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How To Avoid Health Issues! - r/AskReddit Top Posts

what will be that turns out cigarettes are bad for us of our generation hearing loss from earbuds what hearing loss from earbuds you dearly love some Milk Duds whose planting rose butts loud concepts and driving with the window down at high speeds is already taking its toll on most people's hearing people need to be aware of that shirt look at an old person and think what fucked them up and protect yourself edit your motherfuckers need to find an online hearing test sitting for 8 plus hours a day while lab use to have a daily notification that told us to stand up and stretch sitting is the new smoking hash bu TT CA NC er the irony of course being that smoke breaks used to be the only excuse to stop sitting at work and take a break I just go to the staff kitchen and eat my bodyweight and biscuits instead great exercise god forbid computer screens otherwise we're super screwed not so much computer screens as they can't really do any harm independently but looking at anything close to your eyes for long periods of time can edit Jesus I swear this is my most contested comment it is really interesting hearing about both sides of this studies show conflicting information but they seem to agree that if there is any damage at eyesand permanent and is either mostly psychological or just our eyes drying out or getting tired I'm enjoying all of these different viewpoints unintended that I just can't keep up spooked face not enough sleep forma sleep researcher here this is definitely the answer we already know the numerous public health implications not only in lower grades for students but also more medical errors more traffic accidents the cause of many plane crashes et Cie yet it's still seen as a sign of weakness if you want to sleep a normal amount not to mention lack of sleep messes with your hormones and can be a factor in obesity depression breast cancer and more edit since a bunch of you are asking the recommended hash of hours of sleep for most adults is 7 to 9 second edit the breast cancer thing is not necess really true there's been some new research since I left the field hearing loss isn't going to kill like cigarettes but we sure beat the hell out of our ears via headphones I'm 28 being playing in bands and using headphones since I was a preteen started experiencing tinnitus symptoms on a daily basis this year I used to not think about loud noise but being around construction on the street is stressful now because I can feel when my ears are being abused we still don't know how to repair in a rare damage so start wearing earplugs / turning down your music devices now cause if you mess up your hearing it's only the rest of your life Samsung phones are always warning you of this when you listen to music it automatically turns the volume down every so often and has a red bar and the extreme end of the volume graphic sugar yeah this is the answer that actually mirrors Big Tobacco we are aware that it's not great for you but it's actually way worse than most people know Plus heavily marketed towards kids plus heavily marketed towards kids the reason for that is it's all owned by the big tobacco companies they've been buying up all the food makers since the late 70s when they started actually losing court cases about tobacco use they started using the same hook though when they're young strategies to doesn't joke and look like he could easily be on a sterile box there's a reason for that edit man after some of these replies now I know how people in the 50s feel when they were claiming smoking was bad for you I really pray it's not lassic eye surgery my lassic didn't go well sad face that was meant to be a crying face but my eyes no longer make tears properly even years later can you explain how it didn't go well I get intense starbursts and halos at night which means my stargazing and moon gazing days are over it also makes driving at night a nightmare these were all possible complications that I been warned about so I really only have myself to blame too bad I can't just load a solder game though go back in time hey me too makes me really sad remembering what fireworks and a full moon used to look like now they are just blurs in the sky and having to go anywhere in the winter when it's dark before 5 p.m. is super stressful edit for all of you who have thought about getting LASIK don't let my story dissuade you this was a known risk given my unique eyeballs it never hurts to talk to a doctor and evaluate your individual situation it could be the best decision of your life please don't be garlic bread bread makes you fat chicken isn't vegan well of course not but is gelato its milk and eggs which edit mom get the camera my friend was telling me about this guy she used to date every time they'd go to a sit-down restaurant he would tell the waiter / waitress his order and cap it with and that comes with free garlic bread right confused at first the waiter would say no sorry when the waiter comes back with food or a drink he would always say oh I'm still missing that free garlic bread turns out if he wore them down and continued