Global Health News #40 | FDA Fraud, Bribed Doctors, and Antibiotic Resistance

Global Health News #40 | FDA Fraud, Bribed Doctors, and Antibiotic Resistance

hello there this is ty and I'm Charlene with the truth about cancer coming to you once again with another episode of global health news yeah thank you so much for tuning in this is one of our favorite things to do is to be able to talk to you about current events and what's happening in the world of health and so thank you for tuning in again please share this with your friends and family and we're gonna get going now because we got a lot of interesting articles to cover about maybe cancer-causing chemicals in your medication would you believe that there are actually medications been approved by the FDA that are still being sold that have known cancer-causing chemicals in them yeah there's a lab what's the name of the lab the well Vala sure is the name of the lab yes so it's online pharmacy there's an article natural news our good friend Mike Adams he also has a great lab and he is the Guru of checking supplements and the healthy things that things that are supposed to be healthy to be sure that they don't have heavy metals and other things that could cause you and compromise your health caused you some ill health this is the same thing except they're testing pharmaceutical drugs and so this lab tested it was blood well it's in a blood pressure drug and it's called DMF dimethyl formamide so they found in this a chemical that causes cancer in high concentration and so they got it out there and the thing is they didn't recall it they didn't they just are still selling it yeah and one of the reasons that Mike really was impressed with this he wanted to bring this article to light on national news calm he's number one valve ala sure is very similar to what Mike does with his natural news forensic food lab they independently test drugs they are also ISO one seven zero to five accredited which is huge to Mike because he understands what it takes to get ISO 17025 accredited they are they're very very reputable credible and they brought this to the attention they the FDA and what the FDA say I don't worry about the DMF we know it causes cancer but just keep selling keep selling the the blood pressure medications that's absurd they're supposed to be the gatekeepers here for your health protect you from bad drugs and this is a bad drug yeah and Vala sure asked that the medication be recalled and asked the FDA review and significant lower the acceptable intake of DMF the cancer-causing chemical from its current level of eight point eight million nanograms to less than one thousand anagrams which they believe is safe yeah so it's it's eighty eight hundred times more toxic than Vala sure believes is safe when it comes to causing cancer but the FDA says that's okay just keep selling it it's insane I mean it's really hard to believe that the FDA says that not a big deal we're not gonna recall I said if they are not here for us ty no they're not they're not they're here for the drug manufacturers they've been there there is so much of a revolving door between the FDA the drug manufacturers the menu vaccine manufacturers there's bribery going on there's people being bought off it's a matter of fact the next article we want to talk about it is it's entitled is corporate bribery determining your next cancer treatment and this was an article that we published on the truth about cancer and the question was do incentives from Big Pharma influence the way doctors treat cancer and their patients and a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Oncology JAMA Oncology says yes the first study to evaluate reimbursement policies and clinical care in oncology the review found that oncologists often changed their treatment recommendations and prescriptions based on incentives from the pharmaceutical industry that blows my mind so here's what's going on you have these incentives from the pharmaceutical industry that are paid to the doctors the doctors prescribe the drugs right because they didn't pay they've been bribed you know there's currently several criminal cases against executives at Johnson & Johnson and in Bayer so this is not an isolated instance payers got a long nasty history yeah with the Operation Paperclip bringing over Fritz der Meer who was war criminal at Nazi Germany and they mentioned Ward Operation Paperclip on the Avengers yeah but there's a company called incest that manufacture the fentanyl drug that there's I think five executives are currently being charged right now with extortion and they they were so bad is that is they actually hired on the board of directors and and as their sales representatives they hired prostitutes to go to the doctor's offices to convince them to prescribe this painkiller fentanyl painkiller so it got really really dirty and bad with incest and they're currently being charged and and so when you look at this are you surprised I mean does it does this shock you it shocks me even in light of all the bad things that we've seen I'm shocked that there's companies that do unethical things like this to convince doctors to prescribe a drug it like an opioid like fentanyl painkiller and they go to that kind of means