Health Freak & Junk Food Lover Swap Diets | BuzzFeed India

Health Freak & Junk Food Lover Swap Diets | BuzzFeed India

I have a headache right now because you have zero sugar in your diet. She can find a way to make anything healthy, unhealthy. Can I have one packet of chips? *Aishwarya offers protein chips*
Not these. Are you cheating on your diet? I’m having one. Keep the phone… So today we are going to be swapping diets for one full week. I will be eating what Aishwarya eats and Aishwarya is going to be eating what I eat. Okay, can you tell me a little bit about what your diet everyday consists of? I’m a big foodie. So I have… McDonald’s and pasta, and pizza. But by the end of the month, I’m broke. So what does your diet consist of when you’re broke? Maggi, water… stealing other people’s lunch. You never steal my lunch. If I had to compare Aishwarya’s diet I would say that she eats something that a cow eats. First of all, that’s not true. Okay, some of it might be, like, green leafy vegetables and might resemble to what a cow eats but I like it. This week is going to be really intense and I’m so excited to see how it unravels. Are you? I am. And let’s start? Let’s do this? – That was terrible.
– That was a terrible high five. Oh my god. I’m shopping for healthy stuff and I don’t know where I am. What is the difference between organic and normal vegetables? I don’t know. I just saw a lot of words that were new to me. Like, organic, freshly grown, and, farm vegetables.
And I’m like, aren’t all vegetables farm vegetables? Here is quinoa. Aishwarya apparently has this… What? Quinoa is also organic? I’ve found the difference between organic vegetables and normal vegetables. And that is organic vegetables are expensive. I didn’t really go grocery shopping because Shreya’s food practically is like, ordering in. Hello? – Yes Do you have honey cornflakes and pancake mix? – Yes we do. I’d like to order that. – Where do you want it delivered? I think a lot of Shreya’s food is very convenient. It’s day one of the diet swap and it’s 7:30 AM. First I started with the warm water and lime, which I didn’t like at first. But, trust me that wasn’t even the worst part. After that, I had to have black coffee with no sugar. I feel like, the no sugar is not even the problem here. Even sugar… cannot fix how bitter this is. Nope. The first thing that Shreya has in the morning is a mug of coffee with some sugar in it. Coffee with sugar was actually great. I anyway have black coffee, so the sugar just added to it. What I did not like though. The second item… It’s honey coated cornflakes with sugar on top. Honey makes the cornflakes sweet. But I guess that’s not enough so why not put more suagr in it? I’ve taken a total of two bites and it’s already very sweet. I’m done. I feel like I’m done for the day just with breakfast. So the first day, I had to have the protein shake at work because I was really late. And I come to work and guess what? Paroma, I can’t believe you chose this day. You are not going to be able to eat this and I will eat this right in front of you. Take it away from me. It smells… No, I can’t. (Paroma) I’m a supportive friend. Really? That is literally my biggest weakness I love McDonald’s so much. Not one, not two… The whole office ordered McDonald’s. And I had to have… 500 ml of protein shake. It smells like farts. Just drink it. Okay. Mm protein. It was so bad. I couldn’t gulp it. Maybe if the protein shake had some ice, some milk and some sugar then I think I could’ve liked it. Maybe like a… Protein Shake Latte. I’m late for work and I have to somehow get a cup of tea. Listen, I don’t have time for tea. Can I skip it? No, you cannot. – Why?
– I didn’t have time for protein shake… but I didn’t skip it. Initially, I didn’t really like it because I don’t like tea. I don’t know why she has a full mug of tea. Why does Shreya have so much tea, but you only have this much? It’s very hot. It was a lot. But eventually, I started enjoying it. I didn’t like tea before this. But not bad. Have I changed…
have I made you a better person? It was just refreshing and I kind of understand why people are addicted to it. That is one part of her entire meal plan that I can get on board with. It’s not even close to lunch time and I’m hungry. The thing is that Aishwarya’s portions are so less that I wasn’t full at any point. Aishwarya… Yes? What are you doing? I need to order lunch and your lunch is basically Subway with I don’t know how many types of mayonnaise. Can I order it for you? Yes. Yeah. Mayonnaise, yes. Mint mayonnaise, yes. Honey mustard, yes. Barbeque? A hell yeah. Tandoori mayo? A hell yeah. In notes, I am going to write… Add extra mayo. She can find a way to make anything healthy, unhealthy. Would you like a cookie? I would love a cookie. Double dark chunk chocolate cookie it is. Three pieces. It was just like a… soggy sandwich with nothing but mayo and capsicum in it. Are you telling me it’s not good at all? No. I would prefer eating that. – Really?
