Governor Newsom Signs Immigrant Health Care Bill

Governor Newsom Signs Immigrant Health Care Bill

developing tonight governor Newsom signs off on expanding health care coverage for undocumented immigrants the move means starting next year any income eligible undocumented immigrant up to the age of 26 will have access to medical coverage and a recent one on one with the governor Tony asked him to defend his claims the move will save taxpayers money your premiums are higher as a consequence for paying for everybody's sick care why pay on the back end when you can invest in someone's wellness and increase your diverse risk pool lower the overall cost of premiums for everything everybody else California becomes the first state in the nation to offer this kind of coverage


  1. Who voted for this man? How deluded can people be? We have Cuomo here in NY and I never thought I'd see a grease ball more abhorrent, but Newsome is at least tied.

  2. Classic pandering by Gov Alcoholic Trust Fund Baby. This wont hurt Democrats in far left nutjob Commiefornia, but it could hurt Democrats badly next year in purple and red states.

  3. This guys is a god damn idiot! Says it’ll save tax payers money by paying for their Heath insurance up front. What will save tax payers money is deporting these illegals!

  4. Millions of middle class who can't afford $12k a year go without health insurance but we get to pay taxes towards gifting it to illegal aliens.

    Effing ridiculous.

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