to do it by hiring prostitutes to go to the doctor's office I think it just speaks to the heart of these companies what are these companies here to do if they're here to help you if you have a great product you don't have to go to these lengths to unload it people should be knocking down your door I mean if it's a good product and it goes viral you're helping people and they all love it they'll be knocking down your door but to to just go through dark recesses and use backhanded dirty tactics like this speaks volumes to the company to the executives and to the product it does runs away yeah so don't take fentanyl type painkillers and actually I'm a little bit behind it apparently according this article now they've been convicted they're convicted felons and they're gonna sell five with incest and they're gonna serve time in federal prison so good they should for doing things like that but honey what about cancer-causing agents enlighten vaccines right what about vaccines for cancer like the HPV vaccine you know I wanted we want to cover study an article today this is really really sad and and we want to talk about the HPV vaccine but the tide of the article this is from daily a UK United Kingdom website cervical cancer campaigner 26 years old insists on insisted on documentary makers filming shocking images of her lying in a coffin after her death as a warning to other young women to get the HPV vaccine so here's what happened Laura Brennan 26 years old diagnosed with cervical cancer she did not receive the HPV vaccine she was diagnosed with cervical cancer she underwent chemo chemotherapy and they said oh yes like they always do with chemotherapy the cancer is gone but then it came back evidently and it spread to her lymph nodes and then to her lungs are chest and yeah it spread around her body and eventually she lost her life at an early age we would have to wonder do chemotherapy play a role there we know that chemotherapy feeds cancer stem cells while shrinks faster biting cells which tumors are faster biting your immune system your hair it also feet it's like gasoline on a fire to the actual cancer which is a stem cells the mother of the cancer so while this is a very sad story you know you have to want it begs the question yeah how did this woman die but with the vaccine that the HPV vaccine well and here's the thing she was not she didn't get the HPV vaccine and you know that was prompt that was prominent in the article she wasn't vaccinated and she died of cancer so it must have been the fact that she wasn't vaccinate that she died at the cancer well that's a faulty premise it's faulty logic there's a lot of faults in that logical flow there it's really illogical flow but what I want to address is this what we want address is this one thing is it possible that the HPV vaccine actually doesn't prevent cervical cancer cervical cancer deficiency and the HPV vaccine well is it is is cervical cancer caused because you're deficient in a vaccine we've seen in about ten years ago in the United Kingdom was when this the HPV vaccine was introduced since that time cervical cancer rates have actually increased by about four percent about ten years ago or so maybe eleven it was introduced in Australia since that time Australian rates of cervical cancer increased over 20 percent we've seen over 400 deaths from the HPV vaccine here in the United States is it possible is it plausible just think outside the box here is it possible that the HPV vaccine actually doesn't prevent cervical cancer maybe it even might cause some kinds of cancer and we know that it has and we've seen the deaths from the HPV vaccine and in the truth about vaccines we highlighted the story of a young man that was 12 or 13 when he was vaccinated for HPV Colton very sad and he died he died and that was after yeah it was after the documentary week we covered a clip backs Bakst allowed us to use courtesy of VAX the clip of this brilliant young man and his family sweet dear people they convinced him that he needed this vaccine and the parents are like but he doesn't have a cervix and he's a pure young man and they convinced him saying well you know what this will save his future wife well he became paralyzed and eventually the vaccine injury took his life at a very early age and he'll never have a wife and he'll never have children because that vaccine took his life away yeah and that that's one of many cases it's one of many cases and I mentioned over 400 actually about 430 cases since the vaccine adverse event reporting system the VAERS was implemented and remember 430 cases have been reported remember one percent by their own admission one percent of vaccine injuries are reported so for the 400 in some cases that's 99 more per case multiply that happen so maybe maybe instead of four hundred and thirty maybe four hundred forty three thousand right that would be 8 times 100 yeah forty maybe forty three thousand maybe over forty thousand deaths if if that numbers accurate we know that there's been lots of deaths from the HPV vaccine so it's it's disingenuous to us for the for the the company there in United Kingdom I think there was a wired article I'm just seeing real quick I don't wanna be inaccurate I was Daily Mail it's it's