HOW I STAY IN SHAPE | diet + fitness routine

HOW I STAY IN SHAPE | diet + fitness routine

good morning we are gonna do my workout routine today and we are going to a 45 this morning a 45 the beaches morning Jackson this of yes the guy that's one done one more time we're done okay we just got done with our 45 workout that isn't something that I have added into my routine and it's very hard as you saw it like well read my faces it's very difficult this video is actually sponsored by Lou lemon I'm wearing the Lululemon set this is her sportswear I'll have everything linked down below and then the pants that you saw me wearing and the clips before we're also lemon they're like some of my favorite pants I think I've like to talk about Lululemon so before I really like their workout clothes like their bus and coincidentally I'm reading chip Wilson's book called a little walk stretchy pants and it's about how we started the lemon and it's really interesting but let me came out with like a self-care kit which is great they have some really nice products in here and it's designed to just like throw this into your bag and go to the gym I usually because we do the 930 class ends at like 10:15 and then we usually have to like get going which is kind of disgusting because like I'm very disgusting as you can see dry shampoo is like the number one thing that I need in my life after workout this is the no show dry shampoo sorry there's no air flow in here Sasha I put this in a bit before my workout as well but like I'm pretty sweaty but I just do have to kind of just mask sweat you can I usually do this like before my workout or before I go to bed as dry shampoo but like you also after just refresh and then I wipe my face off after the gym just cuz I'm super sweaty and then they have this face reset moisturizer so I just like to put a moisturizer on after I wipe my face down because my face is really dry skin it's very cooling which I like and as you can see my face is extremely right after the gym I really like this it's just like really easy it absorbs really quickly and then deodorant anti stink deodorant and to spray one which is nice so much aerosol in the car and now I'm ready they also have a lip balm which I put on before I worked out my lips are still moisturized so it's good but I really like this little self-care kit because you can just like throw it in your bag I also always forget to bring it back at 45 so just pretty much just bring this and then through my car keys in here it's great so check this out everything will be like you did that aerosol thunder the windows check this out you want to there's a lot of great little items for costume we are gonna go to coffee and then when I get home I'm gonna sit down and talk to you about my full workout routine okay so home and showered and I wanted to kind of run through my workout routine with you I also asked some questions on Instagram and if you aren't follow me in and screw my instruments at Allegra Shaw I post a lot of recently and then posting a lot more like stories if you like what I'm doing in real time if this a lot of outfits is coming it's kinda want to post so I asked what you guys wanted to see sorry Instagram just keeps changing and I don't know how to use it anymore sorry I just to sift through all the questions that my friends sent in the first question is when did I start working out and I started working when I was in first year university so that's a long time ago I was like 18 I'm 26 now so a long time and I just started going to the gym the next question is how often do I work out I work out three to five times a week really just depends on my schedule and the three kind of like workouts that I like doing are I just showed you I started doing at 45 and I find it it's an incredible workout Monday Wednesday Fridays are cardio and then Tuesdays and Thursdays are like wait resistance training I really enjoyed the workouts I they really push you they're really difficult and it's kind of like a new workout for me I definitely feel it and I'm having a lot of fun so I go to the one in the beach and it's great the next thing I do is Pilates and I do Bailey Brown workouts at home this is something I've been doing for a while it's also great as I can do them at home and they can be like really quick definitely like more just like bodyweight long lean muscles a lot of like stretching and that stuff which I find really nice that's definitely more can I do when I'm short on time or I'm traveling and then my classic is I do go to the gym and I do like lift heavy weights at the gym I usually focus right now I'm focusing my gym workouts just on my glutes because I feel like I got a really great upper body workout at 45 so I just want to go to the gym I do glute exercises I do have some videos on my channel of my glute exercises I mean I don't think I have like the best form in the world not like a personal trainer anything's but consult a personal trainer or consults that you know like someone who's professional before doing anything I'm not pro next question that I saw a lot was about like supplements and eating so I don't take any like workout supplements after the gym I usually have a like either protein smoothie so like I just make a smoothie with protein powder my favorite protein powder I like the Vega one and I like the thorn one kind of it someone's all protein bar and then my diet I don't really have a diet I don't eat dairy while I am here sometimes I dabble when I'm in Europe because it doesn't actually hurt my stomach or break me out in Europe but for when I'm in North America Canada I don't eat dairy at all other than that I kind of intuitively eat I don't restrict myself I eat kind of what I want to eat and I just like don't binge eat I try to eat healthy foods and I try to eat foods that I know are good for me and make me feel good a lot of questions about like finding time to go to the gym and staying motivated I totally got this it can be very difficult to stay motivated I think I mean it just we're here makes me feel really good I mean like not while I'm doing it and not right after for me but like if I don't work out I feel down I feel gross I feel like heavy and I really don't like that so that's kind of what keeps me motivated to go it can be really difficult especially the beginning to go I feel like the first like week that you start working out you're like really motivated you want to go and then that's after that it kind of like you're like God I really want to go anymore to try to find the most optimal time for you to work out for me like I don't work out at night because I just I never end up going if I commit to going at night and work in the morning and that's what that's just like what works for me they used to work out at night and then it changed because I got so busy that by the end of the day I'm really exhausted and I don't want to work out so you know just go with whatever works for you someone else for like finding time when you're really busy it can be really difficult but like my mentality is like I just need to get something in you know like I just need to do that 15 minutes that 20 minutes and I just need to do something a little bit of something every day find a class or find something that link is fun and find it at a time it just works best for your schedule so you kind of like want to go hardest part but going to the gym for me is like getting my workout clothes on and going to the gym once I'm there it's fun but it's like that getting there when I was just like working on the gym I would do two days a week glutes and then I would do cardio and ABS day and then I would do it off her body day any tips for building a workout routine or schedule I think like consulting someone who is good at it and getting someone to write something out for you or like working out and figure out what works for you but again I did two days a week glutes one day week upper body and then one day week cardio and abs when I was working out in the gym now I do like effort because I'm like not home a lot it's kind of harder to do a schedule but I'll do f45 like three days I'll do workout in the gym like one or two days and then one of those is usually dropped I'll just thing at home or I'll just skip the at home like it I don't really have a schedule right now it's just like whatever I can do my store after working out when I work out hard yep of course I'm sore hmm my focus is definitely to like look and feel my best another question I got a lot was about calories I just don't count calories I don't look at that at all like I don't even know really how to go about that so yeah I also want you to just remember that every body is different and like I'm naturally pretty slim my mom is slim and I don't have like big hips I don't have big boobs I'm like pretty small so when I do gain weight I gained it in my face and I gained it in like my Lily legs and midsection a couple years ago I gained like 10 to 15 pounds and like that's kind of where I gained it I was just like a bit thicker in the waist and my butt got pretty big yeah that's it I have a beginner's guide to the gym video if you want to look at that I still stand by like a lot of those things that I say like how to get into the gym I'll link it down below it's a great video so yeah that's it thank you so much to Lululemon for sponsoring this video my honestly my favorite workout clothes are Lululemon I am obsessed my Lululemon leggings I think I have five pairs of Lululemon leggings like they are just my favorite they're the most high-waisted they're the most comfortable for me and I absolutely love them and I think it's really cool that they came out with all these self-care products these are the big ones they actually have full size of all the products as well if you want to do that instead of the travel size you can you can do the outfit that I wore and then all the products down below I think it's really cool to sponsor this video because it's a brand that like I love and I've loved for so long I remember buy my first we'll have a product and it was a sweatshirt it was like a hundred dollars and I was in grade seven and it was so expensive and I wore it every day and then they want Lululemon pants and yeah so I just am really it's really cool so definitely check those out they're great after workout products that you can kind of like throw in your bag put them on and like go to your meeting or whatever and if you have any other questions about working out or health you can leave the note below and I can do a follow-up video we're gonna haul the industry I'm loving LP slow you


