welcome to another episode of the Dan Locke show as you know every single week I bring you a special guest a successful entrepreneur a heavy hitter and today I have my good friend visiting from Toronto my god Toronto Men's de Monte now this is not just a social-media influencer he's really the the trainer for trainer right we have like the fitness expert for fitness expert and I know like he has a very successful mastermind which I actually be speaking in a couple of days yeah we're so excited to do his high level students right so I'm happy to be there and I say hey man since you're coming to town why not come to my house and just you know have a conversation to be on my show that's an absolute honor this place is just magnificent oh thank you mine's expanded and yeah man you just treated me like a king your team you guys picked me up in the car you guys had the notes prepared for the videos it's just wow you guys are operating on another level good good people here that's how a team works how do we roam right so Vince maybe take us back in the beginning a little bit right like from dais back then like how did you get into business and how did you get me the one you do today yeah sure well I knew nothing about business way back in the day you know I was a nickname skinny Vinnie mm-hmm I was a long-distance runner I was raised in a runner's family yes went to school and I got a degree in exercise science in our University we caught a kinesiology and I was destined to be a high school physics oh wow yeah that's what I was meant to do because you know summers off and hey you're helping kids and it sounded cool you know it'd be a phys ed teacher and uh you know while I was going to school I was also enamored by these dudes I was living with who were buff super muscular remember I was skinny Vinnie yes right and I was really always trying to figure out my identity and thank goodness I had running I was a very competitive long-distance runner I was very good at it I found my identity in even represented Canada and triathlon and went to the World Championships and that's kind of how I gotten through University and through high school and I managed the nicknames but I always had this curiosity with if I transferred sixty to a hundred miles a week of running into the gym what would that look like yeah could I get big it was just the curiosity there's no like can i monetize this can I write an e-book could I make more this we get four yeah it was like improvement right how was it just to get the girls at the front desk and maybe take a second look how's it yes so um I get into the workforce after spending fifty thousand dollars on a university education I'm working for $10 an hour at the age of 22 at a local YMCA five minutes from my house where my dad works out and one of the first things my dad asked me after you know he sees me in the gym every day you know help another gentleman you know do the back extension the same machine he uses is are you gonna be a personal trainer when you're 35 and if there was anybody in my life who I would you know consider those words not as a but as as genuine feedback and a great question to consider it was him yeah and I thought he doesn't believe in this path and I quickly realized it wasn't his job to believe in me because nobody had ever gone down this path there was no playbook for being a true a personal trainer at the time did he feel like that's not a real career yeah it's almost like it's it that's a hobby that you cannot do and how you make it 10 bucks an hour after a $50,000 university education you know I mean anyone on the other side would be how do you make that calculation yeah so I quickly realized that I needed to make him believe and that's when I started getting introduced to books on wealth creation one specifically the cash flow quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki I don't know if anybody listening has ever read a book that changed their life but that was the one for me and I quickly realized that I was hitting a ceiling working at the gym and my first inclination was asked for a race so I asked my boss for a raise and she said let me talk to the boss and they came back to me then stay and they said yes we can give you a raise in one year from now we can give you a $1 race from 10 to 11 dollars an hour and that's when I discovered the definition a job just over broke and that's when I realized it wasn't my boss's job to make me rich but to provide me a paycheck and I didn't have aspirations of getting rich but I just realized that I was I was capped and I went to a gym nearby that was known for sales seem very aggressive it was always full and I got my first introduction to Selena which is something I sell gym membership memberships and then quickly I could make more selling personal training selling you know hundred of forty-four sessions and getting a 10 to 20 percent commission and I quickly saw you do Heidegger self literally like – close I was doing high ticket closing at the age of 22 with the package so what's the amount so my biggest package was 44 sorry 144 sessions while intact you get a reduction on that fit paid in full for $40 okay and I still remember my biggest package was selling a husband and a wife for the year paid in full and it just blew my eyes was that I was around six seven thousand dollars yeah but then I'd made 20% on that that's like yeah yeah and and I quickly realized I was my first introduction that I could write my own paycheck and I was very blessed to have a boss that a mentor he really invested heavily into me so much that one day I said Marie why you invested so much into me like you know I'm not gonna be