How I Improved My Mental Health | HEALTHY LIFESTYLE

How I Improved My Mental Health | HEALTHY LIFESTYLE

hey everyone and welcome back to the channel so yes I know it's been a long time since I've posted to the channel and I'm really glad that you guys enjoyed my day in the live video if you haven't seen it I will link it out right here but I'm super excited to be back and posting on this channel I've missed it so much but I think I really did need to take a break and kind of like figure out what what's what's going on with my life so I don't want to get too in-depth with this if you guys are interested in hearing more about this then maybe I'll make a separate video but for those of you who don't know a couple years back I started experiencing these really scary episodes of panic attacks and and just anxiety that I've never experienced before and it was just this really mental state for me segwaying into the actual topic for today's video is mental health so if you guys we're not aware may is mental health awareness month and after experiencing that whole thing and I I never realized how important your mental health is because without that you can literally like for me there was a period when I was like a six-month period where I could not do anything like I would record some videos in the day and then by the time it was like 4 or 5 o'clock my mental state was just like oh my god it's happening again like this is a time it comes and I start to feel really terrible so I you know it's kind of opened my eyes to this whole world of taking care of yourself not only physically but mentally and how important that is so so yeah I wanted to make some content to raise some mental health awareness to raise mental health awareness but I wanted to talk about things in this video that I did that helped me with my mental health and things things that I'm still doing today so with that being said I thought it would be really fun to share with you all what I done and started changing about my life and what I've started doing and implementing in my life and I would love to hear what you guys do leave a comment down below for your mental health so the very first thing that I implemented was meditation and I love meditating now it's just a really great way to kind of spend time with yourself inside of your head focus on your breathing relax and really pay attention to yourself and to let thoughts just float by it is just so relaxing to do and I don't know why I never did this before but it's one of my favorite things to do and actually in the beginning it was a little weird to get used to to sit by yourself and like your mind just races but it was actually introduced to an app called calm and you can do a 7-day free trial this is not sponsored by the way I just really like that you can try it out they have like guided meditations there they have different music they have like bedtime stories for when you go to sleep there's a seven day free trial but if you do the trial make sure to cancel it because it will Auto renew and that's what actually happened to me and so that's when I actually really started using it because I'm like I just paid so much money for this app I'm gonna use it but I actually really like it and I do have some friends who go to actual classes for a guided meditation and I do don't have the time to do that and I just love being home and by myself in my own space when I meditate so that has really been awesome to have like a guided meditation and there's different ones to choose from based off of what you are looking for the second thing that I started doing is journaling and I love journaling so much just writing down whatever I want I did start doing like tracking my moods is what I started off with but then I actually found this journal that I really really like it's called the moon journal and I'll put all these links will be in the description if you want it I started it this year I got it as a gift and it's really cool especially if you're into zodiac and astrology it goes through every single sign and all the moon phases and talks about what to focus on during each moon phase and during each zodiac sign like right now we're in Taurus and Taurus is very like earthy and grounded and focused on like being in the moment so it helps you go through each different sign throughout the year and they focuses on different things for you to work on so I have been loving it it is so it's just so good and plus I just love astrology and following the moon cycles and all of that stuff all that like cheese stuff so the third thing that I did and it seems kind of obvious to do this is to evaluate your diet so what are you feeding your body what what is your energy running off of and for me personally food has always just been for pleasure I really had this bad relationship with food and growing up I would just lived off of fast food and I didn't know any better so I kind of had to just like teach myself and I still have room for improvement okay I love me some hot cheetos but just start off slow like cook one or two meals for yourself a week and then start cooking breakfast or whatever meal prep but eating your green eating veggies that are just good for your mind good for releasing stress my some of my favorites are spinach broccolini broccoli I also love sweet potatoes and then of course your proteins and of course this is this is like the hardest thing for me because I just I love bread I love sugar I love all the bad things but it's helped immensely just changing up my diet just a little bit and just kind of like little by little it's not gonna happen overnight you know so just making that change taking that first step to do that has helped so much so another thing that could go along with diet is taking vitamins I know this sounds like something that an old person would say is I gotta take my vitamins or my meds or whatever but you know now especially with the work that I do I'm indoors a lot so I don't get the correct amount of vitamin D when I wasn't eating healthy I wasn't getting the the correct amount of like calcium or even magnesium and all of these vitamins that our body means so if you feel like you're deficient in some of those and