1. You will never see these reef people debate scientists who have opposing views to them who are on a great money ride. Yeah the reef is in great condition you can sack me now. Right.

  2. definitely !! we must ELIMINATE our 1% of CO2 which we add to the atmosphere, this will change the climate of the world and save the planet !! (while China at 28% CO2 is allowed to increase emissions for the next 11 years)

  3. So do I understand this correctly…. there’s been an improvement, but it’s a wake up call! What am I missing?

  4. Queensland state budget money should be used, not my, or any other states money should be used on the feral states ocean

  5. Stop the Chinese funded coal mine pouring its junk into it!! If you care about the reef, put that in front of greed.

  6. I've never seen the damned reef, I never will see the damned reef, and frankly I couldn't give a flying fuck about it. Please don't use my money trying to ''fix it.'' You'll fail and I'll still have no interest in seeing the damned thing. So what if it's moving south? I can't stop it doing that even if I had an interest in doing it, which I don't. Uluru is a few millimetres shorter than it was a decade ago – so what? Shit happens. Deal with it – but do it without my money, thanks. When you've stopped Mother Nature doing what she's going to do send me a memo.

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