HEALTH UPDATE + CHEMO 5 VLOG | My Cancer Journey

HEALTH UPDATE + CHEMO 5 VLOG  |  My Cancer Journey

hello on today's episode of date night we have very exciting plans we're heading to the hospital whoa so it is 8 p.m. on a Friday night and we are going for my first CT scan since I began treatment I have been waiting for this day for weeks I'm super anxious but I just really really want to know so it's nice for that side poor you're an outside I don't know if that's a sign or not but fingers crossed and it goes good today so I guess like for people who have cancer stuff like that they kind of fit you in whenever they have room so I guess 9 p.m. on a Friday is worthy so the CT scan is to basically see if and how much my tumor has shrunk and if there's any other tumors I guess the scan is from my neck chest stomach all the way down to my pelvis so I guess they just want to make sure that the whole area basically my lymph system is clear and I'm really hoping that the tumor is very shrunk don't want read we'll see I feel like every time I'm recording but anyways on our way to get the results for my CT scan and of course I still done this wearing you know then she just loved it when you set your alarm for 6:30 p.m. instead of succeeding and helm but I called my nurse panicking Mitchell the truths that we slipped in and they all got a good laugh at I got the office and this told me to come great day to sleep in probably the most important of my rent I've had since I started my cancer treatment MS something but anyways we're on our way right now we just got some Hospital hopefully it's good news all right we got a quick update here on Magdalene I'm gonna tell us were able to do that that's good news hold on let me jump in Mike for a second no no that's a high five good Jesus I think there's the moon hello hello so quick update unfortunately they did not have the results of my CT scan while I was at the hospital my CT scan was on a Friday night and then our appointment wasn't Monday morning so unfortunately nobody worked over the weekend therefore they didn't have the results but they did say that they called the department that does the analysis and did pressure them kind of to get it to me by today just because they did tell me they would give me a results today and they kind of want to know whether we can continue on with the same treatment or have to switch it over luckily because my heart tests came back normal the results were the exact same as the heart tests that I had prior to the beginning chemo which basically meant that there had been no damage but yes so I'm just gonna anxiously wait by my phone all day the crazy person um to get the phone call from the hospital they said that they would try their best to get it to me by the end of the day so I know but you know just be sitting here right knock my nails freaking out all day but I keep you updated I finally got the call so it is great news the chemo is working it has shrunk about two-thirds of the tumor back in March so the tumor was 9 by 9 centimeters and now it is at 2.7 by 3 by 3 so 2/3 of the chemo have killed 2/3 of the tumor I'm doing some quick maths here now over one third of my chemo left does that mean it's gonna kill the last third of the tumor I guess we'll find out but the plan from now on is to finish the last two rounds of chemo and then after that I'm gonna have a CT scan and a PET scan and then basically we'll kind of go from there depending on what the last rounds of chemo do if I need further treatment we're gonna discuss that and see what options are available and then or if the tumors dead which in the tumor will be dead today has been quite the day I went through the motions I think waiting for cell phone calls Oh today's outfit is sponsored by how do just huge do special hello guys today we are chemo number 5 second last chemo so as you all know I got good results for my CT scan I remember I guess scan so we're gonna continue out the last two rounds and hopefully that's enough but if not we're gonna go for more treatment but yeah feeling a little better today really tired for some reason but I have this really bad habit of cramming everything that I want to get done before my chemos into one day so I like if I know I'm gonna feel like really sick for a week then I try to get a bunch of stuff done and I you should leave it until the day before my chemo and then I get myself really tired so I need to be better about that but yeah so I had a pretty crazy day yesterday I was literally gone all day and all evening didn't you home hilly but that's ok only two more left to go this is what we're looking like today beautiful baby going brother review of the parking lot I love you the handsome man coffee some drugs around for recovery was actually really good didn't have very bad side effects I felt like I was out and about like three days after my treatment and then yeah I'd realize like I wasn't even a week and I was already like trying to resume normal activity which is really good I guess I just had felt really low-energy after this round but again like I think my body's just weaker and I was out and about really quickly so I'm sure that's why my body was getting exhausted quite quickly but other than that I would say most of the side effects were not as bad as previous times which is really good I'm really happy about that super sleepy right now but we're almost done for today everything's going smoothly and according to plan so that's good for planning or we should eat and think we're gonna go to McDonald's because the first me lefty um after you chemo usually if you eat it you kind of don't let you dislike it I can't different which is China says basically you hate whatever you eat right after chemo for like two three weeks if not months and you don't anything you love to eat like sushi pizza burgers so we're gonna go get some fast food shitty burgers we're gonna get some shitty burgers you like nice burgers and grilled burgers we're gonna get some shitty burgers from McDonald's that's the plan today this way you can't you don't feel bad about not making your dollars gets credit for the beers it's kind of like a mental thing because after chemo food tastes different and also like it makes I mean I get really nauseous users in the evenings so in my mind it's like oh that food made me nauseous it didn't but that's kind of my mind works and they can't usually even look at that food for at least a couple weeks so gotta pick your poison wisely hey guys we just finished our lovely lunch which was provided by McDonald's outside in the beautiful fresh air and I think that's where we gonna end this vlog everything else is pretty much the same so why would I put you through something or anything but thank you for watching do yourself in your body


