Groovy the Martian – Lunchbox challenge at school! Learn to eat healthy fruits and veggies

Groovy the Martian - Lunchbox challenge at school! Learn to eat healthy fruits and veggies

but Phoebe what are you eating is that a doughnut where did you get it from hmm let's see what's inside your lunch box I can tell that your parents haven't had time to help you to prepare it it's okay baby don't worry it's normal that you have brought the food that you like the most but these things aren't healthy at all and groovy what are you carrying in yours okay let's learn to prepare a healthy lunchbox with a game look I've brought a board with many foods will you be able to distinguish which ones are good and which ones are bad and place them in the right box sure okay prove it remember healthy food at the left box and junk food at the white one ready three two one go Wow so fast but let's check kids what do you think is everything in the right box I think you are simply put in one box that things that you like and in the other and the things that you hate to eat that wasn't the idea cruelly why don't you help her whoopee that's not a real broccoli ha ha ha you have to reorder them not eat them groovy does it like chocolate bar at all they are totally unhealthy exactly Phoebe lollipops aren't healthy great pops the unsweetened yogurts are very good what else is in the wrong box kids I know you can do it well done groovy Phoebe doesn't like the texture of the bananas but if we blend it she just loves it right blend the fruit is a great tip to make kids love them it's delicious so is everything right now really good pops and homie spend lots of Sunday's cooking healthy desserts as cookies and cupcakes to take them to school but the ones we bought unhealthy how would it be then healthy food watermelon banana and other fruits carrots broccoli zucchini and all the vegetables and also natural yogurt and other dairy products such as milk and cheese and junk food cookies chocolate bars ice creams that have too much sugar and fat also lollipops chips or french fries and about soft drinks even light ones are unhealthy better to avoid them so what would you put inside your lunch box then looks delicious your home ill sandwich but phoebe instead of juice it's better to eat the whole fruit that's how it keeps all the properties to make you super strong very good groovy is a great example for all the kids he just loves healthy food letting kids make their own lunchbox choosing between different healthy foods as a game is the best trick to be sure they'll eat all of it hmm how delicious healthy food is especially if you share them with your friends ah look how cute they are when they're sleeping something smells delicious it looks like goofy can't resist no groovy not yet wait until everyone's at the table why don't you go wait Phoebe up really nothing maybe you should try again but in a more loving way come on Phoebe it's lunchtime broccolis is super healthy Phoebe you should try it no no groovy fence Phoebe's plate we know she's gonna love it if she just gives it a chance bright kids oh no Phoebe starving of course she's weak because she hasn't eaten her vegetables Wow groovy that broccoli has made you super strong don't worry Phoebe there's always a solution but how are we gonna get back home yummy remember kids vegetables are healthy and tasty treats to give you all the energy you need to play non-stop Tony Tony open your mouth Tony Tony open your mouth Tony Tony open your mouth baby loves her new dinosaur book groovy do you know what dinosaurs are dinosaurs were animals that lived on earth millions of years ago some of them were herbivores and others were carnivores but all of them were born from an egg would you be able to guess what dinosaur the egg is from pops do you want to play the guess which dinosaur is this egg from Pop's what are you up to it perhaps has opened a portal where does it go [Applause] Pop's have you brought us to the era of dinosaurs we are at the Jurassic kids this can be very dangerous whew at least we have groovy who can transform if we need it this brontosaurus seems very nice though of those t-rex movement luggage kids look what's that it's a dinosaur egg like the winner for the book and it's a danger Rudy you need to do something kids we must save the a groovy you can it's there Oh run kids how do you think they can do it but I have an idea a pterodactyl that's right now you can save it and take it back to its nest well done kids they're like the ones in your book Phoebe do you want to keep playing well what kind of dinosaur will they be brontosaurus no Phoebe they can't be brought to Saurus egg brontosaurus are huge to live on top of this little hill Tyrannosaurus Rex no groovy they can't be from a t-rex t-rex can't fly it would be too difficult for them to feed the babies that's it pops it must be a dinosaur that can fly do you already know what dinosaur it is exactly pterodactyls uh-huh oh and they think that you are their mom fool that's the real one very grateful good job kids oh wow what a long day kids it's time to go to sleep good night Phoebe your ladybug costume is super cool haha groovy your cat noir 1 is awesome – wait why is the park so dirty people should use the litter bins that's it baby