mood was kind of slipping and that's been a patent for me and ever there's been some like big change or whatever I think that's quite common experience a few months went by I got a low dose of an SSRI and continued to be able to work and some help through access to work which I don't know if you know anything about that but it's something we have in the UK that helps people retain work so if there's things that they can modify or um I was given funding for an assistant who works for a local support charity and they were able to come in and kind of be on the job support in the morning when things are really stressful so after some time of not feeling better which is about four months after going to the GP first yes my GP suggested she referred me for the first line of NHS therapy which in my area and I'm pretty sure in most areas is a depression anxiety service which most NHS trusts have and offer like 6 to 12 week programs for weekly appointments sometimes every other week it depends on you know your schedules it's works really great when you know things are just starting to get a bit not you know like you're not managing but you're not you know off with the ferries I like to describe it for me like where things just you know you daily life still manageable and this is there to kind of stop it from getting worse but for me I'd already got worse and it wasn't really appropriate wait time for that in most areas though is really short so like two to four weeks which you know if you're in work you get a couple of weeks off work to like so you're not worrying about going to this appointment or whatever or you know that's how long it takes for like a new SSRI to sort of kick in so it's like it's like a good wait I'm on the day of the appointment I attempted suicide on the way there I disclose this to a therapist and she called the local crisis team they're kind of a next next thing the crisis team were either out of a knee or a local the local mental health unit they usually see you within a few hours it's kind of like the trauma treatment not trauma as in former but like you know say you went to A&E in the under broken leg and it's like the first-line trauma treatment so the next day they came in seemed saw me and then they stayed in close contact for several days until my case was passed along to a local mental health team now this this is the good bit right once you get referred to them you start actually getting help you don't get brushed aside you don't get told that what is going on isn't a big deal this can also come as a referral from a GP you don't have to have a massive any suicide crisis then it's it's normally a GP referral to a psychiatrist for diagnosis and then you go into like their mental health system right so month after that so we're now like six months in I was given appointment to be cest assessed by the mental health team it's a reasonably lengthy induction rather than one meeting I had like honestly I couldn't tell you how many because I was pretty away with everything at the time so maybe like six eight to 12 weeks kind of weekly appointments so the kind of conclusion to that particular part once I was once they'd assess me was I was passed on to full-time care team for mental health unit so I was allocated a care coordinator they're also known as a CP n and which I was clear called something cocoa psychologist psychological nurse I think something like that he's fantastic yeah she's really really helpful I know not everybody has a great experience with them but mine is lovely and he really really cares about his patients thank you so much for sharing all of that information in detail that's really helpful to know your story and how it worked for you but I'm just curious like how long did you have to wait to get that help was there tons of paperwork you had to fill out and did anyone help you in the process we're about 18 months in that's bad I was given further assessment for psychotherapy thank God right so my actually my CP n apologized to soon get on earlier but waiting list waiting list waiting list waiting list waiting lists the story of the NHS so the outcome and even assessment was placed on a waiting list another one and hold like six to eight months so in total from going to GP appointment to theoretical actually hasn't happened yet therapy two years yeah there wasn't paperwork I presume there was paperwork but the care coordinator dealt with that so no paperwork for me other than signing yes I'm happy for this and yes you can share this information with this like assessment information with this person and my GP now after all of this work and waiting and going through different levels of treatment do you really feel like you get the help that you need now or are the ways that it could be improved or things that you wish they offered considering it's been such a long time no not really but they're trying and I am getting all the things that I'm able to get so when when they sorted out that I would be starting therapy I was moved from an NHS support worker who generally doesn't work with people long long term and like I said she worked with me for about eight months and moved to mind Support Workers mind is a UK charity mental health charity and part of what they do is provide support hours for people with mental health forms you can go directly to them funding comes through either the NHS or your local council social care and those are things that you don't have to deal with that paperwork for me my CP n care coordinator dealt with that paperwork and preparing that funding but mind will work with you to do that as well and I'm curious does your disability or whatever term they use in the UK does it cover your living expenses and costs of your life or can you work as well or is it just like the states like there's a limit to how much you can actually work at the moment I personally don't work um I might sound really put together and like look nice today I've got four out with my family I'm not feeling ever I put the mask on it's gonna be okay Christmas was not great right so there's two main benefits in this country to help with people or a disabled so yes a lot of them you read the questions you think oh dear god this is just for people who are physical disabilities it's not and your mental health is as important and as physical as anything else please don't think that you don't deserve to be taken care of and take care of yourself because you do okay so took way loads of time for me to get my head around accepting that I needed this because all I wanted to do was use my education which took awhile really worked hard at had a great job fell to pieces it's okay to need help right okay so two main ones so there's employment key appointment Support Allowance yes a and personal independence payments pip okay pip you can get regardless of whether you're working or not working it's a benefit to pay for the daily living necessities that are more difficult for you because you have problems right for me I find myself care really really difficult so those are the things that I discuss when I went for my pip interview esa isn't out of work benefit for people who aren't able to work because of their disability yes they have two different levels of payment and one the higher level icon what it's called support group support group I think that's the one that I'm in um it's for people that they deem unable to work okay so that incurs a slightly higher level of payment then the one underneath is something to do in employment it says but what it basically what it is is you're given assistance towards finding work that you're capable of doing it kind of it's it's not fair it all kind of adds in together and you know if you get over the certain point threshold you get everything and if you go you get nothing and it's it's really really difficult and really really unfair but it's how system works and you have to work the system also I have something called an essential visitors permit which is because my house doesn't have free parking and it has like pay parking and like local residents parking and I applied to the council which came to super super quick um it's just a little list Hispanics I don't have my own car a visitors permit so when people come to visit me they can park on the street parking without having to park miles and miles away and walk to see me so it enables me to like have visitors so look up Essential visitors permit with your local council okay and then I did say that I would talk to people about social housing if they wanted to and but I'll mention a little bit about it I'm currently living in social housing because I was living with family my mental health made it impossible for me to continue to live with them and I wasn't working so I wasn't in a position where I could um say for a deposit or afford rent payments which you can get rent assistance anyway but I wasn't able to get a tenancy so I um was approached by my CPN to a housing officer who works with the mental health team but you can go direct to the counsel and talk to them and make sure you take someone with you um but normally mental having mental health problems and living in an unsuitable living situation like with people who can't support you or um it's making your situation worse maybe you live with someone who was part of the trauma that has caused your mental health they'll they'll band you to allow you to to move and lastly I guess what advice would you give to someone who thinks that maybe they need more help right if you're thinking about it go and get it they these things take time in the UK it's better to start now than wait till things get worse and then it can take so so so much longer if you're thinking about needing help you do need help okay don't don't feel like you're a burden don't feel like you don't deserve it don't feel like you're bothering people don't be British basically you know just go I need help if I get help now it's not gonna be a big deal for as long I really wish wish wish wish wish that I had that first time I went to my GP but I just said look I know this is going to get worse because it happened this has happened to me before I had this you know break down another one ten years ago that lasted a good couple of years you know I knew what was coming but I didn't push push while you still have the strength to push and find people who help you push while you still have the strength to push you already feel like you don't have strength to push just get help get what you can as soon as you can and keep trying because there is hope even if some days it doesn't feel like there is like yesterday super shitty today trying to feel like this hope and you can too yeah so I guess that's it I hope I've covered everything if you have any more questions or me Katie please let me know and anybody else like I said I'll answer your questions hope everybody's 2017 it's great thank you my ex for taking the time to film this and just share your story and for going into detail about what it looked like for you it's so beneficial and educational for me to better understand what it looks like over there in the NHS system and if you're in the States and you're curious about our system of care and how it works click over here I did a video jadynn a while back where he shares how his process was and what worked for him getting disability here in the states and if you have different experiences please share in the comments because together we learn more and work together towards a healthy mind and a healthy body and I'll see you all next time