very disingenuous for Daily Mail to put that out as if the the whole premise is that the HPV vaccine would have prevented her but honey you're using logic that's okay we don't know how to use logic or critical thinking anymore so we don't put these things together yeah we just read things and think it's so because it's sanctioned by the authorities that say this is what you can pay attention to but that stuff over there don't pay attention to that they're the gatekeepers who are these gatekeepers and what is their agenda you need to do a little digging and that's what we try to do we dig it and we bring it to you yeah and then and unfortunate that's the case with vaccines you're really not allowed to question the the popular belief the religious belief is that vaccines are safe and effective and so you can't question it and so if that premise goes into these articles the premise of the article is that HPV vaccine safe and effective would have prevented cancer therefore she should have gotten vaccinated and she died because she didn't but it's a faulty premise and if you start with faulty logic you it's hard to argue when the logic is faulty from the very beginning the whole premise we reject next article we want to discuss is from the truth about cancer calm antibody resistance one of the biggest threats to humanity so in the late 20s we had penicillin we've had lots of antibiotics produced over the years and so antibiotics had their place there's no doubt that antibiotics have saved lives but it's estimated that five out of six Americans is prescribed an antibiotic every year that's a real problem even the CDC says that that's about 30 percent more than the needham and we would say that's way more than needed well you know just as an example of how they're prescribed kind of like candy to kids when Brianna was four years old she got an ear infection I knew because I had her and maybe she was three I don't know she's pretty little we were still we were just climbing outside of the medical box and system learning about natural real health and I had her in the bathtub and she started screaming when the water hit her ear and I knew something's wrong she must have an ear infection it's pretty bad she's in a lot of pain so I did some research on a good friend Joe summer colas website dr. Mercola dot-com I can't remember what yeah and I found that you could put hydrogen peroxide drops in your ear canal when you have an ear ear infection in that case could take it out the oxygen bubbling will will kill the whatever's going on into the bad guys and and remove it so I tried that I put two drops of hydrogen peroxide in her ear and then I ended up bringing to the doctor she was fine and it took the ear infection away and it was amazing and the doctor wanted to give her antibiotics I didn't do that I did the hydrogen peroxide told her about it and she said oh that was just a spontaneous healing that had nothing whatsoever to do with the hydrogen peroxide and at that time I realized wow this doctor really just doesn't she's not even interested what kind of doctor is not interested in a story about a little girl that healed in a really bad ear infection with hydrogen peroxide would you at least look at it if you wanted to help heal people so at that point I walked out and never went back but she wanted to prescribe antibiotics and I don't know what the numbers are but just ear infections for children alone are just prescribed so many antibiotics and what does it do to the gut these poor little kids now what do they have so many health issues because their gut has been destroyed yeah the antibiotics destroy the good microbes in the gut need to be so if you ever take a round of antibiotics you need to supplement with probiotics and prebiotics to build that for that floor backup so that's very important for me most people have never done that and most people as we just talked about five out of six Americans given antibiotic prescription every year not that they don't have their place but they're way over prescribed so where's the meeting well here's what's interesting – before we get to where it's leading one of the most popular things to prescribe for Candida is antibiotic right what's problem with that what's Candida can't eat it's a fungal infection and they prescribed antibiotics which is to kill bacteria for a fungal infection bacterial and fungal fungi are different but they prescribed antibiotics for fungal infections it's really insane they're they're really they're literally prescribed like candy so where it's heading those what charlene just mentioned is we have antibiotic resistance now we have these quote superbugs that are now resistant to antibiotics and so they're using more and more antibiotics every year and the bugs are becoming resistant the germs are becoming resistant to them and they're morphing and then they're using more powerful antibiotics and the the fear is that eventually there's going to be strains of bacteria the pathogenic microbes that are super resistant to any kind of antibiotics that could just literally wipe out tens of millions of people we're not trying to be fear mom or anything just being realistic here that's that's it's certainly possible but it can be prevented