How I Eliminated Stress and got my Health & Life Back

How I Eliminated Stress and got my Health & Life Back

hi everyone so as you can see I've stepped out of my usual filming studio and here to bring you a video a little bit more personal so as you guys know I have been dealing with a few health issues in the last couple of years I was dealing with extreme adrenal fatigue and then went into a hormone imbalance and because of that even had to have surgery two years ago I have seen both holistic and conventional doctors and I feel with the combination of that and a lot of research that I have done myself I have really learned a lot about my body what's going on and I've definitely made some changes and honestly I am feeling the best I have ever felt I have to say I'm not a doctor all I'm going to show you are the things that I personally am doing that have really helped me and of course this was with the help of doctors and basically trial and error for about two years to see what really worked so if you are going through similar health issues as I am maybe these can help you as well but more than anything what I want you to take away from this video is just to take a little inspiration into taking care of yourself and your body one thing that I've definitely learned from this whole experience is really to just listen to my body I do want to invite you to just open up your mind a little bit to maybe at least include one of these tips into your life even if it's just a 5 minute a day change and I promise you that sometimes with one positive change it definitely encourages other positive changes and so today I'm gonna be talking about the things that I have done and changed to help with my emotional well-being my overall physical health and my emotional health as well so first of all I'm gonna start out with your physical well-being and that of course is what you put into your body such as food and supplements and of course movement and exercise I knew that what I was eating was not right for my body so after speaking to a holistic nutritionist I ended up changing my diet to adding protein to absolutely every single meal that I ate so first breakfast that was really hard for me because I was used to having like a bagel or you know just like a piece of bread and some coffee so I switched to having more like hard-boiled egg and adding spinach and trying to add vegetables to every meal – is absolutely essential but once you do it once or even two days in a row and you start to feel just more energized and fuller and just feeling better within you definitely get excited to do that again the next day I also cut out gluten from my diet which I have been tested I am NOT celiac but I have like two of the three components you need to be celiac so what that means is that if I abuse gluten I could become gluten intolerant at one point and obviously that sounds really scary to me and I rather just cut back now so main key is really adding protein and vegetables to every dinner so just constantly having spinach and arugula and like easy vegetables that's what I've realized has made it easier for me is having vegetables that I can basically throw on everything I will eat more of them if it's something that you need to chop up and saute I'm probably only gonna have that for dinner and not going to take the time to make it for breakfast so I'm just having green leafy vegetables in your fridge at all times is crucial I think the other thing is supplements and this I've obviously toyed around a lot with I have taken other things that you know maybe didn't balance well with other things I was taking so I feel that these supplements I am taking currently are just a great balance of everything that I need to keep you know me mentally and physically feeling my best and instead of going through everything here I will leave a list in the description box down below along with the benefits of each supplement that I am taking alright so the next one's physical movement and just exercise and obviously we all know this but this is essential to the human body getting out getting some Sun every single day you can't even a couple times a day that's obviously best I am NOT a gym person have had gym memberships in the past and I see the motivation in it but they are just really not for me so what I like to do is get on the elliptical at home at least three days a week and then I do some strength training three days a week and additionally two that we like to go on hikes with olive or just just to the park with the family but just getting really like organic movement out of your day and getting out and getting some sunshine obviously it is amazing alright and so the next one is mental health so once I started making healthier choices and I knew that I still wasn't feeling great I knew that there were other issues that I needed to work on and I started seeing a therapist and honestly I couldn't recommend it more whether it's just personal therapy for yourself or if you are in a relationship and seeing a couples counselor I think you learned so much about yourself about your partner and really just puts things into perspective in a way that really is going to help you kind of maneuver through life and really just make things easier to manage I always just think you can always just slip things under the rug but but you're always going to have to deal with yourself and I feel like the earlier you do it the better then that means you have more years of your life to to enjoy without feeling I still have to take care of that one thing so keeping my emotions and my mental health in check is absolutely essential to me I also believe in removing anyone from your life that is toxic I just think that seeing a therapist really gives you clarity in that aspect so other things that I've started doing that have helped in this area a lot are journaling and reading and obviously reading is not anything groundbreaking but it's one thing that I definitely didn't feel I ever had time for and I've read a couple of self-help books I can leave link down below as well that anything really taught me something and anytime you are sitting and reading your thoughts are only with that book and on top of that you're learning something new which I