Health & Fitness Morning Routine: My Gym Prep & Supplements + FREE PRODUCT FOR VIEWERS

Health & Fitness Morning Routine: My Gym Prep & Supplements + FREE PRODUCT FOR VIEWERS

good morning squad I have never done a morning routine for you all and I figured I'd do one now because I get a lot of questions about how do I maintain my health and fitness while being a mother of twin toddlers as you all know being a wife and working full-time so in this video I'm gonna share what my morning normally looks like as I prepare for the gym you'll see the supplements that I use for my health and a typical gym routine later on I also show you all what I eat every single morning now there is nothing cute about brushing your teeth so let's just be right don't do that so of course the first thing I do every morning is watching my face I use a lot of natural products so that is african black soap no particular brand but I do make sure that any black soap that I use it is authentic like soap which normally looks like that clay formula that you just saw and I wash my face in circular motions as you should and then of course I don't know if you guys ever heard but you should wash your face for 60 seconds each time so taking care of my skin in the morning is very crucial especially when it comes to getting ready to be in this dry Texas summer heat so I moisturize with raw shea butter and jojoba oil jojoba oil has such great benefits such as working at the anti-inflammatory it tames shaping and chapping skin so none of those fine lines ladies it also works to come my skin and prevents acne so a hobo oil will put ever be my morning friend and thanks to my dad he passed down yellow and red eyes to me so I constantly have to use my red eye removal before putting in my contacts otherwise I walk around looking as if I've been crying all day and I clearly haven't so I have to use my red eye because my eyes get irritated really quick no matter what season they just stay looking irritated and I hate it and I am NOT one that feels like I need to put on makeup every single morning or even wear makeup to the gym but get away these eyes up girl so I at least put on mascara and try to fill in my eyebrows a little bit just to make me look a little bit awake and as if I am prepared for the day and then going to the gym you know of course I'm gonna get funky but I don't like for that phone to interrupt my workout I know that that's crazy but I have to smell good while I go to gym getting my supplements now the main objective in the morning is don't wait the babies so I creep tip to–and close every door and soft as possible so for this video I've partnered with better me to show some of the crucial vitamins and supplements we should take daily first is the multivitamin now my nutritionist creates my meal plans and he actually requires something to take a multivitamin every day and that's because believe it or not the average person doesn't get there our daily dose of vitamins and minerals food so taking a multivitamin ensures that you do the older we get the more nutrition our body needs and sadly unlike in our teens our bodies just don't absorb it as easily so you want to take a multivitamin to ensure you get that I especially like better me products because they don't skip on any of the vitamins I mean it has everything one of the key things I look for in my vitamins as a woman is having b12 and folic acid because those are the main beneficial vitamins for 20 so this supplement has been heaven sent to me for a number of reasons at first I was a little skeptic a pill that can calm these nerves no but y'all I knew you worried and I found myself falling asleep at work I was getting a little too calm and so I only take this after my workouts now and it just helps to bring me down from my intense back burner that I take my fat burning leaves me really antsy and anxious so I'd like to take this is all natural and the magnesium and the magnolia bark are the key ingredient that helped to reduce anxiety promote sleep and it's even helped with a cough I've been having that they were going to put me on inhaler for but hey now I don't really need to now this one is near and dear to my lifestyle because heart disease is the number one silent killer for african-american women black women suffer rates of heart disease that are twice as high as those among other race I take it because heart disease does run in my family and I don't want to be in that statistic I got babies to raise so this helps me to maintain my cholesterol level and to make sure that I'm having a healthy heart every day and this is a tumeric supplement that I take every day I mean it has brain function power it has all types of things to help with information so if you have a moment take the time to go look up the benefits of tumeric and here's my probably heard me mention it before and it definitely works it gets me ready for the gym so everything that I take in the morning I'm going to save I try to drink a gallon of water a day doing this twice a day I'm usually gets me to my galley let me know in the comments have y'all been drinking your water alright and then the morning time is the best time for me to go ahead and do so sure so I get the laundry out of the wind I go ahead and I put them in a washer that way by the time I get back from the gym the ready the dryer and at least that part of my wifely mother duties is done and once again with the mission do not wait okay so the first thing I do when I get to the gym is write my stomach I have diastasis recti which is something that happened because of my pregnancy with the twins where my stomach muscles have stretched and yeah they're basically no longer together leaving me with a lot of loose skin and separated mostly I'm applying preparation-h and natural peppermint oil to just help draw out with water and to just slam my waistline down a little bit even though there's nothing I still do my stomach so I just try to wrap it up as much as possible to tighten that skin and one day I made skin so this particular day was arms and upper body day yes I do wait train I'm not afraid of lifting weights because ladies is a myth you will not get bulky like men weight training is important you still have to do some form of ways I gotta do high exercise was in between just to keep my heart rate high in a fat-burning zone so I'll switch back and forth some ways to like a little cardio session in between and then after a long sweaty workout I usually cannot wait to get this thing off you just go ahead and like take the saran wrap and I can't get it off I would just get a pair of scissors and cut it off all of the water and sweat like these gushes and hits the floor is so nasty but satisfying to see that I had an effective workout yeah did you eat I eat breakfast and then usually by the time I get home these two are up ready to terrorize the world and me so I make them a quick breakfast then I go ahead and try to fit in my breakfast so here's what I eat every morning so for my protein my breakfast consists of one whole egg and 3/4 cup of egg white so I only use Himalayan salt and black pepper in my eggs that's all I like some people put seasoned salt in a eggs that way I'm not me girl then I usually like to warn me up some tea I have just really became a tea drinker lately and this one has been my fav y'all this smells like candy it smells so good I'm usually not even into those detox teas like that but this one I simply just love the taste of it and the smell okay so now would you do the time that I'll go ahead and take my better mood pill because it'll kind of help bring me down from my fat burner that fat better really leaves me a little antsy as y'all can see is still working in me and so I just like to take my pills so that I can calm down and relax all right and then for my card in the morning I do half a cup of oatmeal and I do weigh my food so I have a scale to weigh out my blueberries 470 grams and then after my breakfast is all done I will sit down and enjoy it watching some YouTube or Saturday morning music videos yes I still watch music videos and that is it for my breakfast then it is time for me to straighten up a little bit that I can so that I can enjoy the rest of my day so I'm definitely getting better with being a morning person just having every teen that caters to me is what's been working I've never been a morning person before if you could let me sleep in till 12:00 I would but it just really wasn't productive so this morning routine has really helped me with just bettering myself and like at least I feel good knowing that I did stuff for myself I got that out the way and then waking up before them of course allows me to have that personal time to do those things this is the routine that's been working for me of course once stuff change you know seasons change things change I'll definitely update y'all but in the meantime this is what it is thank you again to better me for just wanting to be a part of my healthy living journey and supplying me with those supplements make sure y'all go check out their website because they have all types of natural and healthy products from face creams that are organic and vegan and cruelty free so definitely check out their website I'll link it in the description box below and I will catch you guys in the next video make sure you like and subscribe and I will see you later get out of there and I my makeup go oh yeah gonna go outside okay go put your shoes on right there


  1. I made a goal to start back drinking a gallon of water a day TODAY. Thanks for the motivation as always!

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