How to Build a Grass Driveway | Ask This Old House

How to Build a Grass Driveway | Ask This Old House

pterri his a solution for your problem of the driveway this is a plastic paving system how's that gonna look it's gonna look great it's gonna look just like grass but in order to get it there we have to first dig underneath it and put some stone in then we're gonna lay this down on top of the stone we're gonna fill all these honey combs with topsoil and then we're gonna put sod right on top of it Wow and you'll be able to drive over these well that'll be cool okay so we got to do some digging you ready I'm ready let's go now Terry a few look you have one post down there and you have all green in front of it what I'd like to do is go to that post and have all green in front of it – I'll order to do that we got a rake back some of the stone about two feet now Terry before we start digging even though we're only going down less than a foot here I always call my utility locating service and they come out and they lock the utilities and you can see here they put in a big yellow mock which is gas and that means we're okay to dig awesome we're gonna reuse some of the topsoil so let's get the good stuff on the top and the rest of it will truck out of it now we can compact the subsoil we want a good and firm before we put us stone on top of it Terry here's our basement sewers this is 3/4 inch crushed stone and this is great for a couple of reasons first it drains so this area won't get swampy second once we compact this it'll be a great base for our plastic to lie on and ultimately I saw it to grow on excellence so I'm gonna dump it and you're gonna spread it all right okay ready one two I'll go get some more okay have fun yeah we only want to put in two or three inches of this crushed stone at a time then pack it down so we know that everything is nice and tight all right so we dug out all the lomi material right compacted subgrade we put some stone in compacted that yep more stone more compacting now we're up to just the right height where we can slide our plastic panels in in there about an inch below this grade and that's what the sod will be sitting at perfect so now we're ready to start laying the tiles you ready I'm ready you want to hand them to me sure alright now we just take and line these up and they will snap right into place there we go good right before you do that I'm gonna take the grade steak out of the way grab that root I want to put these down in a running bond pattern that means the joints are gonna be staggered and it'll give it more strength in order to do that I have to cut some half pieces of the panels and I'll do that using my reciprocating saw all right with our low Maul mix with some compost we're gonna start filling in the grid before we put the side down taking water this in and make sure it's all compacted down into those honeycomb now wet soil will help the roots grow all right so now we're ready to plant we could put down seed and wait two to four weeks for it to come up and fight the weeds and everything that goes with a seeded alarm but today I'm gonna give you side and you are gonna have an instant one there we go you ready I'm ready okay you'll notice that we're rolling out the sod at a 90 degree angle to the plastic pavers that's to even give it more strength so won't move when it's driven on alright here we go oh wow coming out that is awesome how's it look oh it's great


  1. I'm glad they mentioned calling your utility locater. I feel like a lot of DIY and home improvement shows overlook such a simple and crucial step.

  2. I do not understand why she wouldn't just extend her gravel driveway to the road.. what is the point of this?

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