Health Tips – Panic Attacks

Health Tips - Panic Attacks

panic disorder is characterized by episodic and unexpected panic attacks that occur unprovoked a panic attack is a sudden intense feeling of fear often manifested by either psychological or physical conditions like computations tremor feeling of shortness of breath feeling of choking sudden intense feeling you may die and all of those things could be manifested in one panic attack you the cause of panic attacks is really unknown it could be either genetic or environmental and we don't exactly even know what the trigger is because remember in panic disorder the trigger is unknown people can experience as many as several panic attacks a day or may have one or two per year the difficulty with panic attacks because they're so unpredictable people often become fearful of going out into other activities because they may experience a panic attacks that begin to do social isolation so that can be quite crippling even with just a few small attacks panic attacks should always be evaluated by health care provider because frankly we need to be sure it's a panic attack there are many other physical and psychological conditions that mimic panic attacks you have to be sure you know what you're talking about this could be a cardiac disorder or a pulmonary disorder or endocrine disorder and numerous other things cause something that looks like a panic attack so before we make that diagnosis you really want to make sure you've had a thorough medical evaluation treatment of panic disorder can be either with medications or with psychotherapy in fact both psychotherapy and medications are equally effective there was one study that suggested the two together even more effective than one alone medications typically used are called SSRIs like paxil or prozac or zoloft which are very effective at decreasing the disorder a psychological therapy for panic attacks includes things like cognitive behavioral therapy or mindfulness training cognitive behavioral therapy is done with a therapist and you can do some very good training on your own for mindfulness using an app like headspace or calm probably the most important thing you could do for a patient who has panic attacks is to just sit with them remain calm hold their hand be very reassuring remember these lasts usually 10 minutes to a half an hour at the most and they are going to fade away with time and if you can reassure the patients very helpful if someone began to experience what they described as a panic attack and it lasted maybe fine – 10 minutes and the symptoms then abated without any specific treatment I don't think you'd have to seek medical treatment immediately but if someone had symptoms a mimicked a panic attack and it was longer than 10 minutes and they weren't getting better I would be sure to seek medical help to be sure it is a panic attack and that's something more sinister like a cardiac condition or neuro condition not all of these things can be passed off as simply a panic attack and I think you want to give your loved one the benefit of the doubt that if they're in trouble they should be seen by doctor you

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