Health minister downplays Premier Ford's health care comments

Health minister downplays Premier Ford's health care comments

we're working as quickly as we can to end hallway medicine the fact is that there's not just one simple answer to it there's a number of approaches that need to be taken part of it is building more long-term care homes and long-term care spaces if not not in homes to allow for the alternate level of care the ALC patients – released from the hospital in order to be able to accept more patients in so it's improving the flow in the hospital that's one way to do it part of it is by working on mental health and addictions plan that we are part of my mandate to develop a comprehensive and coordinated plan for mental health and addictions because in hospitals across Ontario there are a number of people that aren't getting the treatment they need in the community so they circle in and out of hospital we need to do a better job on some of our chronic diseases to make sure that we support people better again in the community so we're working on many fronts to try and reduce the number of people that receive care in hallways that's not what people in Ontario want it's not what providers want that's not the way that they were trained to provide excellent care so we're working on it I can't put a specific timeline on it but we are working as quickly as possible the premiere and I have talked about it and the premiere understands he knows very well as well as I do that this is going to take a long term but he knows that this is a priority for Ontarians as it is for me so we want to get it done in a shorter timeframe as possible yes the premier and I discussed things on virtual I wouldn't say on a daily basis but virtually on a daily basis yes we're in close communication I think the primer was expressing the wishes that we all have that we all want hallway medicine and did today but the reality is that can't happen yet but we have put in place many of the steps that need to be taken in order to to get us to that place where we don't have hallway health care anymore


  1. Health care has become a fraud
    We only see what they allow us to see that is socialistic tyranny
    Their is good and bad in this energy system
    Like 30000 deaths due polices a year in Canada
    I pulled my wife back from health care before they killed her
    Wrong meds wrong diagnoses ect ect
    Labeled bipolar
    Really she had spinal meningitis as a child ending up in foster care lables add
    Causing complex ptsd later ptsd later drug use for condition they don't or will not acknowledge
    Failed chemo treatment that caused acroid cyste from t2 to t8
    Iv got a basket of horror stories
    No help from gov or healthcare system
    Mental health care system is a revolving door give them meds send them on their way see what happens without going thru proper period of time to see effects

  2. People should be going to the hospital as a last resort, that would reduce the number of patients in Triage.

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