1. "My God, so they are killers. I've heard lots of people say once a man's a killer, they just keep on killing and killing; they sort of develop a taste for blood"

    – "Yeah, that's right. They kill one man, or kill ten. It's all the same (yes). After all, they can only hang you once"

  2. This is probably the nastiest song ever dropped. In a time where Wild Wild West and No Scrubs were being played everywhere, Ghost dropped the grimiest joint ever heard. And he's still on top of his game, he's never changed.

  3. "Wu 'binos, to latinos, we love Selena,
    Overnight, God schedules, Fed-Ex
    Pretty silhouette velvet nice DNA scroll genetics"
    Ghost is a genius.

  4. How the fuck some people don't know ghost?.. They must be born after this video was made.. You Fuckin have Internet! If you don't know ghost..You are an ignorant. And definitively not hip hop.. But a parasite.. I dafuq is wrong with you people..? 😂 😂

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