How do Carbohydrates impact our Health? | #aumsum

How do Carbohydrates impact our Health? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time. How do Carbohydrates impact our Health? They make me look handsome. Naahhh. When we eat carbohydrates. They are broken down into glucose which is
absorbed into our bloodstream. On detecting glucose, the pancreas releases
a hormone called insulin. Insulin tells our cells to open and let glucose
in so that it can be used as energy. However, consuming excessive amounts of carbohydrates
causes the blood glucose level to spike. Thus triggering pancreas to release more insulin. If this continues over a period of time. The cells stop responding to insulin. As a result, glucose begins to buildup in
our bloodstream. Thus leading to various health related diseases. Now, glycemic index is a measure that ranks
carbohydrate-containing foods. According to their effect on blood glucose
levels. Foods low on glycemic index are broken down
slowly. Hence, the blood glucose level remains stable. Thus lowering the risk of diabetes, aiding
in weight loss, etc. Examples of such foods include cashews, apples, lentils, etc.


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