1. Doctors are to blame. Sitting at their computer spending more time looking at the screen instead of the patient as they prescribe them up and piss them off.

  2. Indeed a full review of medications should be carried out, and the use of complimentary medications should be involved due to many having effects on prescription medications.

  3. Water cleanse the body,if it's contaminated already it can't do it's job. . distillation of water is the only water you should drink….you put it in batteries to stop corrosion and irons ..but not your body… Strange.

  4. Doctors, Big Pharmaceutical and Government are all in cahoots..
    They don't care how many people die as long as every single person in the world is on their poison.. Profit, Huge amounts of money and all 3 professions mentioned above are swimming in the Blood money..

  5. Brian scientist, say process foods are destroying our bodies, causing mental illness and new diseases; whereas whole food heal our bodies. Most people are moving towards diets that avoid sugary meals and process foods which is nice.

  6. Finally some truth about Big Pharma, instead of the usual lies. Why aren't doctors being to account for prescribing these drugs ?

  7. Australian men have seen a 59% loss in sperm count and a 30% loss in testosterone, in return the government and media ignore this and go full steam ahead with operation "replacement"
    It's time for a positive change ❤

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