How BioBizz Nutrients make plants healthy | An overview by Greens Hydroponics

How BioBizz Nutrients make plants healthy | An overview by Greens Hydroponics

we're always on the lookout for the best nutrients for your plants the biobus range is fully organic we're going to demonstrate there liquid fertilizers stimulants and strengtheners we'd recommend their organic products our use with soil or cocoa based grow systems we've had particularly good feedback from growers who have combined bio busines treants with plugger on bat mix bio bees also produce this excellent feed guide for use with their nutrients root juice is formulated for optimal root development in the early stages of the plant growth the stronger the plant's root network the more nutrients it can absorb bio heaven is an amino acid based energy booster and can be used throughout the vegetative and flowering stages of your grow it is a performance-enhancing compound not essential to the crop but some growers have reported beneficial results bio grow is a complete growth fertilizer that you would use as soon as the first leaves appear and continue to apply until the end of fruit production it's based on 100% organic dutch sugar beet extract and growers report an excellent response in the crop alga m'q is formulated from high-grade organic seaweed without the use of chemical solvents it helps to release stress and increase chlorophyll levels allowing your crop to grow more effectively it's best used throughout the flowering stage it can also be used as a foliar spray it has excellent grower feedback bio bloom is best used throughout the flowering stage in addition to phosphorus and potassium the main engines of the flowering stage bio balloon contains trace elements and hormones of vegetable origin in addition to enzymes and amino acids a combination which has led to strong positive feedback from growers top max is a flowering stimulant with three main functions increasing the size of flower clusters aiding the uptake of nutrients and all importantly creating a sweet smooth taste in your crop best used throughout the flowering stage and we've had a lot of positive feedback from growers fish mix is an excellent fertilizer it's an infusion of North Sea fish emulsion and extract of Dutch sugar beets it stimulates bacterial flora in your growth substrate which in turn accelerates growth it's also quite pungent please use it in well-ventilated areas growers who have reports strong results in their crop leaf coat has been developed from natural latex to create a very thin elastic coating around the leaves of your plants this enables them to resist pests and diseases whilst remaining permeable for the all-important passage of air and light best results have been reported when leash coat is delivered using the supplied atomizer we hope you've enjoyed this tour of biobus organic liquids please subscribe as we're always uploading fresh information to keep you growing strong


  1. I want to trust it but to me it just dosent look organic . If I use it looks like I would have to do a lot of flushing a lot more than usual but I'm just unsure about it can someone please help me and tell me if I gives good results??

  2. BioBizz do a fantastic range of nutrients for those who want to grow organically: BioBizz Nutrients #hydroponics #plants #organics

  3. BioBizz all organic plant nutrients and additives are perfect for use in soil and coco growing mediums. Offering a comprehensive range of products, BioBizz have firmly established themselves as a quality manufacturer.

    We've stocked BioBizz nutrients and additives for many years and have heard nothing but positive feedback from our regular customers and growers.

    This video gives an easy to digest overview of their product range. We hope it's useful!

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