Hidden Gallbladder Symptoms

Hidden Gallbladder Symptoms

Hey, Dr. Berg here. In this video, we're going to talk about the
hidden gallbladder symptoms. Now what is the gallbladder? It's a little sac that holds bile, B-I-L-E,
underneath the liver. Now bile is like the detergent that dissolves
the grease and the fats in your body. It helps with digestion. It helps absorb certain good elements from
the fat that you eat. It's made by the liver. A lot of times people are told that the gallbladder
is an extra organ, you don't need it. You need this gallbladder and you need it
to function. These are all the symptoms that can occur. Number one, you're going to get bloating. You're going to get belching. You're going to get burping. That is a gallbladder problem. You'll have a low thyroid. Why? Because the thyroid hormones actually become
activated, workable through the liver and the gallbladder. Without a good gallbladder or enough bile,
you can't convert T4 to T3. T4, which is an inactive thyroid to T3, which
is the active version. Here you are taking thyroid medication, it's
not working, you're not losing weight, you're not getting energy, because it's a secondary
thyroid primary gallbladder. Now if you don't have a gallbladder, then
you know that's the reason. That means that you need to take some bile. Get some bile as a supplement and that way
you can replace it so you can start converting that thyroid. The next one is toxins. The bile is filled with a lot of toxic waste
from the liver. It's kind of like an exit route of toxins
throughout the body. The liver breaks down the chemicals and the
bile helps flush it out. Toxin detoxification occurs through this method. Without this gallbladder, you will become
more toxic. That's why when you do gallbladder flushes,
you see all this bile that comes out. People thinks those are stones, those are
not stones, that's just green bile. Then all of a sudden you become deficient. I don't recommend doing that flush because
you're just going to flush out the bile that you need. Then it's not going to really solve anything
long-term. Not satisfied after a meal. If you eat a meal and you feel like you need
a little something extra, a little sweet or something, you don't have the bile to pull
out the fats, break down the fats to help satisfy your brain, and you are never satisfied,
so you have to keep eating a little bit more after you eat. That would be a symptom of low bile. Next one, high cholesterol. Bile is needed to regulate cholesterol. Without bile, your cholesterol will start
going higher. Another important point. Now the next one is constipation, because
the bile is also a lubricant of the colon. Without that lubrication, everything kind
of goes real slow. Next one, low fat soluble vitamins. Vitamin A, D, E, K1, and K2. These are all really important vitamins for
the eye, for the sinuses, for the sex hormones, for the vitamin D calcium regulation, K1 normal
prevention of bruising, and then K2 is the transport of calcium. Without K2, you'll get things like high blood
pressure, hardening of the arteries, a lot of soft tissue calcium, and osteoporosis,
all because maybe you didn't have enough bile. You need this bile to actually help absorb
all these key nutrients. If you're driving at night and you can't see
in the dark, that's night blindness, that's a classic vitamin A deficiency, but it won't
work because you might not have the bile to absorb it. Right shoulder pain, sometimes back right
through here, this muscle right there, and in the back of your scapula. Why? Because, the gallbladder will refer pain up
into the right side. Because, your liver and gallbladder is right
here and it can go right in the back, upper back, anywhere in this whole area right here,
even down to the hand, up into the neck, that's a symptom of a gallbladder issue because maybe
you don't have enough bile. Headaches, especially if they're on the right
side, jaw pain on the right side, back here, that's a gallbladder issue as well because
there's a nerve that goes right from here all the way up to the right side and if there's
pressure here, bloating, it's going to put pressure right through here. These are just hidden things that are going
on with this gallbladder. You can actually take purified bile salts
as a supplement to actually substitute what you're missing to help build this thing up
to help you with these symptoms. Again, we want to get to the cause of the
problem, we don't want to treat these separately like most people do. We want to understand the why behind the symptom.


  1. Damn this may be my problem but not entirely sure dont have the head pain but my ultrasound was fine other than polyps in my gallbladder ive been in a lot of pain though

  2. Will the location of this nerve cause pseudo right molar tooth pains and right side lymphatic blockage?

  3. This is the first time any fucking doctor has mentioned about not feeling satisfied after meals as a genuine symptom and what it's related to

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  5. I'm being told to have my gall bladder removed! Told it's Not needed? So I will end up a total mess if it's removed? Please respond. Thanks

  6. Where can I get Bile salts,I am living in Holland, the doctor never talked about it,I have allthe symtomps,(sorry for my grammar), do I need a recept from a doctor or is it in a health store?I have no galbladder and I have Hashimoto.

  7. Dr Berg, great video! Taking supplements for symptoms not lab-tested is almost always a huge waste of money which never addresses the actual problem. Dr Berg, can any of these systems you speak of here be lab-tested to confirm the actual problem and more important, if benefit can be had and symptom improved with these what exact tests can be ran?

  8. Great videos – thank you!! I am having so many of these symptoms. My doctor has ordered a gallstone check. Your explanations are so simple and detailed. Makes a lot of sense. Thank you so much!!!

  9. I have polyps in the gallbladder..i burp a lot..i do get lots of migraines irregular heartbeats..pain in the jaw but all in the left side

  10. Wow you have solved my mystery of what's going on with me!! I am so glad to have access to a real doctors information, as opposed to an agenda driven, big Pharma sales whore..like most or many doctors. Thank you for being a good goddamn person.

  11. So bad for years!!! Right side of my skull goes numb! 10s of thousands of dollars in therapy! Many suicidal hours!

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