Healthy Summer Meal Ideas | What we eat in a week

Healthy Summer Meal Ideas | What we eat in a week

hey everyone its Lisa from the log farmhouse on and today I want to share with you five healthy summer meal ideas so this is gonna be one of my what we eat in a week videos I've done these before that I've had a ton of requests for more but because of the nature of these videos and how difficult they are to make getting my camera out during meal time naturally I put it off but I'm going to try to start doing it a little bit more often I will leave links in the description below for all my other what we eat in a week videos in case you want to see some more dinner ideas lunch ideas and I even did one for breakfast again let me know in the comments if you really enjoy these I'm gonna need quite a bit of encouragement to keep doing them because I'm telling you they're difficult however I know that they're helpful because it's really nice to take a peek into other families and just see what it is that they make get some new ideas and fresh perspective I love watching those because I find that I like to make the same things over and over usually I put a little spin on things with the season so if it's summer I'm gonna add a ton of fresh herbs tomatoes cucumbers zucchini all of those fresh greens and ingredients that you can access so easily at local farmers markets or in your own garden and then in the winter time you know it'll Center more around those hearty er root vegetables like carrots sweet potatoes and some of the squashes like pumpkin and acorn squash burn squash so that is typically how it flows so I'm usually just kind of creating a variation of meat and vegetables and fruits kind of what we focus on I do throw in some grains with sourdough as you all know if you follow along with me but it will definitely kind of ebb and flow with the seasons that I don't love making recipes or more of a throw it together kind of girl so I try hard on my blog to come up with actual recipes for you guys because I know that some of you really love that this some of you just like to see how I throw things together so this post is also going to be on the blog I'm gonna have everything written out with the ingredients in the approximate measurements so that you can make these in your own family maybe save them to Pinterest that you can revisit them if you have a board where you like to sort of get those seasonable ideas and meal planning okay with these lunch ideas and you want to point out that if you aren't on the go person we are not my husband and I both work this blog full-time and so we're home three times a day for meals but if you're only go person you can make some of my sourdough English muffins sourdough bread sourdough tortillas and throw any of these things into those to make it more mobile now also in my meals I like to keep similar themes so if one week say I bought a pack of lemons then I want to put lemons in most everything for the week or if there was a bunch of the zucchini at the farmers market or cucumber there will be cucumbers zucchini avocados fresh cilantro lemon in everything so that way I can use up those ingredients they all brighten the flavor how kind of similar feel to them so you can add them to similar meals I've also mentioned this before but some of my favorite side dishes that require no pre-planning is sauerkraut which that of course required pre-planning long before that time but it's then always available in the fridge so to make up a huge batch of sauerkraut you can pull it out of every meal or pickles another thing my kids love fermented you make it once and then you can constantly pull it out with each meal and not have to think okay what citations are going to bake that I have to actually cook and prepare it so four minute vegetables and ripe avocado are side dishes that happen with almost all meals because they're so easy on you to cut up the avocado pull up for new vegetables out of the fridge and then you have something to kind of bulk up a meal if say you would only thought of the main dish and then in the summer and spring fresh salad can go with everything okay so for the first day I started by putting a whole chicken in the instant pot now I will put this in for 90 minutes if it's frozen 60 minutes if it is thawed with a cup of water on high pressure then I'll just let it go so we're going to be out for the morning it'll flip to the warm setting that's totally fine sometimes I'll be using right away of just depending now I mentioned you in a recent video we love chicken salad and we do a lot of different variations so this time we did more of a Southwest chicken salad so I use some fresh bell peppers and some red onions now for the kids if you chop them really really tiny so I chop them just as tiny as I possibly can once it's all mixed together if your kids are a little bit squeamish of onions because my kids they like certain vegetables especially cooked raw onions is sometimes where they draw the line but I can tell you that they did not pick around them this time because they were super small avocados I added in a little bit of fresh cilantro garlic powder salt some homemade avocado Mayo so I showed you how to do this in a recent tutorial super easy to make it all in a mason