How to Build Muscle at Planet Fitness

How to Build Muscle at Planet Fitness

yo Eliot here we got this question for my buddy ma 316 he goes on to say that the only gym in his area that he can afford to go to his Planet Fitness done tenth and done so he's got a membership there he realizes that they don't have barbells their weights are pretty light it's really yet understand that Planet Fitness my hat goes off to them because what they do is they're you don't go to Planet Fitness because you want a body build right what they do is they serve a particular niche of the fitness market that really doesn't want to exercise they just want to feel good that they have a gym membership and they want to make the environment such that anybody else that has a membership and is training while they're training also doesn't really want to be there and they invite them in with cookies and and and pizza and stuff like that and it's a great marketing strategy it's awesome but if you're stuck like you are and you're a serious strength trainer you really want to build muscle you're stuck going to this place right I can't make fun of them because they're cashing in on this they're smart but you're stuck you got to go what I would do is that would start studying you want to build muscles start studying the work of Arthur Jones and and some of the stuff that Mike münster does with heavy-duty training I think you can get away with this because if all they have is machines and they don't go very heavy what you're going to have to do is look you're gonna have to train in such a way that you make the lightweights heavy and when Jones talks about and and yeast I think the the creator of Nautilus machines so basically it's all machine training if you study his stuff and Mike mentor was a student of his what they do is they extend their sets by going by using very long tempos so for example if you're going to do a chest press on a chest machine you're going to hold it at the top you know granted that you're using a weight that's but that's heavy enough for you but hold it at the top of four seconds lower it one two three four pause for four seconds and then raise it for four seconds you can do this with all of the exercises all the machines that they have there and train your entire body now this is not the preferred method for gaining muscle and strength in my opinion right using purely machines and using this heavy duty type technique but it will work right so the study might men sirs uh heavy-duty training principles because he'll talk about tempos he'll talk about rest pauses so basically where you do this tempo with the lighter weight right because you can't go as heavy when you're doing four it's it's four eight twelve seconds per rep that's crazy you can't go that heavy so you're gonna find the weights a lot lighter and then use some of the advanced techniques like rest pause so basically you do as many as you can tell you're like dying with that light weight pause for about twenty seconds and then go and do more there's isotonic you know basically where you're there's you're going isometric is actually the word where you're pausing at different intervals throughout the rep range these are all techniques that you can use with machines and lighter weights and you will grow muscle this is all body building parameters you will grow muscle training at Planet Fitness with it don't go crazy I experimented with Mike mentor stuff don't go crazy with the low frequency that he advises I don't think that that's going to work for most people so take the actual workout stuff the the micro cycle the actual workout that him and Arthur Jones talked about heavy duty training high intensity training they call it hit training and then kind of ignore the frequency stuff I think you're going to need to train the muscles more than every ten to twelve days is what he talks about so that's it man you can do it Planet Fitness does a great job serving people that don't want to train but if you have no choice you can go there and use these methods with what they offer good luck yo Eliot you


  1. To build muscle at Planet Fitness you need to eliminate the Macho Madness ego lifts… and do Straight bodybuilding… they have gym etiquette posted everywhere… and if you're illiterate they have a lunk alarm they'll slam you with, and a host that'll show you where the exits at!

  2. Anyone who wants to get fit , will get fit. Don’t let limitations be an excuse . Y’all grind . Bless up

  3. It's not that bad at planet fitness. So far I've lost more than 50 pounds and have gained quite some strength since getting back to gym. I agree they could use more free weights and racks, but i think it's funny seeing how many people in the comment section trying to fit themselves among the bodybuilders and powerlifters who do need serious heavy weights.

  4. Why does everyone think this about planet fitness? Is it way smaller in other states? Cus planet fitness' are the largest gyms in my city. I mean they shame ppl for shaming ppl. Which is like ok two wrongs don't make a right buttt.. don't make fun of somebody lifting light weight. I mean if I just got out 32 Staples from my arm then yeah imma be lifting light. Or if in starting out yeah, but don't make it to where somebody doesn't come back. It's easy to say to ignore someone when you're the one making fun. But as far as the weight and machines, I've been to all of the ones in my city and there's plenty machines for each muscle group, multiple for each really. there's cables, calisthenics, benches, pull up, bar bells, and dumbbells up to like 100 where not even the biggest ripped dudes are touching them. There's no reason you couldn't get really strong with all that. I mean sure if you're competition body building then yeah you might want something specific. But thinking you can't do enough there is just an ego thing which is what they're trying to prevent so… So be it lol they don't seem to be losing money from the swole ppl with hurt feelings

  5. You can build muscle. EASY.

    Step 1: lift some heavy ass weight
    Step 2: eat a crap ton of rice, meats, spinach, water, and creatine.

    That’s it.

  6. Im sorry elliot but being a gym snobb makes you look ridiculous. Why would you knock planet fitness? For the price it's a legit gym. Nothing wrong with the place. There's people who go all the time and to me they look like they're getting pretty good workouts.

  7. I think it’s a gym for people to get comfortable with going. Like I would go to planet fitness to start and once I gain my strength and realize that no one really cares what I’m doing I’ll upgrade to good gym for body building.

  8. 🍺 FACT LEAVE PLANET SHITNESS! GO TO POWER-HOUSE GYM, GOLDS GYM, WORLD GYM, Or a Gym where you can actually speak to the Owners.. & The owners care about the members goals! Planet Shitness has DONORS Not Members most don't go except for 🍕 Pizza Night! Looking at Planet Fitness own video on why members like Planet Shitness #1 🍕 Pizza Night! #2 Begal Morning! FACT…. Cheers 🍻🍷🍷

  9. In what universe are you “stuck going to this place”?? Are you unaware that there are other places to go work out?

  10. Thanks I just joined planet b.s today just for now I'mma deal with this gym then move on to somewhere better 👈👉👍 thanks for sharing 👌

  11. I'm jacked and I lost 50lbs at planet fitness. I am crushing 75 dumbells on the incline however for 15 reps so I will have to leave here eventually.

