GOOD Health Myths Debunked: Fitness

GOOD Health Myths Debunked: Fitness

my name is holly Perkins I am a personal trainer and fitness expert in Los Angeles and I want to bust these myths if we're answering this question strictly from a stress and strain on the body I'm inclined to tell my clients to run outdoors the human body is designed to move forward in space we have a highly specific and finally to system of levers and pulleys ligaments and muscles when you're going to treadmill you're not really moving forward in space because the treadmill is doing some of the work for you while you may be burning more fat with this kind of workout you may actually be creating a monster that's bigger than that little bit of belly fat if there aren't sufficient carbohydrates circulating in your body you will actually tap into your muscle to find that glycogen that your body needs to perform the activity this extreme job and blood sugar sets in motion certain hormonal influences that are going to cause other problems that will show up later in the day mood swings energy slump extreme carbohydrate cravings and just a general edginess actually the exact opposite is true you want to aim to choose a weight that is so heavy that you can only complete eight to ten repetitions the truth of the matter is that we just do not have the hormonal or genetic structure to bulk up those women who have large muscles work day in and day out by manipulating how much weight they're lifting and what they're eating every woman should be engaging in strength training on a regular basis so that we avoid that muscle loss that happens with age the human body really likes consistency it's most important that you're getting two to three days of exercise every week and that your spacing those days of exercise out you get fit when you rest recover and your body rebuilds from that workout I want to beat up on these myths you know at least we started the battle you need to get moving and you need to eat right if you want to be healthy


  1. The first myth might bankrupt some fitness centers, well probably not, but what she says is true.

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  3. There is no way to run outdoors in my particular area. If you run outdoors in my vicinity, you are definitely going to destroy your knee and ankle joints. Way to many terrible roads and sidewalks here, best to run in doors on a treadmill for me personally.

  4. What works for some might not work for others.

    For example, when I want to get shredded I β€œonly” eat 3,300 calories a day. Most people would not be able to do this and get ripped. I burn fat extremely easily, but I just cannot put up muscle easily at all (15 inch arm, lame).

    On the contrary, my best friend puts up muscle like a gorilla very fast (18 inch arm, damn), but he finds it hard to lose fat even if he goes down to 2,000 calories a day.

    Just be happy with what you have!

  5. @ajcurly sorry for replying for and old comment but STOP being so stupid,60% of your energy should come from carbs,yes grain is a major source of carbs and yes we are not realy made to eat raw grains but we dont eat it raw and there are tons of other carbs sources like fruits and vegetables wich we can easly digest since we are primates,also cows are not realy made to eat grains they have 4 stomachs because it needs to get everything from the low nutrion grass and other vegetations.

  6. She didn't say that you need carbs for your energy. You just need some kind of energy and our bodies get that from food. Working out on an empty stomach may make you skinny, but it will make you lose muscle mass which is not a good thing.

  7. Bad myth there….you need carbs for energy huh? Bull crap. You go a head and keep eating your grains….good luck with that crap. You should know if you are an expert that the human body was not designed to eat grains! Cows and animals with more than one stomach are made to eat grains. Working out in a fasted state is proven time and time again…..I do it……1000's do it and it works….there is plenty of research out there. Quit listening to conventional wisdom!

  8. If the treadmill didn't offer resistance (think of a slippery carpet.) then there would be a weight balance problem since you aren't moving forward.
    However, if you push back hard on the treadmill, you shouldn't be able to make it accelerate so this is not the case and those saying that the treadmill and outside dynamics are the same are essentially correct.

    However, there are definitely differences in the softness of the ground etc that make running on a treadmill different.

  9. Aah hejzwej… You don't understand physics, plus I think you don't jog anyway;)
    Running outside is healthier I agree, but running mechanics/movements on a treadmill and a fixed track are the same. This is where we differ for now, in the future maybe someone will explain this better than I could:)

  10. You could try it yourself…
    Whether you do the same workout on a treadmill or outside, you still won't see the same results. Running outside "is" healthier.

  11. halcyonyear wrote:
    On a treadmill you are not pushing forward, you're pushing up. you could essentially do the same thing by hopping instead of running.

    The treadmill also forces you to do the running movements. That's what I'm trying to say… and no I don't have any "Eurekas" because it's common sense. The human body isn't designed to be running on a track that helps you to get forward.

  12. Ok I think we're getting closer to a consensus. The thing is, in the outdoor case, the track is a part of the world around.
    Relative to the track=relative to the world. This being said, it will be easier to refer to the track only.
    In the treadmill case, the track is seperate from everything around (the world doesn't move with the track). Again, let's seperate those things and refer only to the track also in the treadmill case.
    We don't need the world anymore;) Any Eureka!'s yet, Hejzwej?:)

  13. I get your point, but in this case when you run outside there "is" a world. When you run on the track at speed v, you have to run twice as fast to get forward at speed v (in relation to the world) when the track starts rolling back at speed v. So the issue with a treadmill is that if you run at speed v on a track that rolls back at speed v you won't get anywhere in relation to the world which means you don't have to shift the center of your weight.