– Not kidding. I love shepu. I love dill. Honestly, in my head anything that looks green has no flavour. The dill is nice. I’m glad it has a little flavour though. Have I been living a lie my whole life? This is really not bad. In all honesty, since I don’t live my parents, I’m very lazy to like, make my own food and cook and eat. So making dinner was a little bit of a task. It’s dinner time. I got all the groceries that Aishwarya would need to make a salad. I think it will take me another hour. It’s already 8:41 PM. I’m starving. Aishwarya has her salad, with no dressing and just lime. I did tamper a little with the chicken. I put some marinade in it. I know Aishwarya has it just plain roasted or grilled. Okay, first bite. Oh my god. This is so good. I know this is some chopped up vegetables and some chicken… But I’m a chef. That is one salad without dressing which I didn’t hate for the first time in my life. One thing I did not like about this entire diet swap – Yeah, I feel extremely dehydrated today. I think because of the quantities of food I’ve been having I feel full all the time and I’m not drinking enough water. Today’s goal is going to be, to hydrate myself and to enjoy the meals that I’m having because it’s genuinely good food. Shreya is suffering way more than I am because my food isn’t as flavourful and tasty, and I admit to that 100%. But yeah, I did not enjoy not drinking water. My body just didn’t like it. And it was not a great morning. I couldn’t… flush anything out, so… I am not a serial pooper. I don’t poop everyday. I poop once in three days. I think I just need to have more fibrous foods, because I pooped everyday in the last five days. Today’s breakfast menu is pancakes. I’ve never made them on my own. But I’m pretty excited. Ooh, not bad. Guys… I’ve done a great job. So sad that you don’t get to eat these. But once I open my own pancakery they’re going to sell out like anything. So good. I’m changing my career. I’m so good at making pancakes. I definitely think that if you make your food even if it tastes bad you kind of think it’s amazing. Guys, I have to make a shocking revelation. Quinoa is actually really, really delicious. I am having it with shrimp and lettuce and it’s so good. Healthy food is delicious. One thing I absolutely enjoyed was annoying Shreya with all the food I was having. My friends share a cookie. Yeah, I am enjoying this. This is too good. Hate y’all. Guys, stop it. This is torture. I’m just hungry like all the time. Well, who told you to do this video? Who told you to have this diet? We had an office outing and I just wanted to cut Aishwarya a deal… You don’t eat anything. and you don’t drink anything. So you stay loyal to your diet. And in return, I get to eat… One (chicken) death wing, and three onion rings, and five chips from the “Fry-yay bucket”. No. (Paroma) Can I make this interesting? Yes. (Paroma) You have to have a whole plate of (chicken) death wings (Paroma) and the whole Fry-yay bucket. Can we just do it like… Okay fine. You have the (chicken) death wings. Yes. She was excited to go out and not eat. And I had my chicken wings and soda. and Aishwarya had water. And I think we were both happy with it. So it was a win-win situation. So I had chocolate spread earlier and I instantly felt so guilty about it. And I read this somewhere which I want to share… The guilt that we often feel when we eat unhealthy food is probably way more unhealthy than the actual food we’re putting in our bodies. Like we need to stop punishing ourselves when we have that packet of chips all in one go or have that extra slice of pizza. Also, we need to stop listening to other people telling us how we need to eat, what we need to eat. I reached this stage of eating too less because, for years, people told me that I was eating a lot. The reason my food is tasteless is because I realise that if my food was tasty I’ll start eating a lot more. It’s so wrong for me to do that. It’s like, I’m just not respecting myself enough to be able to make my own decisions, to be able to know what’s right for me. I don’t expect anyone to adapt to how I live my life. And I don’t want to adapt to how someone else lives their life. I don’t think I can be a person who can eat healthy all the time. I’m always going to require some amount of junk food. I’m the kind of person who gets happiness from the food that she eats. Like, I will have a great mood if I have good food. And if I don’t, then I’ll just be a little sad and cranky. I have reached here because of years of society telling me that what I’m eating or what I’m doing is wrong. And it’s going to take a while for me to find that balance. I think it’s in the end to each his own. I mean, I really enjoy my diet, I don’t think Aishwarya enjoyed mine. And vice versa. So yeah, don’t let society dictate what you’re eating, dude. Just do you.