great idea superheroes mission clean the park really good kids it's sad that people throw trash on the floor and the water let's do our bit each bottle we collect it'll be a bottle less in the river and then we recycle them hmm a little more almost careful Phoebe no Bovie helper Cristiano haha well done groovy children you have to be more careful don't worry I have an idea come Kirby let's take advantage of the fact that everyone believes you are cristianos kids listen Cristiano Ronaldo's going to teach you not to throw rubbish on the ground you must recycle we keep throw rubbish on the ground but deposit our rubbish in the corresponding containers will you help us to clean the park then [Applause] beautiful thank you all kids every country organizes recycling in a different way ask your parents how you should do it and try it like it's a game very good kids oh are you going to the beach that's awesome what are you carrying in there an umbrella a towel suncream arm pants toys float very well you definitely have everything you need to have a great day at the beach broccoli radiator a coat groovy you don't need these things at the beach new Oh groovy you first need to use the Sun cream you don't want to get sunburned do you look fly Phoebe does oh that looks like fun what's that the shark it's often dolphins are really friendly why don't you play with him hey guys I think someone is calling you there's nothing better than a great breakfast to start the day right groovy he is eaten his and feedings time to go Phoebe is so cooked our new mystery book that in the end she will be late to school when you were in a hurry the best is the tricycle no traffic jam no contamination and you do some sport oh one you bought a flat tire and we are in a hurry who could have been good idea Phoebe this is a mystery for a super detective goofy Phoebe needs a magnifying glass Cooper this is a case for Phoebe Holies and dr. groovy today in the flat tire mystery what a hole to find the guilty the first to do is look for clues what do we have here hmm three clues first one seems like a Don footprint second one a human footprint and third a bird footprint where should we start first one there we go again clean dog's footprints be careful creepy that mutt look suspicious let's question him groovy transform into a dog and take his bone mr. dog do you something about the flat tire of this girl's tricycle the dog is not guilty he has an alibi he is chained poor dog he couldn't leave his garden it's really late let's hurry up first clue wasn't good let's continue with the second one second clue humans footprint [Applause] another false clue these are babies footprints on her way from hue third clue birds footprints mystery solved it has been this woodpecker that has pierced the wheel with its feet its elemental my guru you let's go kids there's no time to lose the mystery has been solved but not the problem we can't use the tricycle and you have to arrive to school on time [Applause] if you thought the same as me by the skin of your teeth remember kids if you want to arrive on time you have to leave with time you never know what can happen on the way [Applause] [Applause] now clues are needed to know that this mischief has been Phoebe's idea my dear children good morning kids I brought you here to learn the colors all together Phoebe let's go over what you have learned at school groovy pay attention we have six paint buckets of different colors when orange yellow green exactly groovy you are green at yellow to blue and pink we also have six drawings of animals Fox frog chicken ladybug flamingo and shark like baby shark animals are so cool do you know the color of each animal groovy transform into a brush and help Phoebe paint the drawings or the right color red which of these animals are red hahaha exactly but ladybug is ready groovy now orange what will it be yes very good Phoebe the Fox is orange yellow groovy you try now which animal is yellow no groovy flamingos aren't yellow kids help him that's it chicks are yellow it's green stern yes groovy you are green what other animal is also great yes the Frog blue like a baby shark yes there's only one color left which color is the Flamingo club exactly pink very good groovy I think you know all the colors perfectly do you want to try with the fruits groovy you now all by yourself with a little help it's okay too we have tangerine strawberry banana blueberries Pattaya and Kiwi what color is the tangerine exactly tangerines are orange and the strawberries ha ha very good be red and the banana no that's right in little blueberries aha whoo what a team there's only one left the Pattaya very good kid pink great kids last time red like a ladybug or a strawberry orange like the beautiful fox or at the delicious to enter a yellow like chicks or bananas green like a frog for the inside of a Kiwi sure and broccoli like the baby shark or the blueberries and pink like the flamingos or the pitaya ha ha and leg pops learning is so fun a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q AI s t u v w x y MC its abcdefg hijk LMNOP QRS TUV wxy Oh what are you doing are you trying to say something oh yes subscribe kids groovy the Martian official channel


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