here forever right it was like you'd cost me more if I didn't invest into you and I was like wow that's I didn't know I didn't have language for that at the time but that was my first exposure to an abundance mindset and the way the way he gave me feedback if he will was Marie was a big man 240 pounds mustard you know six seven percent body fat all year big arms just he was a wrestling it was just a guy that you commanding presence yeah and I remember one month I didn't hit my sales quota in the gym and I swear he was gonna come and flip the table and I was like and the way he handled that situation well I'll never forget and all he said to me was um well he knew I wanted to buy a new car I was driving a nice Acura RSX with the earnings I was making but I wanted to get an Infiniti g37 nice right so 24 25 at the time and he set up Vince I don't think you're gonna like your paycheck this month okay I don't think you're gonna like your paycheck and he threw it back on me and that was the very first exposure to again I didn't have language for this idea at the time but success is you're responsive to the own responsibility yeah he's you know I you know we can find somebody else here and I was like wow this is my opportunity to figure out how to make a name for myself and how to master this skill of selling and communicating persuasion and following up with people and handling rejection I had no idea that I was building what we would call today entrepreneur muscles yeah well I didn't know I was building this emotional resilience yes that has served me yes to this day but that's where it all started that's where like my birth into the world of sales and I became the guy in the gym where everybody would just keep showing up at the office with coffee and they just put it outside the door and they just want me to stay in the office because this is my job to sell the training for anything and I was writing everybody's paychecks not literally but but you created you are the Rainmaker you're the one that's generating revenue and I was like I'm running the show I'm like well I brought this one department from two personal trainers to 15 personal trainers because I knew how to sell yes which is the number one skill you need by the way to be successful in business yeah and the ability to sell in clothes next thing I know my my boss is offering me 20% I started down at 10% and when I sold over 20,000 I get 20% on that instead of I think 5% as a scale structure which was really smart and then you removed my base and I just worked on pure Commission and I mean you might my mid-twenties I was losing yeah I was closing so I take a closer – yeah and I loved it but it was also a rollercoaster yes yes it was a freaking roller those days I was like this is brutal people left the office because I got things got awkward yeah I didn't know what I was doing half the time but I was persistent and it was probably man oh man I learned more from those years selling in the gym than I did at four years combined the University Wow no talk to me Eliquis and you know I am very passionate about closing in sales what are some of the things that you maybe what a two-key lesson you learned doing that deputy of time that helps you close a lot of sales yeah gave me something that maybe if you have not heard of before yeah for sure why I think you have to understand that people are not buying a product and they're not buying an outcome yeah when you buy personal training you walk in overweight you walk out overweight yeah yeah people are buying feelings yeah emotions and the more you make someone feel the more you get someone to buy and I like it all right because you're thinking about even if someone who buys personal training yes if they are going to show it up they're gonna exercise and couple times oh I wonder how many times per week have a personal trainer but that's still a future possible outcome right but they are investing they're buying right now yeah I know they'll get the outcome right so I think we won't need to understand people depart because emotions they justify with logic yes we know that right so that's cool I like that give me another one yeah I think also I'm one thing I always threw up threw back at people was are you doing this with or without us okay are you doing this with ortho so you joined the gym so you're gonna lose 30 pounds no matter what right yeah okay cool so you understand today you're buying four things you're buying speed you're buying knowledge you're buying relationships and you're buying accountability that makes sense so you're already invested so I want to find out are you pursuing this whether you hire us or not and now they see us as a vehicle to get there faster mmm so I want them to know what they're buying yes right and that way they could say yeah I'm buying speed yeah buy knowledge I'm buying relationships you know there a culture of community of trainers and other community right yeah yeah and then they're buying accountability so I think that's really really important so that when they say yes I'm doing this I like cake cool and I think I'm that's really big because people get that yeah yeah and they can see oh maybe just on my own well I'm gonna get that slower I'm not gonna get their knowledge as fast cuz not kind of figuring out on a school hot knocks right right I'm not gonna get their relationship because I'm just kind of doing on my own yeah and I definitely don't get accountability no one hosts me it kind of wakes up myself yeah so they kind of get no no no no fall fall right uh-huh that's interesting and there's a number of other things but I think one thing I do like there's kind of – this is