How healthy is New York City tap water

How healthy is New York City tap water

what I put up party people in the place to be Dida moustachio wanted to do a water test for you guys as you can tell my channel is very well well rounded it's not just music it's not just tech it's whatever I didn't feel like it and right now I want to show you guys it's amazing cool water things I got I got a water tester and you can get on Amazon for like 16 bucks I got this one they have another one that I was going to get but then I realized in the comments people were saying they liked this one also has temperature and that's key because if you're doing like some super hardcore testing which it's not really necessary for people just want to do basic testing but it's nice to know what the temperature the water may be if you're trying to get really like you know precise precise trying to find that board and so ah not only am i DJ and not only do I love technology but I also am fanatical about health like super fanatical about it and water is really important to me so my roommate and I we we decided to put some money together and we got a reverse osmosis system this is called the Aqua 4 on Amazon it's probably the best one you can get it doesn't have the pressure and it actually saves it'll save you more water than than you're wasting because what happens was for this to process you know reverse osmosis it has to filter out this the regular water that you're drinking the tap water and then it just it basically just gets rid of a lot of it so we had a couple leaks earlier that this pipe was really old so we had to replace that they finally can replace it had been like a year so that's why I have this I had this paper towel here and down here just to make sure there's no leaks I'm gonna leave it overnight like that so but other than that has nothing to do with the the reverse osmosis system this is the drainage pipe where once it filters this goes it throws out all the wasteful water that it did it filtered and it throws it out here into the tube and then it just goes out into the sewage or whatever and then there's another tube like that I think the smaller one that goes all the way up to here and then that's where you can get your your your really amazing refreshed reverse osmosis water so this right here is some water the from the waisted filtered water so it's this is going to be way more toxic than this one which is like regular tap water so we're about to test those right now by the way I had to shoot this video all over again because somebody somebody called minute and it totally messed up the video so I had to I don't really like to edit I like to edit these videos inside the camera itself but that's just I guess you guys already know but anyway so I'm going to turn this on make sure it wiped it out let's see we got this one's been sitting here for a while so it's just regular room-temperature water and let's see what this comes out to this is the the non tab it's it's not tap water it's it's the it's the water that was I guess is the filter tap wat it's the the wasted tap water per se it's like what what the reverse osmosis water throughout so let's see we got it OOP OOP OOP it's on hold so it is at a forty six a whopping forty six that's Maisie toxic water I mean not really but I've seen I was watching some videos online and like some people in certain areas I don't know where they live man I assume like the Midwest do this was like at one 199 147 so I guess for you know for for New York City tap water it's not the end of the world whatever I let's do the do the regular tap water there cuz a lot of people I lived in Texas before a lot of people like New York has the best city water ever and it's technically true because all the other water outside of New York City like in other smaller towns that have worse water it's like you know shitty terrible terrible one all right so let's do this one this is regular tap water it's been sitting here as well it's just regular room temperature not too high not too warm not too cold the cold of the water I've noticed the colder it is like the the better the the number reading so that's probably in about ten seconds dude oh oh wow 41 yeah because it's been sitting it for a minute so let us do the alright this osmosis water I think this is smart water I think I was going to smart water things so can't remember so I'm going to neutralize it and we're going to do the reading right now I think this is going to be a lower reading because it's it's going to be really cold so it's weird like the the warmer warmer you leave it out the reading just goes to like we're just like it becomes a and you know it's it's not as good as a reading so I assume to like you leave water out like that like I said what if I have it on water bottles and I assume it's going to be you know losing minerals or something I don't know so this is the reverse osmosis water the filtered water is what we paid for the filters uh they come in for their in fours and they cost around it's like 180 for all four of them it's that's the cheapest you can get you can get them separately but it's not worth it don't get them separately up there like for like 60 bucks a pop I think the membrane which is the most important one is like 80 bucks so yeah I just buy them altogether save yourself a couple bucks couple dollars let's hold it this is eight uh-huh Wow I assume I wonder if they had to do with the fact that I didn't wash this off either so it's been like it's been using the pass waters but it was at a 7 the last video I did so I am you know never know now let's do the uh let us do the smart water since I have some smart water here and this smart water bottle they've been sitting in my room for like over over a year over like it's like two years to see if there's an expiration date on this and I know they put expirations on water because they have to this is June 13th of 2016 nice ok so it hasn't expired yet it's going to expire in the summer though this June alright so it turns it off turn it back on let us gauge the water we're gonna let it sit there then I'm going to show you guys this graph that I found online that lets you gauge it all you remember is what the tap water was a tap water was at 40 so I want to forget that so there we go hold that this is the smart water and it's at 26 it stayed the same 26 for smart water so smart water is not as smart as as most people thought and you wash this off and put it back in man I used to I used to love smart water but huh I guess maybe the quality is getting worse especially like the fact that it's been sitting my room five over a year but it hasn't it hasn't secondly expired definitely has not expired all right so let's go to the room here right if you guys are looking at my monitor right down it looks a little orange I just got that just downloaded the the flux app it's F dot L u X and it it helps reduce the blue from the monitor and as the night goes on like it'll keep your melatonin nice which is awesome I just downloaded I could have download this like months ago but it's going to like get you ready to go to sleep versus like because if you have too many blue lights it'll keep you awake so yeah that's why my tint looks a little dark and the later it gets the darker it's going to get so it'll be like time for bed alright so I found this membrane TDS rejection percentage calculator and you type in the supply feed of the TDS which is tap water and that was at 41 and then the the RO system was at 8 and I'm going to calculate and while it's at 80 point 48 percent so it busy says indicates your membranes performance play see reverse osmosis membrane once the rejection rate falls below 80% and I'd say within the next month I mean I should I should I should invest and just replace the membrane usually we wait to the end of the year we replaced we installed those filters we installed them in September I think let's September 30th we installed them and it's been about what seven months September October November December January February March April it's only been seven months and it'll be eight months in May or whatever right now it'll be seven months on the 30th of April so I don't know I don't know if it'll last that long whatever I mean it it tastes it tastes fine but you know I'm gonna keep testing because I have this new this water tester so I'm losing my mind of him I'm obsessed with testing everyone every bit of water that I drink if it's hotter or colder so but yeah 80% wow it's so in seven months me and my roommate we already went through we killed that thing dude it's crazy we're not even it's not we're like a five family house whatever actually if you have a got a bigger family and stuff yet you gotta replace that even more but dude it's 200 bucks a pop so it's a hundred bucks a piece if we split it and that's that gets up there dude all for clean water dude who would have thought yeah so I'm gonna post I'm gonna post a link of the aquaphor that I got and you obviously see uh you know cool about these filters is they have you know one of them gives you the vitamin the potassium the vitamin K basically puts in minerals back into the water because the city water takes out all the minerals all the chemicals they use in there to not point not to make sure people aren't poisoned all those things it takes out all the minerals that you're supposed to be getting especially fluoride all that will kill all that I don't know what they use fluoride ooh it sucks but shouldn't make sure it's not leaking no leaks so far no leaks so that noise that you're hearing it's I mean at first you're just like oh it's so annoying but that's a common noise it's going to make its that's basically air coming out hmm little hole right there little exhaust exhaust and you hear it goes away after a minute or two but you know right now for living in New York City this is definitely a great a great way you don't have to spend thousands of dollars because there's there's more commercial methods of you can you can hire a guy and he can like install some in the back of your house it cost like three grand and then he replaced the filters like every year so and they're little more industrial but I'm not going to spend like four grand on a how in a house I don't even look this isn't my house so you know this is this is a good start anyway thank you guys for checking out this video if you guys have any questions whatever is new in the comments and yeah let me know what you think it's just uh you know what we're doing right now in terms of like you know trying to drink healthy water good water that's alkaline good for the body whatever and right now reverse osmosis seems to be the the one that works reverse all move foods alright guys thanks again dismissed a sure sign it out I'll talk to you guys on that next one whose