  12. I knew a dude who was an actor in Brooklyn, so he was broke for a while but got jacked at PF, just using the heaviest dumbells availablr a shit ton

  13. I’d love to see you go workout at planet fitness with the max weight on every single machine. The weights are as light as everyone says especially in the 8-12 rep range. The only athletes that shouldn’t lift there are powerlifters for fucking obvious reasons. People just love to bash on it.

  14. I can’t hear what you’re saying your ego is so loud. Bad move insulting everyone that goes to PF. I bust my ass and go twice a day. I’m going to be my best self. And I see people in there doing the same. Idk where you’re from but the PF where I’m at is serious about helping beginners. If you’re a body builder there’s other places for you. Move along without insult. Grow up, big boy.

  15. Not everyone wants to become Lou Ferrigno … some people have a budget and can’t spend 200$ a month on fucking equinox others have long work days and go to the gym later at night. Doesn’t help MOST gyms close at 9 or 10 💤

  16. ELLIOT hey I disagree with you but not totally, Planet Fitness is a great place for beginners, older people, teenagers who want to start getting fit so they are not teased at school, and people like me that just need some exercise that's easier on my body, in my opinion anyone who is going to the gym and using the equipment means they are not sitting at home watching tv , and are trying to care for themselves, your right its not a place for body builders they don't want body builders there with their steroids and bad tempers acting like jerks to everyone. my membership is free there my insurance pays.

  17. Its called tut time under tension dumb ass and its the best way to build muscle all body builders use it even with free weights ive been lifting for years and i can build a remarkable body at p fit u have to use ur brain

  18. My only complaint so far is their expectation for you to wipe the machines down right when your done. I was asked too by an employee because someone whined. I told the employee to go fuck himself in the corner. I don’t work there, And went on with my workout. The nerd employee just stood there dumbfounded for 3 min. Lol. Other than that never any issues.

  19. Ive worked out at Planet Fitness for over a year lost 100 lbs and gained 30 lbs of muscle. you sir are a moron.

  20. WE only have a PF near us, and I lost 75lbs in a 1 year busting my tail in there. They absolutely have dumbells, machines, barbells, and free weights. Granted, they don't go as heavy as the Gold's Gym or other more intense gyms. I also acknowledge half the people there are going through the motions or early stages of fitness. There is the other half that are very athletic. You do have to get creative sometimes since they don't have 10 different machines to fine tune body building detail.

  21. I'm not a fitness guy at all but it seems obvious to me that if you can get strong using just calisthenics, you can get strong using the equipment at pf.

    I'm skeptical about the lack of barbells/squat rack, but also the most physically fit person I know goes there so it seems like a totally fine gym for anyone not trying to legit do strongman and bodybuilding competitions🤷

  22. This is just my experience, you should consult a fitness professional or doctor before doing any exercise.
    Back in highschool, we built muscle bulk with burnouts. The burnouts consisted of standard warm up, then (always with a spotter or spotters) Starting heavy as practical (usually about 85 percent of personal max), do as many reps as possible at that weight till we couldn't do anymore, then we would move down in weight and repeat, repeat untill we had just an empty bar left (or no weight on the machine), then cooldown stretch and hydrate. Our p.e. class would then only do easy lifting and rest for a few days, then do another set of burnouts. Though this wont increase endurance (or strength much), just bulk, in my experience.

  23. I dont know why people are putting down PF. The place where i go to has alot of pretty girls who are in great shape. They didnt think PF is a shitty place. I saw the common people at 24 Hour Fitness and Gold gym. Honestly i am glad there are no muscle head at PF. They hog all the weights and sit there for hour.

  24. I’m 38 years old and been going to planet Fitness for 5 years. I eat what I want and not a fan of supplements. I look better then most people my age. So I can’t knock PF. I actually love it. I have the black card membership and don’t really use it. PF is a good gym. All kinds of body types are there. Not a bunch of meat heads with small balls.

  25. My PF has free weights. And they don't say anything about supersetting. and if you work out alone, it's a great place.

  26. I just sign the membership of PF. The reason is it is close to home. It is some sort of supplementary place as I can do weigh training at the school gym. I just go PF when the school one is too crowd.

  27. All these “meat heads” stay bombing up planet fitness. I go to planet fitness 5 days a week. You have to workout smarter, but you can still get big and be in shape. I personally know D1 basketball and football players that go to planet fitness. It’s 10 bucks a month, that’s why I go. If I have to workout out a little longer to make sure I hit all my muscles groups that’s fine with me.

  28. Idoits like this are mad because they dont allow meat heads in there. Lol ,so yeah there are guys at planet fitness bigger then you…. yup .. you are small dude by the way.

  29. Yeah , planet fitness ight. I used to work out at Golds Gym when I was new to lifting , then switched to La Fitness. Worked out at home for quite a while where I took lifting more serious . And am now currently at Planet Fitness cause my friend wants to train with me. Honestly, not that many serious lifters at planet fitness . Seems like a lot of people go for fun and that’s what makes me respect planet fitness. But I’m definitely gunna switch back to Golds Gym cause it’s a way more serious lifting environment.

    My only gripe is the smith machine. I prefer free weight especially for Squats & Deadlifts.

  30. I really like this guy.. most would have said " just don't go" or just bad mouthed planet fitness.. fairly so.. but he gave u great advice knowing that was your only option

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