  1. Sigh. I know it’s not a huge part of your vid but I wished Lululemon was a better and more inclusive brand for all body types….that said….this video has me hyped to take better care of my body 💪🏼

  2. please don’t leave the dry shampoo in your car (or any kind of spray) specially now that it’s summer. they might burst when exposed to heat.

  3. if you want to watch my insane body transformation at just 16 click the link.

  4. Wow Allegra you are looking very nice beautiful in that gym outfit as well as your hair body makeup nailpolish eyelashes lipstick skin eyes smile are quite pretty amazing well done 😊😊❤️❤️

  5. Didn’t you start working out at 4 when you started taking Karate? That was a workout for you for 18 years at least.

  6. Thank you so much for posting this Allegra..this was something I had asked about before and you didn't disappoint. xo

  7. (does anyone) have any tips to slim out your waist and thighs? Thats where i gain weight and no matter how much i go to the gym or eat healthy i cant seem to loose it. I've gained 20lbs in the last few years :'(

  8. Please please make a part 2 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

    I'm soooo proud that I'm one of your first subs (cannot remember how few subs you had but I know that I was so early) – always loved how wonderful you are and how gorgeous you are and so amazing inside and outside 💗💗

    And now latest years – I've also loved how body goals you are! And how good inspo you are 💗💗

    Words cannot explain how much I love you and how proud I am. So happy for you that your channel has grown to become so crazy big over these years.

    ⭐️💖❤️ Allegra in my heart ❤️💖⭐️

  9. When I started following the Eat The Fat Off™ system I was very skeptical to say the least. Eat the fat off, yeah right, like that would work. To my surprise and delight I have lost 35 pounds in the last 60 days. My blood pressure went from 180/100 to 124/84 My blood sugar went from 400 to 120 . All while eating. I ate my fat off and I’m amazed!

  10. Yay oh my god I’ve been needing this video I was caught red handed with some Hershey kisses last night

  11. The biggest problem I have is I have been moving and haven’t had a solid living situation or get injured which has made motivation really hard. And I don’t want to re injure myself. Plus it’s frustrating to have to keep starting over. Any tips?

  12. Have you tried Tala?? They’re a new sustainable clothing brand in the Uk but they ship to Canada and the US too:) oh and they’re really affordable compared to most sustainable options! Loved this video xxx

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