kind of like two and one yeah some people you need to get to rock bottom yes you really need to take in the rock bottom and it gets really uncomfortable and you find out that the reason the lady's buying personal training is because when she drops her son off at school the son's friends laugh at him because of how overweight the mom is and this and the wife has to drop that the mom has to drop the kid off around the block and make his son walk to school in the freezing cold and jeopardize his health because of how embarrassed and how shameful she is and when when people are buying their they're really buying to release those emotions yes now they don't go home and tell their husband hey I bought this training package today to release the feelings of shame and guilt right yeah we have to make they have to know that yeah like I say like people don't buy their way into something they buy their way out of some pile of it Yeah right they don't just buy into the outcome but they did some pain and problems they have they want to solve in their lives right a lot a lot of times they are emotional right kind of waffles or there's a an emotional payoff I like that that's good I think it's really good and then when the with that whole direction what I love to really help reframe for people it's not what's this gonna cost you but what's this gonna cost yeah what's this going to cause and to really help them see this this isn't something that's being taken from you but something that's going to be giving back and really just having that conversation on having them communicate what this is going to be worth to them yeah so that there's a dollar amount yeah attached to it yeah so so that's really big and um and then on the flip side of all that that's where you have to take someone rock-bottom I mean there might be in the office for an hour plus the phone call might be like an hour plus there's other people who I can kind of sense you just got to get to the point there's a que man it's what do you know to make a decision today let's just cut to the chase yeah I've closed a lot of people into my mastermind in like five minutes because I know they've watched all my videos and I just want it so what do you need to know to make a decision today all right are you the decision maker is there anybody else influencing the thing here today and I let's just get to the point man you know you've been thinking about this for a long time and and I really like to start in education based sales and helping them discover yeah that they have to start acting in a certain way that they want their prospect Beggs to act when they get on the phone with them good so so what I teach is you buy the same way you sell me so if you want to become someone who attracts decisive people yeah you have to become decisive yep you know if you don't want to attract people that always have to say I need to think about it then you have to stop thinking about it when it comes to buying if you don't want to get those people that say well I'm gonna shop around a bit you need to stop shopping it around shopping around so I I really teach you create your own objections yeah because you can't overcome those objections if you don't overcome them in your own life first and the big one and I'll share this one is um I got to talk to my spouse yes I got to talk to my spouse and what happened to my personal life a number of years ago when I was outside of mentorship and I dropped out of a mastermind and I was trying to navigate on my own I got lured in to these Facebook gurus who proposed blowing up my wife's business female fat loss business and they had a you know agency thing and it was fifty five thousand dollars and they were going to take the reins and I convinced my wife of it and long story short they were legitimate con artists and we didn't see a single penny and we didn't clue in that they were con artists for over a year it was one of the most stressful years of her marriage and because your wife was involved and then she trust me yes you guys put out the money yeah and she's supposed to grow up to twirl the business right so after that event she trusted me up into that point in our in our marriage with money like she says you deal with money yeah I don't know how to do anything with money so but that decision created this man I just I was I started asking him what do you think we should do I was asking her business questions and and she was like I could tell like why are you asking me these questions like this is your forte I don't want to carry this burden and pressure deal with it but because I lost your trust I got into this position where I was afraid to invest further because what if I let her down again and I told my mentor that my mentor at the top but this time this story Pedro said I said I'm afraid to invest this money because I might lose it again yeah and he said essentially well you know the three magic words right I said no I said what are the three magic words he said trust me baby hmm you got to earn her trust mmm you have to be earn her trust I told her I said hey this investment into this mastermind is fifty five fifty thousand dollars and I need to do it and it's a paid in full and to get to the next level to pivot from fitness coach to business coach I have to do it yeah and she said okay when I said trust me baby and then I took massive action and now I you know we've completely retransform our life but it all started with getting her to trust I know because I know your story it wasn't easy to make that transition right no yes now you are almost like letting go reinventing yourself yes reinventing your business model which I've done multiple