right and so what's the what's the key to preventing that for you because you're not concerned about everybody else around at this point they're not being selfish but you're like what can I do to protect me and my family not bad not a bad thing to be selfish at this point what can you do to prevent from a scenario like that replenish your good microbes build your immune system replenish gut flora take probiotics take prebiotics Charlie mentioned kefir fermented foods those are great to build up your gut and then even if there is a quote super bug it doesn't affect you because your body Ward's it off it affects people that are sick they don't have good immune systems and then they're gonna run to an antibiotic and the antibiotic won't help it because it's resistant but in your worse shape sovereign silver different types of nano silver are great natural antibiotics so yeah not not trying to scare you but we want to be realistic that this is a real problem and but there are solutions we always want to give you solutions and one of the solutions is build your immune system and natural anybody antibiotic means anti life right antibiotics are against life we don't want antibiotics because it kills life in the body we want natural things that can kill pathogens like silver and so forth I hope that made sense some natural news calm Fox news spreads more fake news measles hysteria by claiming the MMR vaccines don't contain aborted human fetal tissue but they actually do they do they actually do it's in my ingredients read the list it's there it's on the package insert for goodness sake so there was a there's a reads that right more and more people are starting to yeah but there's Fox News correspondent Bryan llenas opened up his pro-vaccine shield piece with all sorts of hysterics about how the current spread of measles is the largest ever and there's no end in sight he went on to claim that the anti vaccination propaganda is driving the outbreak since insane and he claimed he also claimed that there's you know no aborted fetal tissue in the vaccine which surely just mentioned read the package insert on the package insert it says there's two different types of aborted fetal tissue and I'm gonna I'm gonna read them get you the exact number the WI 38 human diploid lung fibroblast and the M RC – five cells both on the MMR two package insert both are aborted fetal tissue so apparently Bryan llenas does not know how to read a package insert while he claims that we're the ones spreading misinformation he's spreading him in misinformation and myths about this vaccine well gee I wonder what that best of interest there was well yeah I mean NBC oh you know on the board there are some people that are also on the board of some certain vaccine manufacturing companies well yeah and if you look at the CDC they were they were busted back in 2010 there are two of the Vaart the biologists at merck filed a false claims suit against them because they faked data on the MMR vaccine they actually spiked it with animal antibodies to make it look like the vaccine had a better response but it wasn't from the actual agilent's and antibodies it was from animal antibodies they spiked the tests to make it look like that it was effective when it wasn't is actually causing mumps who does this honey CDC does this they were busted but then of course the government just kind of put the false claims a suit aside that nothing's ever happened on it but two very well-known biologists with Merck in 2010 filed that suit so look Fox News I don't really watch them much anymore I used to watch them but they're so they're so on the bandwagon with Big Pharma and big vaccines it's kind of hard to stomach anymore even though politically we agree with a lot of the things they say when it gets outside of that spectrum they're so far out there when it comes to an taeho the same people that fund CNN Vaughn Fox so there really isn't any difference their agenda is the same and they keep us divided fighting over things that really don't matter when this does matter this is a matter of life and death and it really matters yeah and don't forget that earlier this year Fox News medical correspondent dr. mark Segal he called for an evac sirs to be arrested okay in order to save our children so don't forget that about Fox News and then last article this is this is pretty sad but this is where things are going if we don't stand up for our right to freedom of speech which if you oppose vaccines you're called an an evac sir you're called a conspiracy kook but it's really just exercising the freedom to speak right but there's a New Zealand man that was sentenced in court two years in jail for sharing a video of the terrorist attacks at a mosque in Christchurch there was remember there was a man that killed like 50-plus people at a mosque and apparently the New Zealand Parliament called this objectionable material this video and he shared it and he is getting two years in jail for sharing quote objectable material what I don't even I can't compute that why he's actually sentenced to 20 months 21 months in jail he was he he presented it in a light that he was he was for this like this was a good thing that all these people were killed okay we don't agree with this