  1. Putting ro water in anything other than glass to drink it will leach / suck chemicals out of the container. Also water without minerals isn't good to drink all the time..

  2. The bottom of my water distiller after running a few dozen gallons of New York City tap water is absolutely filthy and smells like a sewer. Friend who lives in another neighborhood also has the same experience. New York City tap water may have been clean at one time but it sure isn’t now.

  3. Why didn’t you and your roommate put money together for a Enagic Kangen Water machine which is the top alkaline water purification machine medically certified around the world, made in Japan.

  4. I have a RO system, they are great water filters, I used to drink tap water from faucet when I lived in New York, the water is always cold even in the summer, the TDS it's not bad considered with other places, overhere at fort Lauderdale area the TDS it's about 65ppm.

  5. Ok wtf my tap tds is 473 ppm. My water district website says it has 27 magnesium 103 sodium and says all these chemicals on the list are not regulated. almost a tds of 500 ppm does not seem right to me. Any thoughts?

  6. Hey, so the TDS pretty much just tells us that there is something there and how much in ratio to the water, however doesn't confirm what's there exactly, get a ph test and see if it's acidic or alkaline, that's what directly effects health, if tap water is slightly acidic which is most probably is since it's treated with acidic chemicals, then it's no good, doesn't matter what the ppm is, human blood is ph 7.4 so if you're drinking water that's ph 6.4 you're kidneys and entire body are being strained to bring it back to the alkaline ph level. Doctors and researchers have proved an acidic environment harbors a plethora of diseases. So, look at the American diet, and look at the American diseases. Case closed. Their PH balance is below 7.

  7. The EPA says that anything below 50ppm is considered ideal drinking water. I'm not sure how much research you've actually done on the subject but 46ppm is definitely not anything close to toxic.

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