  1. Ashwariya ki diet healthy diet hai long life ke liy…but shreya ki diet heart attack diet hai.. actual me shreya ko ashwariya ki diet follow karni chahiye agar long life healthy rahna hai to.

  2. What pooping once in three days is extremely bad for your body, i wouldn't want to be around her when she rips one out/ farts😂

  3. I have seen Buzzfeed diet swap and snack swap but this one is actually what we all can relate too.. Buzzfeed India We need this kind of content

  4. I gave up at the shefu…bybthe way my name is Paroma and when she screamed 'Paroma…' I was like o my god what did I do??

  5. Even though I am American, I legit eat like both of them haha. Maggi because I am a broke student and still eat salads and veggies. I am south Indian so we make filter coffee when I am with family!

  6. Ok, I agree that certain health food lovers may be going to extreme lengths in their quest to eat healthy all the time. But, describing them as 'health freaks' is exactly the reason why fast food industry is thriving in this world and most people are obese and unhealthy. Just think about it, you are describing someone who eats healthy as a 'freak'.

  7. Who else thought that Aishwarya will be trying a healthy diet and Shreya junk foods in this diet swap challenge!!!

  8. None of your dietary habits resemble traditional Indian meal plans… be it the healthy avocado-chicken-lettuce salads or Mc meals…they were mostly "instagrammable" imports from the West…try slow cooked meals or tranditional thalis once in a while!
    A thali might not apperantly be as low in calories as a salad diet…but in the long run an assortment of 'saags', dals, local greens, bajra/jowar/etc. cereals, or even simple local rice with slow cooked chicken curry/ seafood curry will prove to be a better sustainable partner!
    P.S.: The array of spices nd herbs that are used in traditional slow cooked indian curries are real superfoods!❤🇮🇳


    *poops once in 3 days.

    Guys, eat healthy. Be healthy. For nobody but yourself. Stop listening to these punks. Ofcourse nothing kills you once in a while, but dont make it a habit. If you dont care for yourself, who will?

  10. Shreya was probably paid to be this unhealthy. I mean how is she not overweight by eating Unhealthily every single dayyy

  11. The meal of Shreya is fake… FAKE AF!!! And she poops every three days?!! Girl please tell me what concealer you use coz your face must be full of pimples

  12. As much as BuzzFeed makes it sound…. Aishwarya is not in that great of a shape or shredded based on her diet..m..her bodyfat seems like that of most other ppl

  13. Eating and living a healthy life is all about your own choice .. your habits today will dictate your tomorrow.

  14. Shreya – " I am a big foodie. I love McDonald's and pizza and pasta."
    Wtf? 😂😂😂
    Being a foodie doesn't always mean eating junk food.

  15. So Buzzfeed India has a new anchor. Welcome Shreya. I love this channel like mad. I loved the video on periods products especially. Shreyas diet is bad

  16. I think I sort of am and want to be more like how Aishwarya is. I mean, we both are really similar, in ways of our thoughts and actions, i'm not trying to be like her or anything but…. I already am.

    P.S- SORRY, I SUCK AT EXPLANATIONS. What I meant to say was that we do have similar lifestyles and I try to adhere to it as best as I can but my parents still force me eat the not-fully-healthy kind of food so… I wanna be more like Aishwarya, with still continuing to eat super healthy.
    Also, I relate to Aishwarya soo much at 9:15.

  17. Both their diets were kinda unbelievable… I don't think anyone can eat 100% healthy or 100% unhealthy, there's always some balance! 🤷‍♀️

  18. Hey BI I have a small thing to tell you guys

    I really think that you guys should make videos and speaking Hindi more than English coz.
    I as a viewer know why you guys aren't so popular.
    You make videos for us Indians and because you guys have so bombastic English, majority of viewers don't get your videos and quit watching your channel

    Hope you'll act upon my advice

  19. Who doesn't like tea man..I mean isn't it too much notankki !!! 🙄🙄 After so much dieting she remains still a little fatty

  20. No one's food seems to be Indian ,and they are trying to copy BuzzFeed but they forget that they are in india

  21. Is this a fake video??? As June 2019 dieting girl so nicely enjoying Macdonald burgers ..
    Or else she just started dieting?????

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