mentioning it he would consistently get free garlic bread as someone who used to be a server that guy sounds like the worst Edit Jesus people have made much whittier comments than this as someone who consistently tries to not be an asshole to waitstaff fuck that guy I'd be embarrassed to be seen eating with him fuck that guy and that comes with free garlic bread right putting your entire life online and having it all stored forever there's going to be an embarrassing digital paper trail for the next generation of MPs senators and diplomats I'd like to think that we'll get to the stage as a species where it won't matter that you made a comment on Twitter about wanting to eat your girlfriend's ass like a snack cake when you were 19 or because you once sent a photo of your breasts to a partner but somehow I doubt it that shit's going to end at least a couple of political careers before they even begin edit ass reduction surgery there's even the point that early on they have no control over it parent start sharing stuff on social media as soon as they are born it possible that we will have high-powered politicians who have pictures of their first big boy poop on the internet somewhere my sister-in-law has done this with my nephews she's created FAFSA book pages for each of them where she writes accounts of their milestones as if it's them talking it doesn't sit right with me report it it violates FAFSA books Terms of Service turns out that filling the ocean with plastic refuse wasn't the smartest than people in the early 21st century did quote from 22nd century textbook some scientists say we are in the plasticine era it's kind of sad turns out shielding everyone from risk creates a lower risk acceptance threshold yes absolutely as an example the most shielded kids usually go wild whenever they get an ounce of freedom most fundamentalist parents don't realize this gives a Tartar shielded from the world can't really function within it while I agree on the fact that shielded children will go overboard with their first doses of Independence I think more damaging is the reluctance to take risk at opportune moments iPads for toddlers and young kids while it's true that there are educational apps time spent playing with the tablet is time spent away from learning through real-world interaction there are some studies that suggest that television is best left out until age two because the brain needs time to develop there aren't any long-term tablet / iPad studies that I'm aware of but I doubt it is beneficial it's a quick way to entertain a toddler which is part of the problem kids need to learn how to be bored the alphabet counting and reading can wait edit Wow I didn't expect this comment to blow up I think it's important to note that I'm not judging parents who use an iPad to entertain their kids if that works for you and you think it helps your kid go ahead and do that no one is stopping you milder kids actually do use my wife's iPad on occasion my eight-year-old has taught himself new songs on the piano how to ride a unicycle how to solve a Rubik's Cube and creates his own rube go burg machines thanks to the Internet he also swims gulfs bike rides plays baseball etc it's not all or nothing and I agree with that I just think Tata slash preschoolers are better served interacting with their environment at best it makes no difference at worst it harms your child maybe it won't make a difference but I'm not making my toddler a guinea pig for this experiment it always breaks my heart when I see kids who don't know how to occupy themselves and just play especially when combined with helicopter parents who never let their kid get dirty or fall down these kids are constantly over stimulated with screens and bubble wrap to the point they will never develop any life skills this is what makes a bratty self entitled adult who refuses to do anything for themselves and expects everything handed to them on a silver platter edit woo mind arcs blow up in reffering to when parents don't bother trying to get kids interested and shove a screen in their face yes I'm aware self-entitled bratty adults have been around forever I'm also aware there are kids who can handle a lot of screen time and be interested in other things everything is a balance including parenting and it does depend on the child as well got any similar facts leave it in the comments below you


  1. Vaping is one of those things we need to look out for. Like honest to god all these ‘it’s healthier than smoking’ claims aren’t true at all. Numerous studies have confirmed things like how it does damage lungs and destroys cells and bone marrow (somehow). Just because it’s ‘healthier than smoking’ doesn’t mean it’s healthy at all 😂

  2. Not sure if this one is in the video or not (I’ve only watched 1 minute of it so far but I don’t want to forget to say this), but a recent study has shown that the super loud hand dryers in stores and movie theaters, etc, are starting to cause hearing loss in children. Word of advice, get your youngsters to use paper towel instead and be sure to not use hand dryers for any longer than you need to.

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