How To Be Alone | 4 Healthy Ways

How To Be Alone | 4 Healthy Ways


  1. Cool. I work alone as well but as an extrovert I constantly crave conversations with other people so pretty much I spend half of my "work time" just chatting up and communicating with other people so I became unproductive instead.

  2. Avoid social media, looking at "how happy" other people are together doesn't make it better for you.

  3. Sometimes we need to go inwards and undergo a "Mental Overhaul" and "Spiritual Tune Up" in order to maintain good moral performance and strong resistance in facing life's many challenges.

  4. Thanks voor de reminder om meer alleen te zijn met mezelf en niet elke keer afleiding te zoeken. Dit is voor mij echt iets geworden waar ik aan moet werken, dus je tips komen goed van pas 😊 En net zoals elke andere video was deze ook weer heel goed 🙂 Imo verdien je nog veel meer subscribers, maar denk dat die wel komen als je zo door gaat!

  5. Hello.
    My name Is Toby.
    I am a British 17 year old, studying at college.
    I struggle with organisation, I have self destructive short term habits. I think things, but struggle to follow through. I also overthink myself to oblivion.
    I often choose short term forfillment over the long term.

    I want to take control of my life. But I don't know how.
    I want to meditate, I just don't because "morning me" would rather procrastinate.

    I want to study and exercise, but I always choose what is easy instead.

    Could you give me some tips/and or books/videos I could use to take control of my life.

  6. If you can’t go on a long walk by yourself , then you probably tolerate a lot of bs from people in fear of being alone . You probably don’t tell people what they need to hear ( friends family women) because you aren’t comfortable with yourself.

  7. Being along can be quite helpful 🙏
    It allows you to discover who you are. It allows you to recharge IF you are an introvert. I believe some extroverts also do, but rarely the case. It allows you to reflect in general 😊

  8. The Dhammapada-

    "Look at your body—
    A painted puppet, a poor toy
    Of jointed parts ready to collapse,
    A diseased and suffering thing
    With a head full of false imaginings."

  9. Solitude is the single most important state for learning about thyself
    Introspection is a must for understanding who you are, finding your passion and forming a clear picture of life in general.

  10. I’ve learned that having too many friends can be a headache. A lot of times going to places you’d normally go with your friends all by yourself can be more fun and interesting.

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