1. There are so many instances of this happening in capitalist societies, I wonder if capitalism can ever hope to function in relative harmony with the health of it's​ populace. If not, then what is the alternative economic system?

  2. Only a question of time b4 humanity wipes itself off the planet. Greed and stupidity leads to oblivion. Muahahahahahahaha!

  3. If the privileged have decided to decrease the population they don't hesitate taking advantage of any opportunity !

  4. I believe it's still being used in the aviation fuel AVGAS. It's now sold as 'low lead' so they've obviously decreased the amount used in the mix but it's still there!!

  5. 0:49 "(outside flint) children's lead-levels stayed about the same"
    no – they actually (according to the graph) doubled (okay maybe not 100% increase – but 80%!) as well

  6. Can you tell me about histamin Dr. Greger. They found too much histamin in my blood. I can not tolerate nuts and beans. Ty

  7. dr. Greger, words cannot express how incredibly grateful I am for you. Sincerely, and genuinely thank you for everything you do.

  8. I find it rather obvious, unfortunately, that as always, the poorer citizens, will ALWAYS get the worst treatment. However, just because of accident of birth (as the late Great George Carlin put it), I do not feel that it should be that way. Thank you, Dr. Greger, while we human beings should worry ourselves with the individuals who were accidentally born to become someone's dinner, our concern and compassion should never end there. You have shone the light on this abominable situation, and that is the first step in fixing any problem, regarding we human animals especially.

  9. Ethyl(tetraethyllead) is the gasoline additive that was toxic, the gasoline companies told us it added performance. Scientists knew it was toxic in the 1950's* but it wasn't banned in the US until 1986.

    *workers at the plant were dieing.

  10. I love how you have veered down the path of political activism. Not your intention, I'm sure, because your true passion is nutrition but health is health and it's hard to ignore such egregious assaults on health as lead poisoning. Go Dr. Greger! I love it!! Just one more admirable way you are improving the lives of others. Kudos! I'm a huge fun! Keep up the fantastic work you do! You're truly making a difference.

  11. This story about TEL in gasoline is deeper than one can imagine. In 1922 TEL was manufactured by Dupont, GM improved the chemistry of production and formed their own company. The patent for TEL as an octane booster was held by Dr. Thomas Midgley a chemist at GM. In 1923, Dr. Midgley had to take a year off because of lead poisoning. Shortly after he returned, in 1924, he was a speaker at a news conference demonstrating the "safety" of TEL. Even worst, in 1935 a license to produce TEL was given to I.G. Farben in Germany, enabling the Luftwaffe to use high octane gasoline for their planes.

  12. Stories like this should be on the front page of every newspaper and covered on every TV and radio newscast in the country

  13. Must eliminate stupid Citizens United Supreme Court decision ………
    ……….. and END Legalized Bribery in USA.
    Corporations are NOT People. #BanDarkMoneyBribes

  14. Darn rich folks always finding ways to depopulate the poor weary masses. In the west they are covert with their operations but in the east they just make it a policy. Say what you want about Eastern tyrants. At least rhey are honest with their intentions. :p

  15. It's really worth checking carefully and reading all screen captures of articles cited:
    case in point at 2:07 – yikes!!!

  16. Hi! I have a really IMPORTANT QUESTION for me … If i want to be an activist of the world and animal rigths and also explore the world.. What should I study?


  17. Thank you, it's time people were healthy enough to follow the money. How sad for entire corporations to murder others while consciously living where the water and air are cleaner. It's good over evil, only love will conquer. Thank you for the love.

  18. Here's my story: I'm 55 years old. When I was about 14 years old I was trying to siphon gas (leaded) out of the cars tank and I got half a mouthful of gas which I of course spit right out. I ran into the house and started rinsing my mouth out for what seemed like an eternity but the "taste" of fumes would just not go away. It's been too many years for me to remember how long it stayed with me but I'm thinking it may have gone away by the evening or at least the next morning.
    My question is…It's been 40 years and I haven't developed any cancer yet. Do you think if something was going to happen to me it would've happened by now?

  19. the parallels between the lead industry and the meat, egg and dairy industry are frightening. In 50 years, well look back at this time with total disbelief towards todays gullible society

  20. All of those involved with promoting lead based fuel should of been executed or life in prison for crimes against humanity.

  21. Please do a followup on the state of aviation grade gasoline used by small aircraft! This is still a huge source of lead in air and soil to this day. I feel the majority of people are unaware that lead is still added in large quantities to aviation gasoline. This is kind of a dirty secret in the aviation world that even many aerospace engineers (like myself) are not aware of!

  22. They got away with it, because leaded fuel is harmless and nobody attacked them. The claim of the 1980s, that emissions from these fuels damage the natural world and humans are false. We can see this by just looking at what those people did who claimed that leaded fuels are bad for their health.

    In the 1980s they advocated for us to give up car-driving all together ideally. They wanted to demotorise the common man. They proposed that we should drive as slowly as possible and when driving new cars to buy small cars. They proposed to get away from ice to inferior propulsion concepts like battery-electric.
    They didn't propose to introduce other fuels. That was the idea of the oil industry. As soon as the toxic exhaust problem was on the table, the car industry and the oil industry created new products to solve it. They came up with alternative anti-knock agents that facilitated unleaded fuel and catalytic converters in cars.

    What did those who claimed the emissions had been bad do as soon as the emission problem was solved. Had they been serious, had they said: "Wonderful. The problem is solved. We'll never be anti-car again." They'd have been happy. They weren't happy. They said nothing at first.
    But after half a decade they came up with an alternative problem to be against the car: greenhouse-effect with CO2 is "greenhouse gas".
    A smoking gun that shows us that both, the badness of CO2-emissions and the badness of lead-era emissions are made up scare stories.

    Your video contains probably several lies. But I want to point out the one I can safely identify. It is that the claim, car exhaust are dangerous for the environment appeared no earlier than around 1980. And when they appeared, the oil industry didn't defend themselves, rather stepped up and created unleaded gasoline as ordered without resistance. You claim, claims had been all around since the 1920s and the industry defended itself against them, thwarted them off, successfully. That's revisionism.

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