Golf & Health: How to Make Golf Healthier? – MD Dietmar Göbel | CONSISTENCY GOLF SWING

Golf & Health: How to Make Golf Healthier? - MD Dietmar Göbel | CONSISTENCY GOLF SWING

hello and welcome to consistency goal swing I am Frank roellinger developer of the coop alongs free release method of consistency golf swing I'm really proud that today we are hosting the orthopedist and accident searcher and medical doctor tip macGruber from Germany for our video series on the subject of golf and health medical doctor dick McGill has been a member of our scientific team at consistency golf swing for many years based on his experience in competitive sports he is able to distinguish and anatomically evaluate the biomechanics of golf let's give him a very warm welcome – my name is doctor deep Margaux bow I'm a specialist in orthopedics a specialist in orthopedics and trauma surgery a doctor in sports medicine and physical therapy chiropractic therapy I'm also qualified in acupuncture and neural therapy the core balance free release method eliminates all the described harmful movements if contraindications are eliminated can we speak of a biomechanics program that promotes the health of all golfers taking into account the many positive health benefits such as cardio vascular training lower blood sugar levels and so on secondly can VIN of course it is known that civilian diseases you're the best known are cardiovascular diseases heart attacks sugar diseases but even cancers caused by lack of exercise if we have a way to avoid them we should always look for them and we have them in sport also in golf if we now have a method that does not damage the requirements for it we have a healthy form of athletic sports the precondition is able to move to prevent lack of exercise or healthy joints healthy muscles and healthy ligaments all methods no matter at which kind of sport also those in golf that damage this musculoskeletal system are consequently harmful to health since Kwanzaa can devise it gesundheit safety point in all cash flows and conversely it is of course the case that if we make movements that do not damage the musculoskeletal system we have the benefit of avoiding or treating civilian diseases only then will we have a healthy concept for the whole person and resume discontent we would like to thank Tita very much for this great information we are very excited about what mr. Gabriel can tell us about golf and health if you would like to learn more about golf and health then please subscribe to this channel and you will be able to view the next video

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