I even just take them like I take vitamin C I also love olive leaf it helps with your immune system it helps fighting off the viruses so I don't get as sick as often so I'm not as sad as often because I have a healthy immune system and then another I guess this is a vitamin it's a natural supplement I don't know exactly what it is but it helps it's a natural stress relieving it's called ashwagandha and I remember I asked for ganda is dear to my heart because I remember whenever I would feel just icky inside Mario would give me ashwagandha and it would you just call me down and it's something that you have to keep taking it's not like a magic pill that just works in one you know when you take it one time you have to continuously take it and I definitely feel that ashwagandha has helped me if you're feeling adventurous and if it is legal in your state like it is here I would totally recommend looking into CBD CBD oils like little tincture oils that you can put underneath your tongue I actually use them for menstrual cramps or when I'm feeling stressed out and it's great so another seemingly obvious thing is to exercise so I started right after I had this like huge panic attack moment that was like the catalyst for us being like okay we need to we need to do this this is something that we have to do so I looked into getting a trainer because it's the only way that I'm gonna get my lazy butt up in the morning as if I'm paying for it so we've actually were still working with the same trainer and it's only two times a week that we're constantly working out most definitely but sometimes we try to do more but that has helped so much even just like I feel stronger I feel so much better I feel just you just feel good about yourself that you're sticking to something and you can see results and you feel healthier and you're just it just boosts your mood so much so definitely get some exercise in there so these next things are things that I know won't work for everybody but I found that they worked for me and that is I really got into using incense especially when I meditate or when I just want to relax I love using incense and intention candles so I actually go to this store here in Lausanne list called house of intuition and they have these really cool they have different intention candles for each zodiac sign so they like trade them out during the year where an Amber the like whatever full moon it's going to be but they also have like positivity candles or creativity camels or whatever but I feel like really focusing your intention or like what you want to work on into this candle and then lighting it and seeing it burn and just coming back to that candle every single day like with those intentions like you're really manifesting some positivity into your life by doing that and like it really does get your mind in a positive state the cool thing about the candle is that I actually buy a house of intuition is they have crystals in them so they're like little tumbled stones and you keep those with you and they're supposed to hold the intention after the candles done burning and you hold that crystal with you to remind you of your intentions that you set so it's just super sweet and magical and I really love it crystals definitely is another thing that I have loved and have just started to implement more in my life actually use them during meditation but I'm more I actually wear them too I'm wearing some right now alright so I'm gonna add one last thing to the list and that is because I felt like this really helped me and I know that some of you might be scared of stuff like this or it just turns you off and that is okay this has nothing to do with religion it is more of like a spiritual thing and I started to get into guidance cards so I have a deck of Goddess cards was the first deck that I've ever got and I just loved the message behind every one of the cards so um you know I would start pulling whatever card just fell out whatever I needed to hear for that day and it was just a really nice message of just some things that I needed to be reminded of and so that actually the the goddess cards extended into like having more cards and actually got my first deck of tarot cards I'm not that great of a reader but I am I know there's people on YouTube who do really great readings dependant on your sign or where that what the week is or anything really they do dailies too but I really feel that it just helps me internalize what I was going through and what I needed to deal with and just gave me advice on it you know you could call it it's kind of it reminds me kind of like a therapy session without the therapist because you digest it however you want so that's another thing that I absolutely love doing and I feel like it's helped me immensely with my mental health is because it just it just helps me focus in on what needs to be done and what is what is what is bothering me or what I'm going through in my life that needs to be adjusted or addressed or whatever but I want to end this video here because I seriously I've I've been gone for so long and I will talk forever but if there's any of these topics that interest you and you want me to kind of make another video about it whether it's like foods like my favorite recipes or even Tarot or moon journaling or anything that I touch base on I would love to hear your thoughts down below comments if you enjoyed this leave a like don't forget to leave a comment down below what you do for your mental health there's nothing wrong with self-care and I feel like we're in an era now where we're starting to understand and it's because of the social media and words spreading so quickly but I hope you guys enjoyed this and I just want you all to take care of yourself and knew that you are beautiful and unique and you can do whatever it is that you're going through so thank you so much for watching I will see you all in the next video which will be hopefully weekly that's my that's my goals I'm gonna try to at least do one video a week and then maybe we'll ramp it up to two but I'm already having so much fun with this and I hope you guys are enjoying it as well my name is tiffy and I will see you guys later bye peace


