1. Awareness explanation on TV regarding diseases is a waste of time sugar is not a diseases it is man made deadly disease has no cure today not a single person is cured through explanation only God can saves and protect you from all diseases and illness so respect to God and holy books respect to all religions do good deeds always God is most merciful glorious of all free from all sins today no respect to God and holy books no good deeds always likes money that is the reason people are suffering from chronic diseases illness storms cyclones tarnodos earth quakes calamity floods stress unemployment unhealthy foods radiation pollution toxic fertilizers ect remember only God can saves you from all the above problems

  2. Breakfast: ragi java

    Lunch: sprouts +onions +tomatoes + cucumber + carrots + lemon juice + salt to tast , yogurt one cup

    Snack: any fruit & nuts

    Dinner: 2 chapathi, small bowl of rice or millets, one cup of vegetables curry, one cup of any beans or lentils curry with ghee

    Ila food design chesukoni thinandi health ki chala manchidi.

    Andaru em thinali ani confuse avuthunnaru , vallakosame ee food plan.

    Beans and lentils place lo non- veg kuda add chesukovachu

  3. Very Impressive and realistic suggestions Dr Sarala. Very much appreciated for your Time and valuable ideas sharing with public

  4. Un polished organic miltes koralu70.samalu 90.vudhalu 90.arikalu 95.andukoral350.Thatti bellam 320.Raggirekku 230.వెర్రి నువ్వులు 1kg110.వెర్రి నువ్వులు అయిల్ 1lit 680.All itmes Transport available TS/AP. cell:9440654451.6302726015

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