1. Myth: If Jaraxxus triggers Explosive Runes and is killed by this secret, you will fucking die

  2. Mimiron's head's Text: Turns all mechs into Voltron if you have at least 2 + mimiron
    Reality: Destroy all friendly mechs and summon Voltron if you have at least 2 + mimiron

  3. I love how Hysteira always presents these interactions as "Even though it directly contradicts this, its totally not a bug, its an experiment."

  4. For anyone who cares about the holy nova interaction: on some cards, blizzard does this thing where they can't excessively kill you if the game already thinks you're dead (see an example where 7 rags on board, but only 4 will hit your face, with the other three not going through their animation). This is to make games faster, bc the animations don't go off, but that means that this interaction actually happens

  5. Jaaajjj. The first one is because Jaraxxus replaces your hero with a 15 hp Lord Jaraxxus, not with himself.

  6. Can jepetto draw jarraxus, and still have jrax give you 15 health? I know with the paladin secret he can be put to 1 health but idk if that's still an interaction anymore

  7. The second one is a problem with Corridor Creeper, not Hunting Party. Azalina can't copy its discount either, but either will copy discounts applied by other cards like Thaurissan and Hatchling. Jumbo Imp's discount also can't be copied.

  8. I guess Blizzard didn't want to make us wait for the reactions of overkilling a hero (like multiple ragnaros don't fire if you have minus health) however couldn't thought about reactions like the one you performed at the end with the holynova 🤣

  9. Let me just quote a blizzard blue post out of context for comedy:

    "… the cards are acting correctly and consistent with how Hearthstone has always worked. If you come across something that doesn't follow these rules, please feel free to report it and we can look into it or explain what is going on… -Rolkyr"

  10. @HysteriA the mana reduction on the creeper do not get copied, but beasts with cost reduced by helpless hatchling will get copied. I think I saw this in one of MarkMcKz's combos.

  11. We learn more and more about Hearthstone on these videos. Some interactions are too crazy to believe.

  12. Wait, so saboteured Bloodbloom does damage you, unless it will kill you? That's kind of a broken interaction

  13. I didn’t know that was even possible… but anyway you could’ve used that 3/4 transforming guy to see if the health turned 4…………..

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