Herbalife 24 Workout Nutrition

Herbalife 24 Workout Nutrition

good morning guys so here I am again in my kitchen serve at some seven o'clock Friday morning TGI Friday yeah so I'm just here to actually give you guys a quick sort of um picture of what the herbalife24 line has in Hong Kong because you can tell I'm all dressed up ready to go to the gym yes so before I hit the gym right while I was pouring my energy drinking to my bottle that's the key why don't I just do a quick video and share what kind of sports line products I have with you guys right all right so I stacked up a little bit on some of the UM the hobo live sports line products over here to show you guys quickly what I take and yeah before GM and after gym so here we have the whole life hydrate right so basically the box of this comes with 20 sachets or from hydrate drinks powders basically each of them is about this big is actually quite small but it's enough for you to mix it into water so I usually carry about this is like 800 700 800 meal of water with me in my beautiful Herbalife sports line sports drink bottle right and a Miss a sachet of this with about seven seven eight hundred year war scene here so he ever really got one that's opened up and I was I'm pouring in halfway so I might just finished that so you guys can see the powder form it's quite nice and pure and it provides your body with the right amount of um electrolytes that your body means and if you're worried about the sugar content its I should very low it's only one gram or 1 point 5 gram of sugar in there so comparing to the sports drinks that you get outside this is actually a lot the sugar level is a lot lower actually so you don't have to worry about that and it tastes great as long when you mix it up with them the right amount of water obviously you don't mix a sachet of this with only 200 ml water right that just doesn't make sense so I generally drink this before my workout or during my workout of course you can drink it after your workout too just to replenish your body with the you know the sodium and electrolytes that's lost in your body as well and mixed up with them I've really got water in here so I'm just sort of cat back home so shake a little bit yeah so I'm gonna bring that with me and next what I pack with me – Jim all right I might just go by the order rate next in line we have Formula One sports so this is actually very similar to our normal Formula one healthy meal protein healthy meal powder but the difference is is that it's actually made from whey protein and set out from soy protein right and also it has packed with a lot of um a few other extra ingredients that our body the athletes bodies needs okay I'm still studying about the products and that's right now so I'm still slowly gaining my knowledge but just before I came out a full knowledge and they have you know like a long period or phone a long period of like product training for line product using experience I just want to quickly share with you guys what I'm gaining what kind of experiences I'm feeling and how I feel how I use this products right now as I'm learning and going along okay so Formula one and take this sometimes before my workout so same as the normal formula one you know you do two scoops and you mix a bit fruit water or milk or skim milk or anything like that so you can see the Pamela for ms.whiting here it makes you shake quite frothy and thick as well and it's very yummy and right now it's only available in vanilla flavor yeah so so that's Formula One that's pre basically well they suggest you to take that before you workout but obviously you can you know take it as a meal shake as well and the star of the line for now is rebuild strength yeah that's my favorite so it comes in chocolate flavor but the chocolate flavor is really light and it's actually quite tasty so it's not too heavy on the chocolate and it's just I have to sweetness is that she's just right and it's actually quite modeled so I find this rebuild strength chocolate shake and quite some quite pleasant to have so I usually mix one scoop of our real strength chocolate with a scoop or from f1 vanilla and that means you like an absolutely beautiful beautiful shape I'm almost out of powder you can see how much I'm take so the color of is actually providing some light so it's not only super dark chocolate you can see it's kind of tinted with a bit of the chocolate brown look right mmm and it's a big scoop and each screen contains I mean each serving contains about 25 grams of protein and it's also packed with a lot of them vitamin aloe vitamin baby you know a lot of I am and what else a few other extra stuff the athlete's body and most of people who work out a lot our bodies need right and you take this after your workouts of course you can take it before as well for the days that you feel like I need in a bit of extra carbohydrate yes it's cut it's packed with some carbohydrates as well if you feel like your body needs a tional carbohydrates or you know an extra you know extra protein your body then you can actually you know play around with the different products as well you don't always have to stick to the f1 or the normal f1 and those so they the sugar content in each serving is actually quite low as well so the sugar content is about only 15 grams yeah yet 14 Ashley even more 14 grams of sugar so it's a little bit higher than the normal meal replacement but it's actually still quite low if they want to compare it with the commercial the commercial protein powders they sell outside so this is absolutely my favorite I usually pack about two scoops of rebuild and put it in my favorite smash acre 24 smash it yeah if you guys want to order one of these or a couple days let me know because I can get you guys a special price on that because you can't order this in Hong Kong it's only available overseas so this smashing is actually quite awesome you know you have your 400 meal or from the normal sort of little shaker cup right it's nice and cute right and underneath you don't unscrew that and this layer here is where I pack my powder so I generally put like two scoops or one scoop of f1 and then one scoop of my rebuild and I pack my power in here so it separates from the main compartment I screwed up back home so I can still go about watering there and drink my water in the gym and then when I finish my workout when it's time to drink my shake you know I screwed up poured a powder in and then you know mix it with water the milk and then shakes your shake although that's my beautiful yummy post-workout protein shake all right and I'm just gonna insert the main compartment and then you see what the inside is like so it's got this little shaker and net system here that helps the young the whole movement going the whole shaking thing Gary and also this one also comes from another compartment of course we quickly show you if I can find it all right so it comes in three tiers basically another one it's like this so this is where you can actually put your supplements and your tablets in there so before they do it's got a little petition rates or four little compartments and you can actually screw that all to the main Cup so that becomes your weight first tier and then screwed the powder one on second tier yeah there you have the complete sort of like big cup you can carry around with you I usually carry – so my sports drink one by normal water bottle and also my smashed shaker with me to the gym and I'm just want to quickly show you guys some extra stuff that you need okay so the times that you might get really hungry so you should have pack a couple of there's some protein bars with me on the protein bars coming Triss lemon flavor or my favorite that's the almond chocolate one right so that other wasn't a solid and the taste it's very similar to a mars bar so I'm carrying one of these with me or fill these with me just to reveal my body during workout or after workout when you're still hungry so take one of these with me and very quickly before I go I'll show you this other mule replacement by our order from UK you come to see you can't get this in Hong Kong just yet hopefully they will launch this first soon so this is sort of like them you can get as you USA is wrong so it comes in chocolate cookies and cream or cookies cookies chocolate flavors or rasp directly like a raspberry yogurt flavor yep so this to our various Sala and events and when you eat one of these it's pretty much like a meal or like a f-1 shake in a bar and so also having one of these and then you get so full you don't even feel like eating anything so if you want to go if you actually don't have the access to water or to like your shake powder you can actually tack on the base so you know if you guys have you know people friends family relatives living in the US or UK you know you can definitely order this online and just ship them to your family and friends house and get them to bring back to Hong Kong food right just something different to try overseas but hopefully they will launch this in Hong Kong very soon all right so I think it's time for me to put the chin all right we're gonna pack my lovely shaker bottle I'm a water bottle to gin and I'll see you guys later bye


  1. Is there any way to avail herbalife 24 liner products in India through import service through some authorised herbalife distributor from overseas so these products are not yet launched in india

  2. Dear very nice but cn my Hubby take the Herbalife 24 to rebuild his strength as he is whole day out in d Sun as His Comany wt the Government have given them to manage the bustops n by the time he comes home he is dead tired . So i thought of making him Hv the Herbalife 24 as there is lot of stress

  3. Hello my name is henry i would like to know whats the link to get you small smart shakers from ive been looking for thoes for a long time and can't seem to find them anywhere. You can email me at [email protected] thanks!!!!!

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