times in my career where you have to let go of something that's kind of working yeah I mean it was it was seven figures every year yeah like clockwork it was a seven-figure job I Morvan it was a job it was I knew how to do it every year but was it wasn't going up yeah it was a plateau so to let go of that like a business a job seven-figure to say I'm gonna do something it kind of steered the same fitness industry but a completely different business model yeah a different offer to the marketplace yeah talk to me a little bit about that transition how did you how did you deal with that well I didn't deal with it well at first because when I made the pivot I was also trying to grow this clothing company oh my god no nothing about okay I was also trying to launch a supplement I still had my fitness stuff so no I didn't I didn't cut the tie okay you will do multiple things all making all this money now for my fitness business coaching program bleeding it back into these other things that weren't working think I had mentors that kept saying you've got to get singularity of focus the fitness has got to go the supplements gotta you know find someone to run it for you or you just got to stop investing into it the clothing line just stop that completely like you know that's not your thing ya know ya know and I'm like hi guys so I'm I'm the problem here so it took probably about a year like I'm all in now on our I don't know I don't know even how much money my the clothing company has done the supplement sells itself Fitness business I don't know what's even coming in with that and everything is focused now on growing one thing one thing which is the mastermind for yeah fitness professionals right yes this is all I want to do but it's it wasn't it wasn't easy because what was also happening is your year not just fighting it's not about money here man this is so beyond money guys it's your identity yeah and you gain this status as a seven-figure earner and what happens the challenge was what if I lose this identity and I was playing not to lose no wasn't playing to win yeah and I still wrestle with that today I think he probably kind of caught on to that maybe isn't talk today but it's an identity thing so where why why do I have this identity in these metrics why my whole why can't I find a sense of peace in my life unless I'm at this number and this kind of what I'm wrestling through the and you know I'm having real conversations with my wife I'm like Clive if I start to make the decisions I need to make for this thing the grill if we've got to liquidate the gym liquidate the house go to a smaller town which a mine like I don't care mmm I'm like huh what why am I so scared hmm and I think a lot of people may be able to relate to this not losing some form of identity that is filling some void some insecurity in their life that's actually let's talk a little bit about that because I do see entrepreneurs and including myself my older self where the identity you wrapped around about Oh like I you know something entrepreneur you know I'm a mini entrepreneur like a lot of this stuff right like status right here where how the world sees me and then this and that and what I realize is as an entrepreneur like compared to the the colonization I have today competitive before now the skills of course the skills I have today they're more I have more skill sets there's no doubt in my mind but a big shift in my mindset is before I was growing the company for me that my den it is tied to that so I'm very attached to any fluctuation in terms of revenue that comes Oh making this money oh this like it's a lot of that panic kind of energy that I bring to the business and I wonder how come I cannot find like good people right or I cannot grow as fast as I want even though I'm hustling I'm working hard right like this something that you just feel like this is not it's not going very smoothly you're not in the inflow right it's very very interesting and versus when I let go of the need to control it's very interesting right when I let go to need to control then things just happen interesting so what you just said here is something that I've heard other leaders talk about and what they say is you can have either control or growth but you can't have both correct so how do you let go of the control I know you're interviewing me but I don't know I want to know for you how do you let go of the control because I came to the conclusion is we have no control huh like what control do we have really how like you know we think we have right anyone any health right something could happen in terms you can get you an accident or something you get hit by this disease or or you get sick we have very little control right right like if you think about like how cuz human beings we kind of want a securities but if you really think about it we actually don't have much control it's hilarious when you say that because if you think of all these people that eat so healthy and work out a million days you know a year yet they still get sick yeah and then and then what do you mean yeah and then they get diagnosed with some some life-threatening disease right and then when you realize well actually you have there a little control and same thing with your business and then in my mind I'm thinking okay today what's the worst worst worst worst worst case scenario right like the rock bottom I'm thinking you know what I have all these I have in my investments aren't my assets and all this stuff worst case I can lose like all this to all the business stuff I still I'm okay like it's not unless not like I'm living on the street sure I'm okay if I got my assets I got my property's