  1. Omg!!! Amazing video!!
    If you are from the UK you can speak with citizens advice (I work for them) and they can help with disability benefits. The application, appeals etc can be a total mind field. If anyone has any questions or would like any help please reply and I will help all I can. I'm also happy to guest during a live stream if needed xx

  2. Mental health "Cure" is a lie… Don't ruin your life by being labelled and stigmatized then tortured by these "humans" for years…
    Just help yourself and try and find safe things to do

  3. i am really struggling with the mh system. i am on gp prescribed meds. i had a support worker provided by the counsel finally after god knows how long looking for support, but like u say that's a short term thing and she has said several times that the support needs i have exceed what she is meant to provide. im on ESA for both mental and physical illness. i got denied PIP. tried to appeal, didn't even get far enough to be able to appeal.
    ive been referred for psychiatric assessment twice, after suicide attempts, and both times i got turned away with no real reason. i was told the first time that the waiting list for psychotherapy was a year… which she gave as a reason to not put me on the waiting list? i have no idea.
    i do feel like im a burden and struggle with feeling that i don't deserve help. but. thats compounded by the fact that every time i try to get help nothing comes of it. and i feel completely hopeless and helpless.
    im so grateful that the nhs exists
    but i can't believe that i can't get treatment for a life threatening illness.
    i really have no idea how to get help.
    just feels impossible.

    thank you both so much for this video tho.