jar with an immersion blender I have never had a batch not work out so it's just one of those things you can whip it up right before a meal and not even you know waste time getting food on the table and then I add some crumbled bacon now I'll reserve the rest of the bacon is it only used a partial of that package for later in the week with another recipe and then also throughout the week to throw in some eggs in the morning to make breakfast just a little bit more tasty now I serve these on top of some of my sourdough English muffins I do have a bread recipe however I almost always go for the English muffins they're just so much faster all you have to do is think about them the night before whereas with the bread it needs a few days to first proof and then rise and I've never got much of a planner so if you're not a planner like me you might use English muffins for your sandwiches and it was a delicious sandwich now for the side as I often do I served it with some fresh greens and topped it with a homemade honey most dressing now for the dressing I just use equal ish parts of mayo mustard and then not quite equal parts of honey I also add a drop of lemon essential oil it just gives it sort of a bright flavor and then some salt and pepper and a little bit of garlic powder I do have one on the blog I'll link it below if you want the exact measurements super easy dressing we whip it up right before meal time all the time kids love it we love it it's perfect all right now after cooking that little chicken did not clean the instant pot I just added some more bones from the freezer and then the bones from that chicken right directly back to it now whenever I make broth I like to do it right after making a chicken so that there's less washing involved you make a chicken pull it out get all the chicken off the bones and then put the bones back in and then whatever other bones have you preserved fill it with filtered water and you can make bone broth right there your instant pot which you can use for a later meal that week you can make some soup all right day two I cooked some salmon in a glass baking dish on 400 degrees for 15 minutes just sprinkled it with some salt and avocados and lemon juice now I like to use avocado oil or butter and baking just because they have a higher smoke point than olive oil I also use coconut oil for fish I don't really love coconut oil with it so I just use avocado oil and then I topped it with some lemon dill yogurt sauce now basically what I do for that is mixed together some plain yogurt salt pepper and garlic powder lemon juice chopped fresh dill or if you don't have access to that you can also just use the dried herb chopped up cucumbers again the key if you're wanting your kids eat this and they're not huge cucumber fans is to chop them as small as possible makes a delicious sauce for fish Jazz's things up this is something I used to make all the time and kind of completely forgot about it recently I thought of it again and the kids had forgotten about it too was one of those things that it's just been that long but I'm glad to have it back in the rotation okay night three this is something that I just kind of whipped up hadn't really given it any thought before my daughter actually was the one who had the main idea for it one night I was going to make meatloaf so let's do something Mexican so usually when we do that we will just cut up some onions peppers saute em then I cook some ground beef and add in minced garlic now I like to add in minced garlic while the beef is actually cooking that way the garlic doesn't burn I find that whenever you try to saute garlic with other veggies and just a butter or something and there's no moisture content they get really crispy and burned then the kids can crunch down my garlic and they don't like that much so I put minced garlic in while cooking beef before it's fully cooked that way it flavors the whole thing I got salt and pepper and it makes some very delicious beef a lot of times I'll throw in some fresh lime juice there's limes on hand or lemon either citrus really accents that flavor and then I cooked on the side some peeled diced sweet potatoes getting coconut oil now with my crispy potatoes in the cast iron skillet all the rules are different than with sweet potatoes I find that sweet potatoes just want to burn if you cook them the same way she cook regular potatoes we don't really get can I speak now you can correct me if you've found the way to do that I personally have not so usually I'll just throw the lid on and allow them just to get soft they do not get crispy but the kids love them usually we just throw super tender straight in the oven and have baked sweet potatoes every once in a while do a little bit of extra effort because it just is so tasty especially with the dish like this now my husband and I for this meal we put a bed of lettuce down with some of the homemade honey mustard that again I'm going to be using all throughout the week so that I can use that up being that I'm care throughout added the beef the onions the peppers and super tunas on top and then some fresh avocado and sauerkraut and made it a salad now the kids they do not like that kind of food combining they eat the beef the sweet potatoes a psycho salad say