HELPING THE DISABLED: Is the Canadian Health Care system providing enough support?

HELPING THE DISABLED: Is the Canadian Health Care system providing enough support?

yeah I see you came here she was assessed the kind of care that was required was was excessive in a way because she lacks a lot of my brain she's lying she's seriously brain injured she's nonverbal she's part of preaching so she's complex care and they recognized that she was complex care um they determined that she was a – they also assessed that as an adult she needed some independence from the family who are doing everything for her we did all our feeding we do all our medical procedures and they wanted to ensure that in the event that my daughter and I were a main care as here were incapacitated that she would then be taken care of they provided a wheelchair accessible for her they provided an annex that is which are accessible they provided hoists shower chairs baths that raised so that you don't have to lift it down into a bath they provided occupational therapy rooms they provide her diapers and they basically provide her everything that's needed for a complex care before it is here give you so much support because they feel that they too are responsible for the care of a disabled person so as a man Lyman appointee a deputy and her mother so I have the final say in the kind of treatment she ours but the authorities also want to ensure that in the event that I'm unable to do it or my daughter as the secretary Kerry here is unable to help me with the care of Amy they can have a say in how she moves forward with her care it's very important that they do this to ensure that there's no abuse that goes on in households and to ensure that the best interest of the disabled person is taken into consideration so it's not about me looking after Emmie it's about Emmie it in the kind of care that they feel is necessary with a complexity of of her condition like to say that I love Canada and I loved our time there and of course I'm a I'm a Welsh lady so I love being in Wales but I think the Canadian health system has a lot to learn from other countries I thought living in that part of the world that the treatment we were getting was the best we could get since coming home here I realized that it wasn't not anywhere close and I think that they wouldn't do badly to just look at places like Wales England various parts of Britain and other countries maybe and just see the module they using and see if they couldn't pick up a few things from that it might help a lot of people


  1. Our socialized system is absolutely abysmal. But then again, everyone knows that government run anything is inefficient, ineffective, waist full, inept, and full of overpaid unionized government “workers”

  2. Canada gives 10 million cad to convicted terrorist/murderer! But when it comes to actual Canadians/military you can get lost? The left/liberalism will get a rude awakening soon enough!

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