Health Benefits of Curry leaves – Tamil Health Tips

Health Benefits of Curry leaves – Tamil Health Tips

Health Benefits of Curry leaves – Tamil Health Tips Eventhough we get curry leaves as extra when buying vegetables it contains numerous medicinal properties. A research done in America has found that curry leaves reduces 42% of blood sugar and 30 % of cholesterol. Curry leaves used for garnishing in south Indian cooking has a property to prevent intestinal cancer. From this video let us see what is special about this. Most of the people suffer due to diabetics and diabetic patients for more than 10 years may get diabetic neuropathy pain. The fluctuation in sugar level affects the external nerves and cause this pain. Carbazole alkaloids present in curry leaves control this problem and keeps the sugar level under control. Dry curry leaves and powder it and take Mix 10 grams of this powder with water and drink everyday in the morning to control sugar level. Carbazole alkaloid in curry leaves promotes the growth of ovum so powder 20 gm curry leaves, 3 gm cumin seeds and 1 gm fenugreek seeds. Mix this powder with buttermilk or milk and take in an empty stomach to reduce bile heat and uterus heat. Premature grey happen due to increase in bile and low haemoglobin levels. In village sides they ask to take fried onion and curry leaves as curry leaves in rich in Iron. Shallots purifies the blood and reduces bile and due to this grey hair reduces and promotes hair growth. As protein and Iron is necessary for hair growth grind 50 grams of urad dhal with 25 grams of curry leaves to increase the hair growth. As women get iron deficiency during their menstrual periods and to correct this they should add curry leaves in their food. Only when we try curry leaves in oil and leaves we get the full benefits of the chemicals present in it. But don’t fry in too much of oil otherwise beta carotene present in it evaporates and becomes of no use. When we fry mustard seeds with curry leaves it prevents tissue damage and prevents the formation of free radicals.


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    'கறிவேப்பிலையின்' பயன்களை இந்தக் காணொளி மூலம்
    பதிவு செய்தமைக்கு நன்றி !

    இது போல நாம் பொங்கல் போன்ற உணவுகளில்
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