guy I think he's a nut to post that but is that worthy of two years in jail 21 months in jail because you posted a video you said hey it's a good thing to kill all these Muslims look that's it's a terrible thing that he said that was a very bad thing to say is that worth two years in jail because he posted something that the government said was objectionable again there's no freedom of speech now if he'd call for the slaughter of Muslims I understand but posting a video that's deemed objectionable and being in favor of what happened is far from that look at all the things that are posted here in the United States that you know I can I could go down the rabbit hole but I've been mentioned that saying such bad things yeah I don't know how many times I've seen posts that glorify violence here in the United States those people are not put in jail and they call for violence they don't call for people to be executed how about cannot holding up the president's head chopped off and bloody that's funny and that's okay yeah but you know let's put that guy in jail for just it was a real event that happened and it's an abomination what he said I don't agree with that at all yeah we don't agree with the guy but we also believe that you should have freedom of speech he's not calling for anyone to do anything he just had an opinion that was not supported by the government the real threat is if we don't stand up for freedom of speech here that could eventually be us it already is becoming us with a censorship with no vaccines the censorship of cancer treatments that are effective with the with the Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest and YouTube's being closed down because you share data or you share information that's not the approved opinion on an event that's dangerous and so again we call for you to stand up and just fight for our right to freedom of speech yes yes there are a lot of things that we've heard that we don't like but we believe in your right to say them yeah as a matter of fact it was a man that fought in one of the Wars and I can't remember what its name and if somebody out here watching and they'll give me the exact quote but he said I disagree with what you've said but I'll fight to the death for your right to say it and that's freedom of speech yes and we're losing they're taking it they're taking it away so again reach out to your local representatives your state representatives the federal government let your voices be heard do not let them take that voice away don't let them silent you exactly especially if you're out in California because California is the hotbed of a lot of this persecutors want to even take doctors rights to to say you know what you will be daint in danger with vaccines your body chemistry can't do that they want politicians to have control over your bodies to tell you what you can and cannot do doctors are even taking away the doctor advocacy in your behalf yeah they want doctors may not even have the ability to give a medical exemption they want a panel that has no medical education to be able to determine a medical it sounds like the Flexner buzzer sounds like the flexion report so do some research on that my 19:10 yeah but anyway that's a really sly segue for us here to talk about California something bigs happen in there in October October 11th through 13th yeah the truth about cancer live event is happening because of it yes we're so excited we had our first live event ultimate live symposium in Dallas 2016-2017 in Orlando some things happen in 2018 that were unforeseen and so we did not have that live event and we've heard from so many people that said where are you trying Charlene and friends we want that live event so we are coming again on October 11th through the 13th in Anaheim California so we do have a link below click it check it out we want to see you there we want to shake your hand and we just want to get together again and we want you to come to meet us and our friends yeah in California is it the Anaheim Hilton we've got 40-plus speakers we got nine keynotes to expert roundtables a mix and mingle where you can meet all of your favorite health heroes it's gonna be the place to be in October it's your event is unique in that we ask all the speakers to mix and mingle so that you can meet and greet and get to know them which is very different than most events so it's going to be the health event of 2019 yes you don't want to miss it don't want to miss it so click the link below you can learn more about our truth about cancer live in Anaheim California yes in October yes we look forward to seeing you there and we hope you enjoy today's episode maybe you were a little bit outraged I know we are too we hope you were encouraged and we hope you learned something and we really hope that you share this video with your friends and family on your social networks email them any way you can do it and let them know the truth about cancer and as always remember the cancer does not have to be a death sentence as long as there's breath there's hope right that's right so thanks for watching with a quarter joining you again soon with another episode of global health news and in the mean time god bless thank you see you next time [Applause] you


