Health nugget: sympathetic nervous system / parasympathetic nervous system/ sunshine/breakfast

Health nugget: sympathetic nervous system / parasympathetic nervous system/ sunshine/breakfast

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  1. Omg i just started researching the VAGUS nerves and sleep apnea. Then you popped up. Thank you for your time.

  2. Missed your videos! its been a while since ive watched them.
    Did you make any videos on planting and growing in your home? i do not have a backyard (wamp wamp).

  3. How can I speak to you directly? I have a few questions and I love listening to you and watching your videos YOUR A BLESSING FROM GOD SERIOUSLY! I am trying to change my eating habits and all. I have allergies and it’s serve what can I do to get rid of my allergies?

  4. Your kitchen is gorgeous! Thank you so much for this video. I recently saw your nut butter video (I believe it was peanut based). Such an amazing video. I'll be using your method soon.

  5. Thank you for this on time message.
    What (liquid vitamin is that because of surgery i can no longer absorb certain vitamins) a wonderful reminder…blessings Mama Rosa💟

  6. Glad to see that things are getting back to normal. Can't wait to see what is in store for us with your future vlogs. I'm very excited aout this time in your life. Blessings!

  7. Chef Rosa I love your spiritual energy. Keep on teaching the biblical knowledge. Thanks a million

    Much Love and Respect ✊

  8. I have been pushing myself more and more to break free from anxieties thanks for sharing my those little nuggets while showing us your breakfast 🥞

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