  1. Forgive me if I'm remembering wrong, but didn't you have more than one tumor? If not, sorry for even putting that out there. If so, did chemo shrink every tumor you have or the main one ?

  2. Congratulations on your progress! You are such a champ going through this. Hope you'll be completely healed after the last third of your treatment! 💛✨

  3. I’m so pleased the treatment is doing its thing! I wish you success and happiness with the rest of your treatment.

  4. I’m so happy for you omg. When I saw your first video I prayed for you so much. I hope everything goes well for you you’re a beautiful soul and you deserve to live in this world. God bless you !! Keep the faith

  5. My anxiety hit the roof while YOU were waiting for YOU’RE results! LOL! I admire the fact that you’re fighting so hard but you’re positivity and enthusiasm stays high. You rock! 💗

  6. Wow such great news. So glad to hear your tumor has shrunk so much. To bad the chemo makes you so sick. Prayers your last few rounds do the trick. Take care.

  7. This is the best news!!!! So, so happy for you. Going down the home stretch! You have handled this journey with strength, grace, positivity and determination. Hope the side effects from the last treatments are not too bad. You are definitely a Rock Star 💗

  8. Oh Sunshine girl, … I am so delighted to hear your awesome news! The ticker is healthy and the tumor is shrinking, that's absolutely fantastic! I hope you continue to stay healthy and for the cancer to go away completely & forever!

  9. Your so cute!!!! I’m so so so happy for you healthy heart and your shrinking tumor! Thank the Lord.

  10. Yay!!!!!!!!!!! Damn!!!!!! Ya know the cancer is thinking " we should've invaded another body, Magdalena is going to kill us all" you have been diligently detoxing and chasing it out of your body. Side note: your boyfriend is so freaking cute!!! 😉

  11. I have actually sat here and cried watching your videos. There’s nothing more empowering than watching strong people go through something that must be so frightening. I’m sure you aren’t always so happy and cheery and there must be scary times, but the fact that you push through like a trooper is amazing in and of itself. The fact that you come onto a social media platform and show your vulnerability while there are others who won’t even show a pimple is amazing. You are an amazing person and your boyfriend is an amazing person as well. I wish you the best with everything. I just feel so blessed watching videos from people like you ❤️

  12. I am so happy for you. I know how it fells because I also go through this a cauple of months ago. I wish you all the best and I know u will make it. We have to make it because we have a lot of things to do. Back in may treatments day I wish I could have a person like you to share my feelings because you are so amazing.

  13. Pulling for you fellow cancer warrior! Waiting to get results can be hard. So happy that it is shrinking. Know that you are not alone! You have an army of cancer warriors pulling for you!❤️❤️❤️

  14. Stay strong and focused, you have an amazing approach to all you are going through, as does your handsome man. There's a lot of love around you. Thank you for sharing so honestly with us. Take care, Beth, UK xx

  15. SUPER DUPER NEWS!! Thanks for sharing. Question….where is your puppy? What kind is he/she? Name? Saw pup on your Instagram page….love dogs…I have 3 little ones. Take care from your Peg Pal.

  16. I am delighted you got good results. I have just come across your channel today and have watched all your vids/vlogs. Wishing you a quick recovery! You are going to help so many people by sharing your journey.

  17. I'm so happy hearing that the chemo is working. I've been praying for you since you started your vlog. You are also blessed having such a wonderful boyfriend being by you side. God bless you both and keep strong!!! 😃

  18. That's great news! Happy for you! Also that's soooo true what you said about the first meal after chemo haha

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