Growing Fresh Food in the City

Growing Fresh Food in the City


  1. this is only way to live to teach one self to be own healer and self made small farmer is Gods holy gift

  2. where are you – i want to come to visit and support you in las vegas!

    regarding WulfBand, let's Band together – it's stopping Senate Bill S 510.

  3. 39Dollars a month!! that is extremely expensive for just produce! I spend 40euros a month on ALL groceries in Holland 🙁 It's really sad to hear that produce is so expensive in Las Vegas. But these gardens are still better than not doing anything, I personally think people should garden at home, on balconies and such for them selves istead of growing lawns and only non edibles. So keep up the good work.

  4. Wow! I am myself a garden fanatic from India…and we also do lot of things to promote Gardens in city environment….flower and fruit and vegetable gardens….but it was really inspiring to see how you guys are approaching a vegan life (and definitely an organically healthy as well) with lots of fun…Thanks again for sharing this wonderfully and inspiring video…

  5. $39 a month was expensive till i heard they do all the work and all you need to do is harvest and eat. Sounds awesome to me. 😀

  6. Great video, great passion and great spirit. Just wondering why are the markings disabled? Maybe it would get too many positives that would scared the corporation food industry?? Anyway, good job!

  7. much love, much respect, don't let the authorities close you down – there are politics out there that don't like us doing this 🙂 xx

  8. Hello Markus,very good video,i love that idea,i live in Laughlin NV,and i start to grow my own food a year ago,i just love it and i love this place next time i will visit them am going every two weeks ,thank you for the video.


    Food Not Lawns Permanent Sustainable Food Project – Is the newest video added as we work towards seeing how much food we can produce on our lot of land.

    I live the idea of these community gardens – Food not lawns ! Keep up the great videos 🙂

  10. Thank you so much dearest sweeties💐
    You're such an inspiration 🙏😇
    Stay Blessings always 🕉💖

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