  4. I got refferred to EIP (Early intervention for psychosis) by both the GP and the Crisis team. Took me a year of fighting to get my GP to even do the refferal. It was Alliance (therapy) who refered me to the crisis team.
    EIP decided i didn't qualify for help because my psychosis has been going on too long.


    So having been brushed aside by the secondary mental health team (who declared me not to be a danger to myself), i took an over dose 2 days later and well i still have no help.

    It's fabulous..

  5. This video is SO HELPFUL thank you. I'm seeing my GP in 10 minutes, I've been forgotten about by the CMHT and I need help, I'm currently unable to work things have got so bad, but want to return to work with the right support. I will keep pushing… Thank you x

  6. Brilliant vid, I am in the UK, and can confirm everything said here, the system can be slow but help is available, I am currently awaiting on a referral my self

  7. This isn't really very accurate, I have a long term mental health condition and work for an NHS mental health trust. Most resources go towards inpatient units and crisis services, there is a real shortage of greater help. I've found that you only get help if you reach the point of nearly killing yourself, it's extremley hard to get access to talking therapies that will keep you well. It's usually months of waiting for this. FYI CPN means community psychiatric nurse.

  8. I was referred to Camhs from school my mum cancelled the appointment then I was re referred for voices they did an assessment then told me I was going to do self help and then I had to go back for Self harm for not coping then I self harmed worse and then I was referred to crisis team and then the Camhs lady came and spoke to me at my house and she was really nice and after the holidays I'll be seeing her while in school does anyone know what happens in these appointments?

  9. I was waiting over a year from when I had my breakdown to seeing a psychiatrist who even knew what they were talking about. I had to officially complain twice to get to see said psychiatrist. The two therapists I saw attempted to tell me I was in recovery now and didnt need the service. When I saw the first Psychiatrist he shrugged and said he'd see me again. The second psychiatrist thankfully was a different, more knowledgable fellow. He finally gave me a diagnosis fairly quickly suggesting I had been misdiagnosed and that I actually had Borderline with Depersonalisation Disorder. I still havent entered one to one therapy yet and the crisis has long since passed and left numbness and emptiness in its place. If I hadnt of complained I wouldnt have even got where I am now. Also despite all this they took away my ESA in february and left me without any money for 3 months. If you can avoid it DO!

  10. If you look up "NHS mental health" on YouTube it tells you what you need to know, Documentaries & videos on being failed by the NHS. I have no faith in the 'system' at all and have insight, empathy and sympathy for those with mental health problems trying to get help. They have posters, adverts, broadcasts etc on getting help yet when you do try to get help there's nothing there. I don't think they realise there are real people behind the referral or their appointment cards. Maybe some people do get the help that they need and deserve, it can't all be bad after all, right? GP's/Doctors, hospitals, counsellors & professionals in mental health don't even seem to have a basic understanding of mental illness and how it effects us. Diet & exercise is the cure right? Especially when you can't get out of bed. In camhs the majority of the time as soon as you hit 18 you're out on your own, even if you still really need help, you're let slip through the cracks.. again! I feel so bad and deeply sorry for those people who are experiencing mental health problems and who are being refused help and let down. Those parents and family's who see a loved one deteriorate right in front of their eyes and don't know how to help them, friends seeing friends and loved ones suffering and in so much pain, siblings losing their brother or sister. Too many people are suffering! Something's got to give!

  11. It took me 6 months to get an appointment and it would have been longer if I hadn't called them up saying I'd probably end up killing myself if I didn't get help soon and it's not very many appointments for the long waiting list

  12. I've been to the GP twice in the past three years and have been basically brushed aside both times which has left me terrified to go back again (which I really need to). I'm worried I won't be taken seriously until in crisis. I know I need help but I feel that if I'm ignored again things will only get worse.

  13. My experience
    16 refered to CAMHS for possinle depression (not anxiety because 2ish yeas before I went to GP about it and she said I was too old for counselling).
    After 3 months I got a phone call the whole time she told me I had exam stress and that was that.
    I was lucky enough to be rerefered. 2 months later I got an assessment and then 5 months later I got diagnosed with anxiety and depression.
    Then got transferred to adult service cus im 17. In january I got to talk to them. They gave me a different diagnose after an appointment that was several hours shorter (like 30 minutes long). Put me on online cbt course.
    In march they told me they had given me the wrong diagnosis and actually told me to look at different information (basically CAMHS was right).
    Then told someone I had thought about killing myself since I was 11. They called me arranged some form of counselling and to swap my course over to a depression one but didnt.
    They tried calling me once during school. Didn't try again. Found out they left emails which i never knew about. The last email said "we've tried calling you but we haven't heard from you in 3 weeks so you misting want our help". It's not like i could have called them back it was a private number.
    Of course I always got extremely anxious about logging into the cbt thing and now I have thrown my Chance of being ok away because I couldn't call them and i feel really suicidal and anxious but there's nothing i can do.