think the older we get it's kind of harder for us to really learn you know big amounts of information and I feel if you constantly have a good book to read it definitely helps with that and he feels so much better afterwards and journaling and this is one that I have done here in there but it's so easy to follow out of for me because I think like after two or three days of having a good journal entry then I feel like I either end up kind of getting stuck or writing the same thing so t3 actually sent me this five minute journey I believe they sent this to all the ambassadors I got one for my friend because I think it's just it's the perfect way to start journaling if you feel kind of stuck and you don't know how to even begin and it's the five minute journal because really that is how quick you can do it you do it first thing in the morning and all it takes is two to three minutes in the morning and then two to three minutes in the evening and so I would notice that I kept writing down I wish I had called my friend that I haven't talked to in a couple of weeks or I wish I had taken olive out on that longer walk today I felt that this also made me more accountable for my actions but it also tracked my progress so when I did achieve something something that did keep coming up in in the journaling process and I would eventually take care of it it was nice to kind of look back so very fulfilling and kind of organized way of kind of processing your thoughts and also having it privately documented the name was to say I've really been enjoying journaling and I highly highly recommend you try it if you haven't yet all right so now moving into emotional self-care and I think this one is the funnest one and that's why I saved it for last really just have fun like what fills your soul like what really just on the inside makes you happy for me it's definitely family and travel and all of and good conversations and trying an amazing wine and seeing new places just do more of that and a part of responsibility and a part of growing up is to put your happiness as a priority but just let this be a little reminder to you know take that trip this summer to call that friend that you haven't talked to in a while and there is this a Danish concept called Hugh gay Adam will probably make fun of a fern completely butchering this word but it is the concept of basically pampering yourself or having like a cozy moment every single day and the reason why I love this is because we constantly think yeah like I will take that trip in three months or I will do that fun thing this weekend but the point and the joy of this is to bring happiness to yourself every single day and it can be as simple as you know sitting down for five minutes with your favorite book or having a piece of chocolate or watching you our favorite guilty pleasure reality TV show whatever it is but just do something that makes you feel good I'm a big believer when you have a happy moment to look forward to you can do what you are currently doing so much better and I know everyone's busy and it's hard to you know try to incorporate all these extras in your life and I think if anything moms moms are always like oh my gosh oops I have five minutes to myself I just want to sleep because I don't do that enough and although sleep is incredibly important I think moms especially need to you know make even four minutes of your day yours and I know it may be difficult just trying to add a little fun moment to every day and last one is rest and when I fell into all the health issues that I was dealing with I was probably averaging about four hours of sleep at night which is awful and I did this for about two or three years in a row I had just moved to the city I'm starting out with new salon I was starting YouTube I just had a lot of things going on along with other emotional issues that I was dealing with just sleep was not easy nor did I have time I felt I finally found a better work-life balance and I have absolutely prioritized sleep another thing that's really really important at least for me is to have a nighttime routine so even if my bedtime is midnight now rather than 2:00 a.m. like it was in the past that doesn't mean that I can work and do a million things until 11:59 it means that my bedtime is midnight I want to have 45 minutes to an hour to really get my headspace in a more calm kind of way in order to get ready for sleep because at least for me I can't do you know like be working or be socializing with people and like come home watch my face get to bed and fall asleep I need that transition but if I am watching something that's kind of like funny and light-hearted and can get my head into the right space for sleep I actually find that helpful for myself sometimes and speaking of screen time one thing that I have been doing is screening my screen time like there's so much talk about how toxic social Media can be and I believe that with everything it's really what you put into it and what you make of it I think it's a great place for inspiration and a great place to learn and however become toxic I believe when you are following the wrong things and I definitely noticed that I was doing that myself I was constantly just following sort of the same pages pages I didn't relate to pages of people that were not at the same stage of life that I was in and so that comparison I believe becomes unhealthy and instead I've switched to following more people that I truly find inspiring people that are authentic and genuine and following things that I love not just people whether it's a hashtag for positive quotes for home decor and interiors which is another passion of mine and a page I absolutely love following on Instagram is Zevon I think she's one of the most genuine people on Instagram and her babies absolutely adorable and her home to court taste is outstanding so she's a great one to follow I hope that this video has inspired you to really prioritizing what is absolutely essential to life which is our health so so if you haven't subscribed yet please do so by clicking that red button down below or give me a like and let me know if you like this type of video all right thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next one bye guys you


