GoodMonth Fitness | 22 Minutes

GoodMonth Fitness | 22 Minutes

New Year, new you! Ready to join the gym but know you’ll only
go once or twice? We think that’s awesome. Join GoodMonth Fitness, the gym that only
exists in January. We’ve got it all:
Stair climbers that only go down stairs. Ellipticals that are just TVs… And a pool that no one can find the entrance to. It’s the greatest gym you’ll barely see! Try hot yoga! …but it’s cold. and it’s yogurt. Pay just a monthly fee of $29.99 or a yearly
fee of — get this: $29.99 Your membership automatically expires on the 31st. Heck, by the 25th this building will be a
Yo Sox. So join GoodMonth, where the new you is waiting… …to become the old you. GoodMonth Fitness. Live in the good month. If that.


  1. Several years back, my daughter and I joined a local gym for the martial arts classes. Sure enough about two weeks either side of New Years Day, there would be a "new member sign up" table in the lobby and good luck finding a parking space come January. By February, it was noticeably thinning out and by March first, back to normal. I often wondered how many of those January only members kept coming back year after year, paying twelve months dues for only one or maybe two months of service. During the time her and I were there, never saw any of the January only members in the dojo

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