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– Hey guys. I’m back in the kitchen this afternoon and I am making my Instant Pot stock from the chicken bones,
’cause we ate all the meat from the chicken that I roasted yesterday. So the chicken bones and the backbone, plus all kinds of veggies. I’ve got fennel and carrot and onion, garlic, celery, leek, yum. And basically the Instant
Pot is kind of the best way to make a quick stock, something that on the
stove would normally take sometimes like 12 hours if you want a really
rich and robust broth. In the Instant Pot,
you’re really only taking like 45 minutes to an hour. I’m definitely gonna
cook mine an hour though. And in addition to just whatever
veggies you have on hand, like I said, carrot, celery,
onion is kind of the staple, but I added fennel and
leek and ginger to mine because I want it to be really aromatic. I have black peppercorns and I also have some dried bay leaves. That’s also just really
adding those aromatic flavors and then also a little bit of kosher salt. Just a couple teaspoons worth. You can always season
your broth more after. And you can do a completely
unsalted stock, too. You don’t have to do
any salt in it at all. So basically from here,
I’m gonna add water till it covers everything up. Obviously on your Instant Pots, there’s gonna be a max fill line and you wanna adhere to that. So I’ve got my water in the Instant Pot with all of my other goodies and I’ve got my water level
up to that max fill line. So I just wanna show
you what that looks like before I cook it. Doesn’t that look so nice you guys? Mmm. You see the ginger and the turmeric root, those garlic cloves, all the components. So I’ve set my Instant
Pot to high pressure to cook for an hour. Definitely make sure
that your vent is sealed. I know that’s like every pressure cooker and Instant Pot owner knows,
but I just have to say it. Then just let it do its thing for an hour and I promise you, your stock
is going to be delicious and you’re using your Instant Pot! Isn’t that what everybody wants, really? Yes they do. So while I wait on my Instant
Pot stock to finish cooking, I think I’m gonna go for a walk because my takeaway from day three of working from home/social
distancing/quarantine is I need more balance. Yeah. So I’m going for a walk. And then I’ll check back
in with you when I’m done.

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