it's our crack totally fine I like those kind of meals where the kids have an option so that way you can kind of deal with the picky eaters if they don't like a big salad which most kids don't they can do it that way all right now Dave for we did a tuna salad this is something that honestly we have burned ourselves on whenever I first found this recipe I actually found this recipe on a different blog I was trying to incorporate more fish in my family's diet so I was searching for some tuna salad ideas and I came across the swimming pool when we found it we made it like way too many times in a row and we burnt out however I did want to show it to you guys because we did loved it for so long and my kids did eat it again but we'd probably be visiting it again for a while I used the wild planet tuna so I did a little research was looking for the best brand and make sure it wasn't the EPA and the liner and all that kind of stuff this is what I found and so I've been ordering it off of Amazon by the 12-pack I will leave a link in the description below to the one that I found to be the best price and the best tuna and mixed it up with some cilantro fresh lemon juice olive oil salt pepper garlic powder avocado red onion and cucumber it's very light dish you can serve it alongside some fresh fruit and it's a great thing to whip up if you've been out of the house all day and you have nothing planned you can pull that canned tuna right out of a pantry and just start throwing together all the ingredients I've definitely made it to where we didn't have all the ingredients on hand so I've thrown celery in place of the cucumber so that kind of acts that fresh ingredient and we didn't have that I've added lime juice and scent of lemon you know the citrus still works you can definitely play around with it but it's very fresh and light again it might be delicious on a sorrow English muffin or sourdough tortilla you want a cold lunch to bring on-the-go but it's really delicious just don't make it every day for several weeks and your kids might like it for a little bit longer than my kids day and day five this will not feel like a summer meal it is not a summer meal it is soup however we like to keep consuming homemade bone broth even through the summer months and this is just the best way to get it done because there's a lot of recipes you could cook some quinoa and broth but you just don't end up using up the amount that you've ended up getting from all the chicken bones recently I started coming up with this idea of making a creamy chicken soup so basically I make my usual chicken soup which is all the veggies carrots celery onions fresh garlic fresh herbs and frozen green beans simmered in that homemade bone broth and once it's all cooked and everything's nice and soft at the very end I add in the chicken from earlier in the week with the chicken salad let it cook a little bit longer add in some salt pepper maybe some more fresh herbs and then I stir in a bunch of sour cream and shredded cheddar cheese and the topic with a little bit of crumbled bacon so this definitely makes it a little bit more decadent and palatable if your kids don't love bone broth they will devour this now of course if you want to make it a little bit lighter you could leave out the sour cream the cheese and the bacon but my kids absolutely devour it whenever I make it this way they eat tons of vegetables tons of bone broth and at least those ending ingredients like the sacrum the cheese they kind of cooled down that broth so I'll pull this piping hot pot off of the stove and then I'll plate it up to each kid and then stir in a whole bunch of sour cream and cheese and then it's a little now a lot of times – we'll top it with some fresh avocado once it's a little bit cooler yet you could also throw on some sauerkraut now you don't really want to cook the sauerkraut so wait till it cools a bit but it is delicious and you could serve it next to a salad if you want to do kind of the soup and salad lunch theme so good I mean it is one of our favorite meals usually it fits in the middle of the summer we haven't had to turn the air conditioner on just yet because it's been nice and cool but if it's in the middle of summer you can crank that AC up get the temperature down and just feast on some soup definitely definitely done that last summer I remember doing that in August like okay guys I'm gonna turn it down to seven because usually we keep it closer to 78 and we can have some soup and not sweat to that all right well there is five healthy summer meal ideas I hope these were helpful for you again this is the blog if you want to save some of these recipes and keep them in your recipe database wherever you stay organized I'm not sure and I hope that you enjoyed this video let me know in the comments below – I'm gonna make more of these I really hoped and planned to and getting the camera out during mealtimes isn't the most fun but I know it's helpful and I'm always glad once I get these kind of videos done alright well if you are branded in my channel hit that subscribe button I make two new videos every week on food from scratch naturally making a handmade home thank you so much for stopping by the farmhouse


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