got stuff like yeah so am i okay with that yeah it's like when you go into a a fight you know in a worst case I'm gonna be hurt this much i'm not gonna die but i'm gonna be hurt this much right I'm gonna get my bleeding nose and and bruiser that's gonna be the worst case scenario uh-huh okay if I know my worst case scenario that I actually don't have a lot of fear because I can live with that gotcha right now I could just okay let's focus on it's very interesting when I shift my focus into not building a business for me right which you still you focus on building business right when you focus on not being a business for yourself but for a bigger purpose you will not believe the the help the opportunities the its money's a funny thing you're talking about purpose and service purpose and service and a bigger purpose your mission that money comes to you faster easier opportunities just knock on your door that you cannot even chase or aim for like the it's there is no way you could like the things that are happening in terms of in my career in the last couple of years you cannot I cannot even create it I will not dare to say all because I created no like the other just recently some opportunities come on like coming to comment on my lab like it's not something I could market for things like it's not that look though it's hard for people wrap their mind yeah it's like entrepreneurs I think we overestimate about our abilities right with us me oh man I make it happen I get I get done and all that no he's my belief and also go back to the question yeah if you ask me 10 years ago you asked me hey Dan what's think about your percentage what percentage is hot work what percentage is luck I will tell you freaking 99% hot work 1% is luck I'll give you that answer my business says so because I work my ass off right sister I'm good at what I do right yeah you asked me today I'll give you a very different answer I would probably tell you one third it's my skill one third it's luck and one third it's my people so my part it's actually much smaller and my skill set is being able to to exercise my talents my creativity my exercise because I have to write the right thing the right timing then as well as I have the right people on my team be able to do that so my contributing factors becomes less and less and less that's what I would say you really do create a team yeah you really do become something bigger than yourself much bigger and then that attracts more people to be a bigger team so so that's the way that I see it then I'll so go back to your question yeah yeah so so right so that's great so no control and so through the transition you were doing from that and out the mastermind talk to us maybe a little bit about because I know you got some creative ideas about feeling the mastermind selling high ticket when you told me about Oh actually your marketing your mastermind high ticket program through like Instagram I thought that was pretty interesting yeah that was a that's like oh that's a neat I never thought about that right which idea with Instagram like you you actually be with cell like you people think of us something on last selling a little ticket on on Instagram it's a 20 30 $30 thing no but you're selling yeah I built an entire mastermind off of Instagram and I only started Instagram a year and a half ago there you go like I didn't even have an account yeah I'm Gruber's Dodger 15,000 at twenty three point eight twenty three point eight so 23 24 K right yeah a little less if they're painful okay so so now so how do we do this say someone has a high ticket program yeah they want to utilize you Instagram to sell that so what what what do you reckon there yeah we found that conversions happen from conversations mmm all right and the most instantaneous place to get those conversations started is in the DM with people watching your stories right now we're living in a golden era yeah I've Instagram stories yeah I you know if you think about it compared to email what happens when you send someone an email well they opted in a long time ago they forget who you are you probably set them some junk along the way now you're not an invited guest but an unwanted guest looking like a spamming right it's been yeah but but think about Instagram if you watch someone's story you are and you know you did get your phone you need to turn it on you have to scroll across find them press the button there's no distractions you're going to them so it's a completely you knowing now who's on beside people who want to follow you I think there's an opportunity to really connect and every story ever put up well first of all I did 90 second stories every single day had a little simple Frank framework Monday motivation teaching Tuesday Wow Wednesday which was featuring a success story throwback Thursday which was a lesson I wish I learned many years ago freedom Friday which should be hey look I'm with dance Friday and we're hanging out together and this would never be possible if I didn't invest myself many years ago social status Saturday which we kind of something similar and then Sunday spiritual Sunday where I'm at church and I'll share something that my pastors sharing and our kind of research 90 second kind of like your content calendar yeah right 90 second every single every single day every day different theme and from there how do you transition into like you try them to an application page do you see Swiper initially it was right to the County link it was just if you're ready to start a successful and profitable online business you know swipe up and we've obviously changed and now we're we're coming up with a quiz which is framed around