  1. There's an excellent documentary on RTE (Irish national TV) about Laura Brennan. It appeared to me that Big Pharma used her as a poster child to push the Vaccine, implying that had she been vaccinated against cervical cancer she wouldn't have got cancer.

  2. Hmm….I was thinking some of them….drug girls I've seen come in with their skimpy outfits & briefcases looked kinda interested….

  3. I am currently going through a couple of really bad health issues. When I ask Doctors about natural products, I'm given the look like I'm "silly", or I'm told, there's really no proof that kind of thing works. It's very hard to get natural health care in this country, especially when insurance won't cover it. I won't go the traditional route and am desperately trying to figure out what the right path to take is for me. You two have helped me, and countless others, more than you can ever imagine. I will figure this out, and in part, because of info I've gathered over the years from you, so thank you so much. God bless you for all your hard work and info you share with us.

  4. every one should watch new video out about Dr. Burzynski that the FDA and Cancer institute destroyed for having a cure that worked. It is called The Cancer Cure Cover-up on Reel Truth Science channel, share it

  5. As a New Zealander I totally disagree with your comments about 20 minutes into the youtube, I have purchased one of your cancer products and have your book "its on the way, in the post", the prison sentence should of been longer & the system should of been fixed a lot earlier so he could never upload the killing. it was 50 on the day a another some weeks later. see my other reply I made to someone.

    [edit note that was the only reason I changed from a thumbs up to a thumbs down to make 3]

  6. I've known this bribery for years. Big Farm bribes doctors for each chemo. Those lobbyts walking around the doctors consults are the AMBASSADORS OF DEATH they are the ones bringing the bribes. My father was a member of the. Board of Directors of one the very important pharmaceutical co. After he retired he would tell me horrific stories.

  7. I was on Valsartan blood pressure meds for 10 years and developed breast cancer (NO breast csncer on either side of my family. I am the first). They took it off the market becsuse of cancer causing chemicals found in it. Then the doctor put me on Losarten. Which they took off the market because of cancer causing chemicals found in them. Now the doctor has me on Lisinopril. Does the company you where talking about that test bloid pressure pills recommend a safe blood pressure pill???

  8. I believe our food should be our medicine, good food that is , without chemicals on our food, nearly impossible. but do our part, and trust in God to do His part. Well our system is doing all it can to shrink our earths population, vaccines, antibiotics, chem trails, genetically engineered food, 5G, etc.etc. We do the best we can with God's help, asking Him to Bless our food, and thank Him for it, we receive from Him. Our immune system keeps stronger if we keep off all the stuff above as much as possible, and "Eat and drink to live", not as many poor souls do, " Live to eat and drink." These two option have two big meanings. And what soever we eat or drink or do, do to the glory of God. True education comes from the good book. God Bless , Ray Dale

  9. I saw a news article that CANDIDA ARIS is a fungal infection caused by hospitals that has no cure.ย  We are in great danger from our environment.ย  There is a video today that Obama gave away the internet that we paid for to ICANN who gave it to the U.N. who are going to stop Free Speech on what they don't like.

  10. Satan runs this world. Can everyone see it yet from the churches to the schools to the hospital the government and so forth

  11. The JP Morgan ship caught with over a Billion dollars worth of cocaine says it all…how many ships got through..!

  12. It's incredible how censored NZ has become this year, websites, videos, publications and speech.

    "You've changed"

  13. Thank you for sharing everything you learn!! I am so much more aware of the crap that is being "fed" to us because of all you do! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!๐Ÿ’–

  14. I didnt know they also give it hvp vaccine to the boys but why? I know in uk they give it the school kids as soon they got to secondary schools.

  15. Love you guys…..God bless you for shedding light on the world of corruption AND allowing us to disseminate the information and make wise decisions with our own health.

  16. Thank you guys!! Keep spreading the word. You have power to do so. I admire your courage
    tenacity to open the cesspit!! Love Bettina from the Netherlands.

  17. I'm so happy I take no medication and I have Ovarian cancer stage 3c for 2 years now. My cancer came back 3 months ago and my tumor marker was 110 and my doctor wanted to start me on chemotherapy that week and I told her well that's not going to happen. She asked why I told her my sister age 53 died 9 months after doing chemo after her cancer came back. She had breast cancer it spread to her bones liver, brain she also was taking the chemo pill. I Walked out they have been calling me every week asking if I changed my mind I tell them no. I'm healing my self natural and so far I feel great. Chemotherapy only works 3% not worth taking.

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