  14. chujciwdupedwarazy wrote:
    Now, lets assume the track is fixed (as in running outside) and the runner… runs, with some speed v.
    Secondly, lets assume the runner stops and the track itself is pulled back with speed v. The runner has to start running so that he doesn't fall or doesn't get pulled back with the track.

  15. continuation of the previous…

    His movements while running in both cases are identical (the start may be a bit different). In both cases the runner is moving in relation to the track.

  16. Imagine a race track, one meter wide, infinitely long. Add a runner on the track. You don't see any background, no 'world' around it (for arguments sake), just 'space' :>

    Now, lets assume the track is fixed (as in running outside) and the runner… runs, with some speed v.
    Secondly, lets assume the runner stops and the track itself is pulled back with speed v. The runner has to start running so that he doesn't fall or doesn't get pulled back with the track.

  17. If you would move your center of weight forward when running on a treadmill you would tumble forward. As long as YOUR mass is going forward in relation to the WORLD (NOT the ground) you will have to shift the center of the weight, not on the treadmill because the treadmill's "ground" is going backward in the same speed as you're going forward (in relation to the "ground" of the treadmill), that prevents you from going forward in relation to the world.

  18. You shift the center of the weight because you move in relation to the GROUND (the ground that's rolling in the treadmill), not the world around.
    We should hear from a phisicist.

  19. And do you honestly think a physicist would agree with you?

    No, because what we're talking about here is a fact and in this case you're wrong about the physics.

  20. *You don't shift the center of your weight on a treadmill, because you don't move forward in relation to the world.

  21. When you run outdoors, you are the one taht has to go forward. When you run on the treadmill, the treadmill's engine forces you to move your legs. And btw you don't actually shift the center of your weight on a treadmill, because you don't move in relation to the world.

  22. I understand that this is your personal impression as a pro runner… I respect that but still, I'd like to hear from a physicist on this subject.
    "On a treadmill you are not pushing forward, you're pushing up." – this means that if the treadmill would stop immediately, you would just hop in place and not run forward. I don't see that.

  23. Professional runner here. On a treadmill you are not pushing forward, you're pushing up. you could essentially do the same thing by hopping instead of running.

    The only way you'll get even close to the same workout as running outdoors is to increase the incline to greater than 1.5. Personally I put it at or around three to simulate a slight grade. But she is right, it still isn't the same,

  24. Some of these myths are busted with old thought. You can still do low weight high reps and see an endurance gain, but she is right you wont see the same gain as with H weight L reps.
    You wont burn more calories when you have an empty stomach. You burn the same amount regardless. When its time to fuel the workout she is right, if you dont have fat stores or fuel in your stomach, your body will cannibalize the muscle for energy to complete the workout. Eat protein up to 1 hour before working out.

  25. I disagree. Same movements, different relation to the 'background'. The treadmill doesn't help with any resistance. The treadmill actually prevents you from going forward, because if the treadmill stopped, you would run forward…
    Difference is: outdoors, you 1. shift center of weight 2. move legs so that you don't slam = you move in space.
    On the treadmill the space starts to move first:) Then you shift center of weight and move legs so that you dont fall off.

  26. @chujciwdupedwarazy
    What I mean with that is, you're practically jumping on the treadmill, you're only doing the "running movements". The treadmill helps you to get forward, so there is no actual resistance.

  27. "when you're running on a treadmill it's the treadmill itself that goes forward, not you"- of course you genious!
    Provided that the forces occuring on contact with the ground (treadmill/outdoor) are identical, and after ignoring the psychological influence of the running environment (TV in front of treadmill / pleasant green park), I don't see the difference in movement mechanics and muscle response.

  28. Having a walk is actually not a big problem on an empty stomach because it's easier training than running. Fat consists much energy but it takes longer for your body to burn, so you actually burn more fat on empty stomach while walking than running.

  29. I don't agree with some of the treadmill part. Of course running outdoors is better fitness provided that the ground is right or the shoes are. Hovewer, physics says that running on a treadmill includes the same movements as running on fixed ground…

  30. A good quality treadmill will greatly reduce the impact on your joints versus running on concrete or pavement. The treadmill flexes when your weight goes onto it and absorbs a lot of the harshness on joints. Especially noticeble if you have any previous injury to that joint such as knee ACL or ankle. I agree that running on real ground is better fitness.

  31. Well.., maybe women can't build muscle as fast as men in general but some can build very fast and eventually they will get pretty bulky aswell..
    To avoid that, do more reps and more aerobic πŸ™‚

  32. Liver is a very rich source of Retinol. 100g pork liver has more than 700% (!) of the optimal daily intake for an adult human and you won't really make a fine dish out of a safe 10g dose of liver, so you might drop it from your diet altogether.
    Beta-Carotene on the other hand is quite harmless. Spinach, carrots, pumpkins, they are full with it and they won't cause you harm, so if you need Vit. A, then insert these plants into your diet.

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