see if you're even cut out to be an entrepreneur because really most people aren't on yeah you know what I'm saying anything on one thing nobody knows how no one has a clue of what this is what this whole world is about right everybody sees the cars but this if everyone wants financial security this is the most insecure industry ever being an entrepreneur the matter risks you have to take don't Yeah Yeah right and personal trainers are the worst entrepreneurs in the world because you know they want to spend three hours in the gym they want to make their own meals they want to just be a big fish in a small pond so like you're likely not cut out for this so why don't you take this quiz and find out if you are and you know if you cut from the right cloth if you got the right DNA then we'll set up a call and yeah we do everything over the phone everything's done on the phone calendar app – on the phone and I did it for a year longer than I should have and I was a part of the reason we connected to find phone closes we got a full time phone closure now and yeah he's writing himself some great paychecks and we were mastering it's incredible dan how much money you can make when you get good at this one thing my my closer just checks me the other day for his side business he says a $7000 course which teaches people how to get their first 100,000 Instagram followers and he's just mastered the ability to take someone a rock bottom and overcome objections and just like every coaching call it's just a role playing it's getting better at that one skill like we're not building new funnels and automation sequences and it's just like he's just getting better at selling and his incomes going up it's almost too easy so just get better at one thing that's it and that's what I did for a year and a half so we're talking about like with DM with getting people on the phone with closing which is awesome like I think that makes a lot of sense in terms of Instagram swipe up they go to a page they book a call and you close them it's again it like you say it's almost sounds too simple right it cannot be that simple give me give me a 10 step funnel you know yourself down so I'm not a complicated guy business off the words no nonsense yeah I thought I always ace my exams in your high school 97 98 I call call home I tell my mom and she'd go awesome son I get my mark back 62 no and I'm a simple guy yeah I'm a simple guy and I've discovered to multiply you need to simplify yeah and I feel like there's a lot of opportunity here to skim a ton of cream off the top and yes do you want to evolve beyond that but what's happened is now I have a full-time guy that does the chat for me and from that I discovered the 60s to effective chat so we have a very specific way to take somebody from top to bottom increase trust qualify better before we get on the phone because we are some kind of triage them off in a 10-minute conversation and now that's one of our most profitable ROI cuz I get a guy in there who's DMing he builds them up they're ready we get them to watch a ton of stuff move them over Foam close or closes it's a sim and because what I do is coach fitness business coaches on how to have a high ticket coaching program themself when they see us dude on them they're like this works and then we're basically teaching them how to do that so that they can create some capital because people don't understand you can't build a business on credit cards no you gotta get some cash going but they don't have the funds so we have to show them these non paid ways and we've discovered that virtually everyone has about six figures in their ether everybody has access to a boat you know 25 to 50 people who will pay them a couple hundred bucks a month which is immediately a six-figure income yeah so you don't have to do all these complicated strategies it's almost too simple what we do then you know do a free giveaway and then boost it and they get people to raise their hand who say or who try and win it and then bring them in the DM or so from the end then you have you kind of have the conversation we're not talking about spamming people by the way you had a conversation asking them questions for the first question be paid in an exclamation mark and the wait for you to reply and then you come back and say hey Vince how's it going hey what kind of clients do you coach Danny oh cool cool hey awesome great stuff we coach lots of guys just like you so what's the vision for your business oh yeah I'm trying to do this awesome awesome really good stuff what's working what's not working right now mmm so it's a real conversation all right on right on anything you're struggling with oh yeah kind of struggling with that mmm okay good good yeah we got a lot of guys struggling with that okay would you like some help yeah yeah yeah what'd you guys do well we've got you know then we're just it's it's literally like one sentence questions it's like the same thing on a phone call yeah there you do an idea if you look at the conversations it's like this yeah but it's not happening like like it could be a few days over and yeah sometimes because we go back and forth because our final question is is after we've asked and we you know what sir would you like some help we said what would you like some help with mmm you know tell you two or three things and then that's where we start into like that's how we start kind of sliding in or IP and the way I teach guys is that you've got to prescribe pills yeah so if you're not sleeping well yeah I'm a doctor I'm gonna say you gotta get some magnesium theory yeah okay knees in fear Nate that's my problem yeah so every solution we just like you