How I Take Off My Makeup at Night | Skincare | Caudalie | Vlog18

How I Take Off My Makeup at Night | Skincare | Caudalie | Vlog18

hello lovely people welcome back to my
channel it’s me Marisol hope all is well and for dosis new to my channel my name
is Marisol and Costa Pocoyo okay guys in today’s video I would like
to share with you one of my simple step of one of my night skincare routine so I
don’t think if I share this to you one of this step before when you said you
prep your face you’re gonna be doing a lot of cleansing like using your
exfoliator any kind of cleansing um liquid or bar or whatsoever but for
me I use oil first especially if I’m wearing makeup like
after work or if I go outside like today I have few errands and it is already
late at night here my labs and as you can see I still have a little make-up on
this is just a looks of my everyday makeup routine or something like that um
I have like a dewy skin right now because I use this um this one this guy
this is called Kelly touch for M collagen potion
it is SPF 50 PA plus plus plus I don’t know if they’re still selling this I
bought this last year maybe like let’s just say like five six months ago I only
use this once in a while if I would like to have a some kind of a dewy skin
something like that so I just have a little eye shadow going on there of
course my eyebrow brows is life and as you could see my lipstick is fading a
little bronzer there and some kind of highlights so I would like to show it to
you how I prep my skin before going to bed so of course
we’re going to be using my body cleanser facial cleanser but I would like to
share to you introduce to you guys this kodály that I’m using I’ve tried a few
cleansing facial oil cleansing oil like um um josie maran
i’m sure you mera I tried I even used vitamin E oil I also use coconut oil I’m
once in a while it gives me breakouts but you know for
so many reason why your skin get breakouts of some kind of chemicals that
you are using your skin but this guy here this is um made from organic thing
so like this cleansing oil this is made from sunflower and a castor oil it is
instantly this old makeup so it does not contain any mineral oil so it won’t clog
your pores and in any clip and it won’t leave any residue so when you apply this
to your skin it instantly dissolve your makeup but first just to prevent from
extra irritation or something like that I tried to use my clinic makeup removal
first like let me show you like I have to get rid of my lipstick first it’s just for immediate um you know
getting rid of all that makeup that you apply all day long so I have this makeup
for I think around 2:30 3 o clock this afternoon and it’s already late at night
so I just have to like remove it and then now we’re gonna have to use this um
kadala cleansing oil you can buy this at Sephora this is for $28 and you can buy
this at their own website so you just have to go to WWE can saw just gonna
shake it a little bit and you can just first guys you have to like move down
your hand like warm water or cold water so that and then pump like three pump on
your hand and just massage to warm it up like that and first you have to apply it
in your face before going to your to your eyes so so you just have to leave you don’t need
to have I mean really gentle with this just massage it circular motion and then
now I can I can work on my ice right now you just
have to close your eyes I have to massage like that because I
put a little mascara today all right guys so I’m gonna wash my face
and I’ll be right back okay all right my lobes
um I’m back and I already prep my skin double prep my skin meaning that I clean
cleanse my skin twice so with using of this cleansing oil first and then after
that as what I’ve said you have to dump your hand with warm water or cold water
and then just um you know apply it in your face like fifteen to thirty seconds
into circular motion from your chick to to the forehead and then go lastly to
your to your makeup your eyes so para Hindi map on fire makeups are area Nam
Nam skin MO and then after that I also use my facial pencil and then I rinse
again my face and then after that I did my toner the toner and I just did my
regular skincare guys during daytime and nighttime and then I use my my serum and
then after that I use my this um moisturizer from the body as well and
then I use my eye cream and then I use also the lip balm which is I just use
the aquaphor and also guys um when it’s winter I do I do a little extra steps
for my skincare because I put an extra oil it’s not not the vitamin C the serum
like I use this one any oil you can even use argan oil you can use vitamin E oil
so this is from josie maran as well it’s a skin dope you can buy this to support
as well I think I’m it’s like $65 I believe so
so just take a besides of your moisturizer and then
mix it with our oil because oil it has a potential benefits for your skin and I
just did a little research here as well before I you know fill myself so I know
what I’m gonna say so you will know exactly what I am trying to share to you
guys I’m not a dermatologist or doctor but in terms of skin skin care I’m so
picky with that so so oil is type of emollient meaning not Papa la casilla
and a cappella ashes are outer layer now I think skin by softening and selling it
and preventing water loss especially when it’s summer so when it’s summer you
know how we sweat you don’t want to be using face facial
oil at the time but uh apparently tone so it’s better to use that at night so
it absorb more and gives more protection to your skin
so anyways I’ve done on my own skin care and I know I’m sure to you many times
with this um antioxidant water blow face mess that I’ve been using so sometimes
I’m switching back and forth the two of them so I have also a kodály
break water it’s a my face mask as well so kodály is a great water can be used
as a moisturizing toner so this you can use this as a toner as well and then
this is comes from extra water of the grapes so this is very natural and this
is very friendly use this is how they call that you know for Amy’s skin type
like this is the battle guys so if you have a normal skin oily skin combination
like me I have a combo skin like dry here and to my t-zone it’s oily but
since it’s some winter guys my labs I mean my skin is really really dry so I
have to take a little extra step in terms of
my skincare and then um this is perfect for sensitive skin it can be used as a
toner and after cleansing it can be used as a setting spray so you can use this
as a setting spray before and after applying makeup and this is really
really good I use Mac setting spray the how what’s the what’s the name of this
again I’m sorry it’s the prep and prime the from Mac but
I use this also once in a while especially when my skin is you know
feeling really really dry and again this is non intoxicating and this is big and
cruelty free and this is also what I call that is hypoallergenic and it’s
free synthetic chemicals so I just want to spray it like that
Oh manga a manga loves this is so good I can spray it all day long to my face and
it’s really refreshing I know this is made from from great water or something
like that but I didn’t smell anything it’s just really really really really
mild so I hope you liked this video and I hope you learned something from this
video today for those who hasn’t subscribed yet please subscribe to my
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getting really really late and um have a good day and have a good night everyone
see you on my next video bye mwah you


  1. Ganda ng skin ma maam! San ganyan din ako hehe. Salamat sa pag share ng iyong skin care routine. Nag iwan po ako ng gift!
    Wait nalang po ako sa bahay .. salamat po! God bless

  2. I use Tatcha cleansing oil. I didn't use cleansing oil in the past but I'm glad I was introduced to it. -Court

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