  1. Thank you for sharing….i just found your channel and am gonna get caught up on your videos!. I haven't been through all that you have and Im sorry. . But happy you have researched and now doing and feeling better! You are so pretty too. Love your dog too. But I am working on my mental and emotional myself, have been through somethings and so happy to say i too am finally going to seeing a therapist this week and I'm so excited. .also thankyou for suggestions for some foods and also good books. Gonna check one out.'re a sweetie. Continue to do you!

  2. Thank you! I needed to hear this! I have a few chronic illnesses as well as anxiety. I want to see a holistic dr. but they mostly don't take insurance. So lifestyle changes are a good start!

  3. Could you write a self care book? I would enjoy reading it. An honest book, written by a "normal" person, but a person subscribers are familiar with

  4. Thank you for sharing this! I hope you know how awesome it is to hear people making positive changes and not ignoring the mental health aspect!

  5. Thank you for this video. Definitely refreshing. Struggling with my own health I sometimes forget that I'm not alone in my struggles.

  6. Thank you so much for this video! Loved it! Thanks for always being so genuine and overall a beautiful person. Blessings! Xo

  7. loved this video and how it was filmed… side note obsessed with the jean shorts and jean jacket you were wearing… can you plz let me know the brands of them?? thank you <3

  8. Love that you did this video! This motivates me to keep working on these things for myself. Glad youโ€™re doing well

  9. My boyfriend is danish as well and he always talks about hygge! Going to Denmark next month and sooo excited for a break from school! your tips were really helpful. mindfulness is something that has to be consciously practiced, until it becomes a habit.

  10. One of the best videos u have made so enjoyed the honesty of what you choose to be the strengths in your life and how to do it not in a overwhelming way that others can also follow and learn from. Hugs ๐Ÿค— and kisses ๐Ÿ˜˜ u are so beautiful and always fun o watch xoxo

  11. I am so so happy that you are doing great. All your advices are right on point and I have applied them into my life at some point . It is a game changer.

  12. I love that you journal things that you didn't do and then reflecting on them and holding yourself accountable. Such a good idea and I need to do this! Great video!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  13. I know this is mainly a hair channel, but your home looks awesome! Can you do a house tour? And Iโ€™m so glad youโ€™re feeling better

  14. Wow god bless you and this is a video I have been looking for. I have a fibroid too and we have so much in common in this video and am grateful you made this video. Thank you girlie.

  15. So happy for you. I can tell you have such a positive energy. I am on a journey as well, managing undiagnosed autoimmune encephalitis that id had for 25 years. I am just learning now how to have self confidence and manage my life better. Best wishes and thanks for sharing your story ๐Ÿ’• I have the five minute journal too and love it! StepBet helped me walk more ๐Ÿ™‚ some books Iโ€™ve loved are The Gifts of Imperfect by Brene Brown and CPTSD by Pete Walker.

  16. I have a 1/2 a bagel for breakfast. Like daily. Sometimes Iโ€™ll add an egg. Ten I have granola for a snack. Then a protein pack for lunch. Then whatever I want for dinner. Dinner is mostly a meat, starch and veggie. Then Iโ€™ll have like a bad snack after with decaf. Like maybe a Susie Q. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  17. Great video! Please do a video of your hour before bed routine. I have the hardest time falling asleep, and would be so helpful to get ideas how to tell my mind itโ€™s bedtime.

  18. Good for you Sylvia!! I've been vegan for over 6 years now and never felt better in my life!! All my health problems went away and I have so much energy now. Glad you're feeling better!

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