Health Anxiety (TEST)

Health Anxiety (TEST)

Hello, I'm Charlie and welcome to authentic mental health the channel that offers advice and friendly support within our like-minded community with daily uploads on mental health self-help and Self-improvement so make sure you're subscribed and you've turned the belt Notification button on so you never miss a daily helpful uploads that can help you today's video is coming up right after this Ostracized from across society just cause to suffer from a little anxiety. Please help me I said quietly through gritted teeth and after sobriety health anxiety is also known as illness Anxiety and it was also formerly called Hypochondria, it is an obsessive and an irrational worry about having a serious medical condition How things IOT is when someone imagines physical symptoms of an illness some people misinterpret minor or normal body sensations as a Serious illness or disease if someone with health anxiety? Believes they have a serious illness then any innocent or normal physical sensation can be seen as a symptom of a serious illness and they believe that they must and are seriously ill someone with health anxiety even after being told by doctors or Professionals that nothing is wrong with them and they are not Seriously ill still believed that they have a disease or a serious illness and the doctors and professionals Have got it wrong Someone with health anxiety is in the constant belief that they are seriously ill or have symptoms of a serious illness or disease This consumes them with worry and seriously affects their daily Life, so what causes people to feel and think this way and what causes health anxiety? health anxiety often occurs in early or middle adulthood and can worsen with age Experts are not sure the exact cause of health anxiety However, they think the following factors could play a major part in causing it the possibility of a serious Illness that turned out not to be true having a serious childhood illness or a parent with a serious illness Excessively checking your health and your symptoms on the internet having a worrying Personality having a family member or a friend who worries excessively about your or their own health So do you have health anxiety? let's now find out I'm going to ask you six questions and you are gonna answer those six questions with either yes, or No, and at the end of the test we'll find out what your scores mean and if you do have how Anxiety what you can do to cure it and how you can get help for it the very first question is do you have frequent worries of having a severe disease or illness or a medical condition number two Do you constantly check your body for signs and symptoms of an illness or medical? conditions number three Do you spend a lot of your time discussing with family members health issues four? Have you ever avoided certain places? Certain things or certain people in fear of being infected with a disease or illness Number five have you ever doubted your doctor or believe they have failed to identify symptoms or an illness in you number six Have you ever felt depressed or distressed thinking about your health? Conditions if you answered yes to one or less of these questions, it's unlikely that you have or suffering from health anxiety However, if you answered yes to two or more of these questions It's possible and likely that you are suffering and have how things like a tick if you need help with your anxiety or health Anxiety there is a link in the description box down below that I would highly Recommend you go to now and check out where you can speak to someone immediately and write ii begin to get help for your health anxiety or anxiety the link is in the description box down below the most effective treatment for health anxiety is what known as CBT which is cognitive behavioral therapy Which changes the way you think and your thinking patterns? You can get CBT therapy by clicking the link in the description box down below And now what's here from you guys it goes in the comment section. What did you score on this test? Do you suffer or have health anxiety? How does it affect your life? Let me know in the comment section down below If you've enjoyed this video and found it useful and liked this mental health test Please give this video a like if you would like to see any more mental health tests or tests videos again in the future Let me know which ones in the comment section down below If he new here make sure you subscribe to authentic mental health for more content like this again in the future Take care guys and girls and I'll see you all tomorrow for another video


  1. I used to go to the doctor because of pain that i had with my stomach , but it was actually me causing it , i went to the hospital because of this so many times and once the doctor told me i should probably see a psychologist , the story is longer i rather keep it short , so yeah i think i used to a lot more but today less then past few years , sorry if grammar is bad

  2. I got 3 points.
    These days I'm feeling like I will have a heart attack and I'm afraid of dying even I know that I don't suffer from any heart disease.

  3. Scored 4 out of 6 and I'm suffering from health anxiety because I'm always worried about having appendicitis. I always check by pressing around my appendicitis and I do have little bit of pain around that area but my doctor told me that it's not appendicitis. And I know it's not but I have light pain around the area

  4. Lol my friend just FaceTimed me and her puppy Shirley was eating her hair and her foot it’s funny I just got up and started training my SDIT on a new task which is get and give he is catching on well I gave him an example which was my lab Hero and he has got it down almost he does not really understand get but he will give it to me no problem… my lab Hero I told him to go get me water and he brought me Powerade instead this is an example to show that service dogs make mistakes they are not always perfect lol 😂

  5. Hi how are you When you say heath anxiety do you mean GAD I got diagnosed with GAD when I was six Do you mind if I asked when you were diagnosed. If you were diagnosed ?

  6. Yes i have Health anxiety. Thx for making my life better. I have had MANY Health anxiety. Iev had everything. But i think positive! Thank u. Btw i have everything 1-6 u said. It really sucks. But… I keep telling myself: IM OK. IM HEALTH NOTHING IS WRONG. iev been thinking i have cancer but ik its not the case. My dad has told me everything i need to know. So now i feel way better

  7. Charlie! I got 4 out of 6 and can you do a video on all kinds of Anxiety so I know what I all have and how I can better cope with it? Please and thank you! 💖

  8. Yes all the time I forced myself to get on my phone so I could watch your video it made me a little happier I’m struggling with my depression I have not even got out of bed all day it is horrible my mind is telling me lies like I am worthless and that I will never be normal and that I am alone and that nobody will love me ever I sort if tend to believe because I was told I was hated every day of my life for 7 years and that I was not loved

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