Highlights – UCLA Research Conference on Aging 2019 | UCLA Health Geriatric Medicine

Highlights - UCLA Research Conference on Aging 2019 | UCLA Health Geriatric Medicine

The Research Conference on Aging is the
one time each year when we gather people from across the campus present exciting
new research that's being conducted by a variety of different disciplines the
Research Conference on Aging is a wonderful opportunity for the academics
to interact with the community that we're here to serve as well as all of
our learners both on this campus and on campuses throughout Southern California
a venue like this really gives us a chance to showcase the exciting research
that is being done at UCLA in the field of Aging dementia caregivers resilience,
sleep these are very important areas and helps
that a lot of the people we care for in the health system are interested in and
they deserve to know what's the latest and most cutting-edge research that's
happening right here at UCLA. The conference began 24 years ago there
wasn't all that much research going on now it's considerably larger the type of
research is more diverse and the people who are conducting the research are not
only from UCLA but from other schools in Southern California area the students
have always impressed me with their amazing enthusiasm. They ask questions
that are incredibly insightful because they're able to see things that none of
the rest of us can see. It's important to attend the Research Conference on Aging
for a variety of reasons. First is to learn about new developments in aging
and how to improve the quality of life with aging. Second is to really do some
networking to see people and meet people who are conducting similar kind
of work to yourself and be able to collaborate with them and learn about
what they're doing as well. judging is fun because people are so excited to talk
about the work that they've done. There's many hours that have been
devoted to doing this and it's a great opportunity to talk to some of these new
researchers on aging and they're our future researchers, our future doctors.
They’re our future teachers mentoring students in the area of aging. Research is the
most rewarding experience that academic researchers like me can participate in.
It's been a wonderful experience to see that glint in their eyes when they first
discover their exciting results and to see them present here in this conference
it's really an exciting things for us who have ventured them to this point.

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