  14. I went to see my gp a year ago who told me they were referring me to cahms, I've checked twice since then and still been told that I'm on the waiting list for CBT therapy, since then my depression and anxiety has gotten so much worse but they are just not giving me the help I need

  15. I've had a terrible time with the nhs. They've actually made me worse because I've tried to get help but not got it.
    I first saw my GP. She tried me on 3 different types of antidepressants. None helped. I was still depressed and had suicidal thoughts and plans. They also made me overly happy at times which I was slightly out of control. So my GP stopped trying me on them. Whilst I was trying different antidepressants I saw a therapist for cbt. After 4 sessions I opened up on how depressed and suicidal I was and the plans of suicide I had and also self harm etc. At this point the therapist told me she can no longer see me because my moods weren't stable enough. She gave me the samaritans number and that was it. She was the first person I had ever opened up to and she turned me away. I went back to my GP and she then referred me to the Psyciatrist team. I then had an assessment with a community psyciatrist nurse. I told her about my suicide attempts, depression and lots of other things. She took notes and asked me questions for 1 hr and at the end she said she thinks I have BPD but can't diagnose as she is not a psyciatrist but in her experience this is what she thinks I have. After the assessment she said she'd contact me the next day. She didn't so I rang them and was told that she was out doing another assessment so will ring me when she gets back. Nothing. The day after that I still didn't hear anything so I phoned the mht and was told she is now off sick as of that day. That went on for 2 weeks. I then rang again after 2 weeks and was told she was now on holiday leave. I asked reception if my cpn had written up my assessment and given it to the psyciatrist and was told no. By the time she came back to work and wrote up my assessment she got all her notes mixed up and lots of what I said she had written down wrong or missed out. She even got the reason why I was off sick wrong. So now I'm diagnosed as low mood and social anxiety. I've been put on a long waiting list for the same therapy (cbt) I had that didn't work because the therapist wouldn't see me because my moods weren't stable enough for her. And I'm not on any meds either because antidepressants don't work for me. So for the last month I've been left to it and been depressed the whole time and suicidal. So I'm now going back to work worse than I was when I went off sick and work was the main trigger for me recently 🙁

  16. thx so much for this ha bisky vid i loved this so much and i am getting my dream job this year and i have been so fucking happy so for once i dont feel like i need help but this would have encouraged me to get help years ago when i felt like i needed it

    i also think i will be going to visit my penis in NY at some point and that makes me extremely happy it was a special request by somebody at TYT because of investigative reporting that will also be happening (there is a mutual friend thing that is involved and i cant say more then that)

  17. well i got told a few weeks ago there is no councilling available on the nhs and i ve recently been diagnosed with bpd anxiety depression and it took me so long to get help because i ahd to go though 5 gps its terrible

  18. So glad I came across your channel over the weekend and then finally coming across something that is specific to the UK because it's SOOO hard to get help here and be taken seriously especially if you are "functioning" e.g. still able to just about to work. But this is so helpful and I'll get more help because I do need it.
    Loved when she said "don't be British about it!"

  19. There is a major lack of treatment and support for people with depression in England. I've been trying to get a psychiatrist for over 10 years. They always try to palm people off with medication!

  20. My experience has been good so far. I went to the docs two weeks ago, and now I have an appointment to be assessed in a weeks time.

  21. Thank you for this video Mags. I would also look at what you're GP or Mental Health Unit can help with if you're going through getting PIP or ESA.

    I'm migrating from DLA to PIP it's been 3 months and I'm only getting my face to face now. Meanwhile it's sent my mental health nose diving because of the stress. I'd been to see my GP when I knew that I'd be starting the process and he said if I felt I needed it I just had to get a phone appointment and they'd look at my meds. I waited too long and should've called before I did but they've adjusted my meds which has helped along with coping methods. I don't want to scare people about benefits but I want folk to be prepared, it is incredibly stressful.

  22. or they section you on a mh s3…. and u end up in hospital for three years…. ME? HAVE A GRUDGE W THE NHS…. nah. not me…. (love the video though btw!)

  23. Unfortunately, our NHS isn't an NHS anymore, since David Cameron's government has been selling it off. The mental health services are owned by Virgin Care, leaving them neglected.

  24. Could you do a video on, or perhaps ask Mags, how to approach your GP/what to say as this is something that I am currently struggling with and not too sure how to go about.

  25. I had an utterly horrendous experience that lasted nearly 7yrs in the NHS mental health system,I gave up in the end,it made my mh even worse.I hope other people have a positive experience and receive the help they need.
    peace to all x

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