GruiShui Workout Story, Foundation of the Best Kept Secret for Back Pain Relief & Core Strengthening

GruiShui Workout Story, Foundation of the Best Kept Secret for Back Pain Relief & Core Strengthening

Hi! I'm Paula, the GruiShui Gal! Are you
ready to have the strongest core of your life? Then stay tuned and I'm going to
show you how with a daily workout I call GruiShui with no sit-ups, no sweat, no
pain, and no overexertion. In this video I share the cliffnotes version of how
GruiShui came to be. As owner and developer of GruiShui a fusion of
Eastern and Western health and wellness techniques combined with my precisely
and therapeutically designed exercises for highly unique core strengthening and
whole body optimizing for literally EVERYONE I have a unique perspective and background that led me to its discovery. As a medically retired occupational
therapist, and former personal trainer, clinical exercise specialist, and body
builder I've lived over half a century, have the awesome privilege of being a
mom, and live all things fitness and wellness. It is my mission, vision, and
purpose to share Gruishui and help you choose a BETTER DAY EVERY DAY. The unique bit of the GruiShui story is that I've endured the traumatic experiences of
helping my baby girl defeat leukemia while battling my own chronic illness
and a traumatically damaged spine and neck. AKA the spine of a 90-year-old
with a titanium fusion, thoracic scoliosis, ruptured and multiple bulging
discs, nerve damage, muscle atrophy, and osteoporosis. Why do I share this? Because in spite of and because of all that, I have the strongest core and least back
pain of my life thanks to GruiShui™! GruiShui was developed out of sheer
necessity and throughout a journey that began in 2010. That summer my digestive
system literally stopped working and four months later my daughter was
diagnosed with cancer. Life spiraled into a nightmare. On a morning in 2012, while
isolated, relentlessly researching health and wellness options, battling chronic
illness, and caring for my daughter, I was carrying a tray of food and
medicine upstairs to her in bed. Halfway up the stairs, my upper spine suddenly
felt like it disconnected from my lower spine and I couldn't move. As I had no
one to call out to you for help I somehow balanced the tray and got
myself up to my daughter. On that day, I set out to get my back strength back and
recondition my body so that would never happen again. So I set out on a mission
to precisely design and combine exercise fitness and wellness techniques that
specifically protect all joints and tissues while toning muscles improving
coordination and strengthening the core in the safest possible way to be
performed anywhere and during illness. And, YAY! success! The name GruiShui
means "crane on the wind or water" and I chose it after watching the
awe-inspiring documentary, "Winged Migration" and its captivating story of
the red-crowned crane. Its graceful movements and awesome symbolism reminded me of my daily routine. Thus the red crowned crane became the beloved symbol of GruiShui. So there you have it! the GruiShui story and I ask again, are you
ready to have the strongest core of your life? Then like subscribe follow and turn
on notifications so you too can GruiShui for a BETTER DAY EVERY DAY and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Love Y'al!! See you soon! Bye Bye. GruiShui! Do you GruiShui?


  1. Hey, hey! Thank you so much for watching my story. I’m happy to say you can start GruiShui today for FREE! I just can’t keep it a secret any longer! The entire workout video is here on GruiShui YouTube Channel and you can learn more at Thank you so much for your time and I hope you join me on the GruiShui Journey for your better day every day. Because your body needs your help to live it! So take care of you and I’ll see you soon!—Paula, the GruiShui Gal😊

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