asked me how do you make the money we have a course called converting from chat Oh name your IP right so we own everything that we teach and then you know someone says oh I don't can't scale my coaching program I don't know how you know I can't crease my retention okay we have to teach you how to unpack your IP well how do you do that we teach you coach directed curriculum not client dictated chaos oh what's that what's that that's a module we have units and say so we're peaking curiosity we're naming our IP and we're letting them know we've got pills you're sick here here and here and just like a doctor so we position ourselves as a doctor and a leader not as a salesman hmm so hey yeah a doctor would say you need this pill you need this pill you need this pill yeah and then our final question in that combo is like would you like some help and if they say yes then we say cool let's do this and then it's those neutrons yeah yeah sorry that's driving to a call then yeah and then we said let's do this and then the way you frame the call Dan this is what everyone screws up and this is why people don't show up for the call because it's not positioned properly so one of the things that we really set up is that hey on this call we're going to brainstorm a game plan for you we're gonna find out what your vision is for your business and what is possible that word possible is a game changer we see was possible spine was possible okay all right and then we're going to figure out what's working what's not working and what you're struggling with most and what we say this is this is the money at the end of the call you'll leave clear and confident so we're future pacing positive emotions that they want so there's a reason now for them to show up on the call in fact I had one guy I should did an Instagram story about Mark Evans today he's flying in he joined her mastermind a month ago and I gave him some tips on how to structure his pricing how to do paid and folds at a discount at six months and twelve months he was doing month to month good he applied and I told name your frickin program and give your program a tagline with a unique mechanism at the start so that you've got a process that stands out so you're not making the claim but you've got a way to support how you're fulfilling that promise made these three little tweaks he texts me before he sent he signed the 12-month contract and he said I've already made three grand just on the last call I did and this guy has made 15 grand in a month of being in the coaching program just by using some of these really simple things so um you know and and when you say the the what's it possible and leave with clear and confidence you stayed honest on a sales page oh say that in a DM we repeat it over and over I say it in my I G stories we say it in the triage chat we say it on after now we have a formal application page we say we say it on the payoff page where thank-you page where there's a video of me and we give them instructions on what to do next so we say that thing over we say that over and over so in the pre frame and in the post there and when we get on the call hey K so the intent of the call is to find out where you're at where you want to go what's working what's not working right and we want to so we want to find out what their results are what's the reality of their situation and what's the roadblocks all right the 3 R's yeah all right and then we also say hey by the way this calls for you mmm if you want to take this call in any direction you let us know and it truly is they can take the call in any new direction yeah and at the end of the call if you like to talk about coaching just let us know so as we go through the call we ask a lot of like really simple questions like hey so where do you where do you want to go from here is I'll make a sense to you hey what's been most helpful for you so far and we just kind of let them pace the call and tell it comes up to where they want to know what we want look and you help me with right yeah no if we could do that you know would that be something would that be a sooner thing or later think yeah yeah well why is that a sooner think mm-hmm so so we really just take our time yeah and I think one of the biggest things I've learned from You Daniel take the tonality who know and it really is coming from a place of care yeah and just service yeah yeah so so great so uh so yeah by the way why did you reach out to us today you know why not push this off for another month or two months you know there any specific reason so we just really unpacked the conversation yeah and we just keep letting them guide it and what we're really doing is we're teaching them how to sell by the way we sell them yeah and I mean I can't tell you how many people I've helped make the decision when I you know I simply reframe the question back to them and they say oh man this is really expensive and I'm like what do you think somebody would do in your situation that you look up to hmm and they're tight do you think they would make the leap mm-hmm so what do you think we should do next mm-hmm so we just let people make the decision yeah because what I don't want to push somebody into something that they're not prepared they're gonna be a horrible client mmm we need to teach them that hey this is the exact reason and they need to have that emotionally they need to be emotionally invested yes into the decision they they own the decision right yes and I tell them hey listen you know there's there's only three reasons you shouldn't do this today you know there's there's actually more but you know you know you're not prepared to be decisive you're not committed and