  1. I missed you dear. I'm so so glad you have been bettering yourself to this extent. I gave a huge plethora of mental illnesses and I use pretty much all but one or two of these things. I'm going though probably the lowest point of my life at the moment and you distracted me from my mind for a good 15 minutes :). Luv ya TiffyπŸ–€

  2. I have anxiety and it’s really hard to I am trying to help it with a app called headspace and I’m sooo happy for you maybe one day I can do the exact same thing you did. Also I meditate

  3. Girl I've missed yo so much!!, your the reason I'm into art and you've helped me to make the happy side of me today, I remember watching you about 5years ago and i literally enjoyed watching you so much, why did i drift away, idk, but i'm glad this video popped up. I'm 14 and I suffer from depression and anxiety and I tried ending myself about 4 months ago, thank you for this video, i love you girl πŸ’—πŸ’—

  4. Oh my gosh! I have the same app as yours too 😍 we have same likes and anxieties too but I do wish I could do the same thing like you did. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

  5. i started having panic attacks by the end of last year and i know how horrible it feels, but for me it only happens while i'm on my period so now i get scared of getting my period which i don't like being scared of it because it's a natural part of being a woman and it's supposed to happen, and about the diet thing that's way too hard for me because i'm a very picky eater especially when it comes to vegetables and seafood, i don't like any seafood at all and i only eat three vegetables, unless tomatoes are actually fruit (because i don't know what tomatoes are anymore lol) so when it comes to food i'm not super healthy but honestly everyone's a little unhealthy and i just can't help it, it's who i am

  6. Can you make a video on keeping your journals, and keeping up to date on your schedule for those like me who have trouble commiting πŸ’•

  7. This video has helped me a lot, Its nice to see something like this, where we can share our experiences and see different ways to help cope!

  8. I get taking a break, a few weeks ago I quit my job to focus on my mental health and school, to help my mental health I try to clean my room as often as possible, get out, go to the store, do things that I feel would make me happy, while I like to make others happy I had to realize that I have to make myself happy first and be content with myself

  9. I love how you have grown Tiffy πŸ’• It makes me so happy to see you living well and making these types of content because I have been watching your videos for a while now and It has influenced the way I look at life and the world so thank you so much for being the most beautiful woman, down-to-earth youtuber in this community. I can see how much love and positivity is coming through this video ❀️ I wish you the best Tiffany.

  10. You sound so peaceful and in your element talking about this, Tiffy, I love it! I personally went through a pretty hard time a little over a year ago that put me in a really bad relationship with myself mentally and physically. Then one day, I don’t know what exactly triggered the change but I started exercising (especially with blogilated) in the morning, which gave me that boost of energy that I needed to start getting better. Then I gradually i proved my diet and started to try to think and write more positively. Fast forward to now, I’m glad to say that I’m getting really happy with who I have become with these changes and even though I still have some work to do and people sometimes judge me or laugh at the choices I make, I couldn’t take them more seriously for my own sake.
    (Wow I went in a tangent there I’m so sorry)

  11. I love this video❀️❀️ I would love to see videos about healthy eating a tarot cardsπŸ’•

  12. Tvideo was genuinely so refreshing to watch. I've been struggling with anxiety for a few years now and even today i had a panic attack. I was running the 300 metres for gym in school and i felt as if i was being watched by everyone. this video really felt good to watch and also i just wanted to say i think a lot of us really enjoy these sorts of videos! welcome back Tiff.πŸ’•

  13. Yes to all of these! I used to think meditation was a fluke but oh my god it is so good. I did not expect to love it as much as I do! I take a really easy, slow yoga class at my gym and it allows me to basically meditate while I do this yoga, it feels so nice. Same thing with journalling, I did not think it would be something that would help me but it has. I write 2 pages in the morning (or whenever I remember haha) every day and it's been great. I am able to really calm myself down when I'm having a bad bout of anxiety now because I can recognise it. I totally credit journalling for this, because I was able to write down all my thoughts and feelings and I started recognising when something was clearly a result of anxiety.

  14. I have a mental illness for 8 years now and it’s to the point were I can’t leave my room and I can’t eat I get bad anxiety

  15. this video helped me a lot ive been having a lot of panic attacks and my anxiety got worse latley so thank you tiff <33 I've been watching you for years now and I just want to say thank you for making these videos and for playing games and just like bringing you joy to a lot of people seriously you are such an amazing person and i love you πŸ’πŸ’˜πŸ’žπŸ’—

  16. Hey girl! This is such a good timing cause I'm currently working on my mental health too! I've found that working on my physical health really boosts my mood super effectively so I've been really into working out and found a love for cooking along the way too! I'd love it if you would share your favorite recipes. Dinner, breakfast, snacks, it could be for whatever! I need me some inspiration! Also I'm glad you're back, I missed these kinds of vids πŸ™‚ <3

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