How many carbs to lose weight | How many carbs per day | SAY WAHT?

How many carbs to lose weight | How many carbs per day | SAY WAHT?

yeah How many carbs to lose weight how many heart rate me to lose weight
this is a very common question amassed and to answer this question we’re going
to revert back to bodybuilding bro science How many carbs to lose weight because bodybuilders really have one of
the best methods to lose body fat without losing muscle does doesn’t mean
that everybody wants to be a bodybuilder if I wanna be a bodybuilder I don’t know
but only if no immediate How many carbs per day things running bodybuilders really
haven’t figured out as far as how to have the best body
composition from you die most bodybuilders they
stick to a 40 40 20 split forty-percent carbs forty percent
protein and 20 percent back that’s how this
little other macronutrients in their diet and it works I can tell
you from experience for myself it definitely works see you have to
figure out the amount of calories the should be having heard a I’ve included a link below in the
description on the calorie counter the used to figure out exactly how many
calories you should be having per day and once you figure out the amount how
is usually have heard a from there you can apply the 40 40 20
split and this we all know exactly how many carbs you should be having per day before we
get any further something that I feel you should understand about cars is that your body the way they treat
scars inflicted gassed imagine your body being with the gas
tank once you’ve had too many cars in the gas tank is filled up you gonna hit was called spillover and
spillovers we’re body size t access cards and store them is back are
you gonna hit spillover a lot faster if you’re not working out not exercising
especially for not doing weight training we training not only breaks muscle down
requires more protein for you by repair the muscle it also
primarily utilizes carbohydrates as its main sources energy you’re not
going to hit spillover ass pass because your body’s gonna need to use of
carbohydrate it’s gonna be depleted it’s casting on the other hand if you
had it on a card yesterday you didn’t do any kind of workout last
three months your body really doesn’t need access
cards tomorrow as well because it probably still hasn’t How many carbs per day on saved up in the gas tank from
yesterday make sure you complete your cards through we train were at least some kinda exercise
program this way you could actually work hard also how many carbs a day instead of just worrying about the one
you should really worry about the quality How many carbs to lose weight the title card retaken are very
important the majority of the day you want to be eating slow digesting
carbs carbs like brown rice meanwhile oatmeal yen’s sweet potatoes
green vegetables cream of wheat Ezekiel bread on the
other hand the car the you want to avoid for the most part of the day are white
rice sugar plain pasta white bread candy potatoes too many fruits something like white
rice were a banana is really great right after your workout it’s not so great right when you’re
going to bed slow digesting and faster just in car should be cut out
completely as you go one further and further throughout your day as you get closer to going to bed if you
look hard earlier in the day there’s a higher chance of them being
burnt all as the day goes off many nutritional experts out there are
telling everyone to have lots of fruits and vegetables I totally agree with having lots and
green vegetables you literally can not be enough How many carbs to lose weight reinvest however too much through is
just as bad as having too much candy you too much groups throughout the day
yes it might satisfy your sweet tooth but it’s going to be stored as fat I
wouldn’t recommend more than two fruits per day that’s it if you really want to lose
weight using carbohydrates you should definitely try carb cycle had already
spoken about carb cycling in debt in a previous video on include the late
great year and this link will take you Sri How many carbs per day to the party video where I talk about
heart cycle so that when check that out heart cycling really help you maximize using your
carbs for fat burning that’s it folks he’s home How many carbs to lose weight


  1. hi…i just found your channel. i have been following Macros plan specifically for my BMR goal weight …i calculated my BMR based on my height 4'9 goal weight 100 and gender female and age 51 activety level is Sedentary /no exercise…when i started i was 130 lbs…on April 17 2017… but currently I am 120 lbs … my marcos is calulated for 1 pound a week of weight loss. I have been doing very well …except the last 2 weeks I am still at 120 and should be at 118…I'm not sure if I'm at a Platue… my marcos # is 998 ÷6 =166 a meal ..
    Total intake a day is:
    Protien 100
    Fat 40
    Carbs 60
    i stick to this for 6 meals a day…my protein shake is Gold Standard Whey double chocolate. i have 30g each day with eirther 8oz of water or unsweeted Vanilla flavored Almond milk. 🤓


  2. ? On a caloric deficit how can your body use or store up what your not giving it enough of wouldn't that only apply for maintenance calories

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