prepare to back this commitment with time and money because that's what a true commitment is and not prepare to resolve because there's gonna be battles yeah and every battle is gonna get bigger but the rewards will get better hmm so we're just very transparent about what's coming mmm right and we tell people we're not looking for clients I'm not I don't want another client I want a success story I want to feature them on our show becoming an entrepreneur we got an awesome show this is what's been driving our coaching program we have better case studies than anybody else mmm you know we got one guy we're featuring this week and you'll meet him Frank from the Netherlands he's gonna he's doing a million dollars every three quarters random block this guy's out stays a machine it makes more money than I do yeah he's for a Franks crushing it and we're gonna tell his story in a really cool way in a genuine way came in my event a couple years ago so so I think it's just being really honest but then also knowing when to lean in don't get me wrong we're not afraid of getting uncomfortable mmm you know I I was born in the gym you know what I'm saying so the push that tension you know and you know this Grant Cardone but like pressure is what produces you diamonds you know and and you can't be afraid of pressure you can't be afraid of some tension if you even think in your relationship with your employees with your wife I'm sure your relationships having got better without going through some tension yeah yeah and that way I'm you know we just know this is a natural part of a conversation when you're trying to you know break through to new to new ground I love it I mean we could talk closing marketing all day Vince if my my fans my audience they want to find a little bit more about what you do we will follow you on social media what's the best way to do that yeah we'll just give them two spots if we give them any more they're not gonna remember this right so I'm on Instagram you'll find my verified account I answer all my DMS so follow me on Instagram and the Vince Delmont a podcast show is something we're pouring a lot of attention into with amazing guests like yourself so um Vince tamati podcast show and my Instagram account I would just follow their Instagram just to see how this works yeah right just to see it like the process rock the funnel right that's right there they don't need a little fun on hacking like that it's just very very powerful because most people they have the limiting belief they can sell high ticket through DM or through Instagram right but the other day you're dealing with people yeah right if you're good with people and you are coming from a place of care right dad you believe truly believe your product and services that can help someone then you empower them to make the decision you inspire them to inspire them to make a decision right I've had to Train everybody on this system yeah because we Edition people we don't interview we edition so I say all right sell me I'm the prospect you're the closer and I just will I start the conversation and say oh man nobody knows how to do this properly so I don't we gotta bring them it's a skill yeah it's a powerful skill it's a skill the very possible should create a course fun this is and it should thank you buddy oh thanks so much thank you thank you


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  2. How many people listen to your podcast Vince? Hopefully more than the people who watch your YouTube channel or comment on your Instagram

  3. What I like most about Vince is even though he is an influencer himself he’s willing to show he’s humble enough that he’s still willing to learn from Grant Cardone to now Dan Lok. These are the people who you want to be around, they’re not assholes they’re teachable.

  4. Hey Vince,

    You may not believe me when I say this but you were the first person and the first ever book that I ever read up on all the way from start to finish "No nonsense muscle building" when I first began my lifting hobby. Today I am 11 years in and have accomplished a lot in the industry already but I am not really that good with money still.

    I also know Murry and in fact the first job that I took here in Canada was in one his own gyms, Crunch at Upper James Hamilton. (My personal journey with Crunch was pretty bad however, but I don't know if & how much Murry had to do with it or someone else that ran the club at ground level.).

    Anyways, I also kick myself because I missed the opportunity to be able to meet you in person at the Canadian Fitness Business Summit that happened a couple of months ago. I don't have my own conveyance (immigrant only been here 2 years now) and couldn't manage to make it for your talk, which was the first of the lot on the first day of the event. I'm still heartbroken because you were the first person to introduce me to anything about Fitness/Bodybuilding and Sciences and such, and I missed out on the opportunity to meet you in person then.

    Anyways I have now graduated the program I came here for, and am no longer working with Crunch and am looking at different opportunities to explore in the industry. I definitely believe the path you are on is the right one. You can't always be the person selling training and conducting sessions. There is a cap and I am looking to get beyond that in person time commitment to make money in my passion but via other methods.

    Anyways this is a fantastic video and I am only about halfway through but I still had to write to you right now because of how much I've learnt from it halfway through already.

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