How To Face Your Symptoms Of Health Anxiety

How To Face Your Symptoms Of Health Anxiety

warriors how are you is Dennis here thanks so much for joining me in this video today I want to talk directly to you the person suffering from health anxiety and hypochondria when I deal with people suffering from health anxiety you know they hold a very very special place in my heart because I can truly resonate I can relate to what these people are going through the fear of the next big symptom of anxiety the fear of the next panic attack the fear of what someone might say or what time a day it might be that might trigger some kind of sensation I get the cycle very very clearly and so do you and through these videos you're going to find that we're directly speaking to the root of the problem which is in fact the very things we're doing today so you are very lucky to experience this video because we are no longer going to cope we are no longer going to manage our anxiety and these sensations we're going to speak directly to the part of our minds called the amygdala to begin reformatting reconditioning this new direction that we want to go in our lives okay and I'm going to show you exactly how to do that now the goal today guys is to go from sensitized to neutral okay if you're experiencing symptoms and you're going everywhere asking people you know is this something that everybody experiences on a daily basis should I be taking this what should I be doing you know there's so much bewilderment there so much curiosity there's so many nats- automatic thoughts and this can be so so debilitating or a health anxiety sufferer our goal is not to go you know I'm just going to be a happy lucky kind of person and thinking I'm just going to go about my day and fake it it's not about that it's not about going from sensitized to showing everybody how wonderful your life is have no problems we got to talk about anxiety in the beginning stages we've got to discuss our anxiety with the people that we love but it becomes a rapidly bad cycle when it's fulfilling a certain human need that you have that's the problem if you're constantly gaining that reassurance like are you sure this is okay and are you sure I shouldn't go the doctors get that final checkup whatever it is then you know what you're just asking for reassurance and that is what goes against the health anxiety sufferer that loving connection that you get or that feeling of having certainty if I keep my anxiety alive I know that it's not going to get worse than what it is okay and you know what that's no way to live so understand the goal today we're going to get you from sensitized to neutral neutral meaning that you're experiencing a sensation you're experiencing a feeling without reacting to the feeling without adding more bricks on top of that house without adding more fear on top of fear neutral is our goal okay when we get to neutral what starts to happen what starts to happen is you become broader in your thinking you become more open-minded in your thinking and this my friends is crucial because if you'll notice with health anxiety and jad people have a very narrow-minded way of thinking it's either I'm healthy or I'm unhealthy something is either dangerous or it's safe but guess what narrow-minded thinking does not promote understanding when you're thinking narrow-minded lis you don't really understand how your body works or how your mind works how your system works how your spirit works and you know what you can go about your whole day your whole life thinking very very narrow-minded ly and that's not what we want okay so remember first and foremost that it's a convincing game guys you have to convince the boss the boss right there in two little walnuts shape sizes okay your amygdala that's the boss the message and the information goes through your senses it gets good it gets in the thalamus getting your brain and then it goes to either the cortex or the amygdala okay and the amygdala says oh my goodness I see that message I see the interpretation guess what here is a flush of Samir's of flush or sensations and you can either know when those sensations are going to happen because you're expecting something to happen to your life that's beautiful or you might not expect you might be going about your day and there I am I'm in the movies I'm having a great time and whammo you start to feel something you start to feel a symptom then you become curious then you get into what if thinking and then you run to the doctor so you run to the pill or something like that it's a convincing game you've got to convince the boss the boss does not very easily convinced because the boss holds on to all the emotional reactions from the past all the memories are stored within your subconscious mind and comes up all of a sudden you could be walking down the street and someone goes hey nice shoes and you go what's DVS sarcastic you sure and you start investigating the shoes you start building up anxiety there and then you start to feel a flush of sensations and symptoms and you know where it's coming from so the cortex says anticipation anxiety and the boss the amygdala says hey there is no reason for anything I'm just going to shoot these sensations shoot some adrenaline shoot some quarters all within you and you're going to feel flustered okay the boss the amygdala understands through experience experience if you're always running away from your symptoms and trying to get rid of them or avoid a certain environment what's going to happen the boss is going to go well okay I guess we don't have to turn on those symptoms again those sensations but you know what starts to happen is you start to group things by what's the here all of a sudden a restaurant is familiar you know that you experience sensations health anxiety in that restaurant you no longer go to the restaurant but there's people in the restaurant as well so it groups the people with the restaurant and all of a sudden you're avoiding people oh but there's food in the restaurant too all of a sudden you don't feel like eating why do I not feel like eating what's going on you can see how it groups things around by the emotional experiences that you had in the past okay so understand that it only gets reversed by you putting yourself in the situation that you fear experiencing the symptom experiencing those pupils okay and let's understand that the amygdala the boss always works with parents that yellow flower in the back okay I see that yellow flower in the back a lot differently than than you do I think it's beautiful do you think it's ugly okay I see the painting in the back differently than you it reminds me of an ocean maybe it reminds you of the clouds okay pairings airings okay when you're going about your day it's like it's a tenth of a second where the amygdala goes Oh pairing pairing person approaching you remember the the Terminator movie where you had all those those signs and signals in his head you know this person needs to be terminated this person needs to be that or that food whatever it is airings okay that's how the boss works so today we're moving towards our fears here's what we're doing we experienced a number of different sensations and symptoms throughout the day okay I'm going to go through the top three that I experienced okay along with one that lingered all the time such as the lump in the throat feeling okay first ones first now remember if we're going to do this we've got to move towards the sensation we've got to experience the sensation hold on okay we cannot take a step inside that cold water and start rushing back we can't do that we've got to experience it so we changed the meaning behind the dizziness change the meaning change the way you feel because everything we do is a if they if a positive reaction towards something that you know what all I want to do is change the feeling it's not the house it's not that beautiful car it's not the girlfriend it's not the boyfriend it's the feeling that these things give us so first things first dizziness dizziness every day people go through dizziness with health anxiety okay when you're at a severe kind of more severe level okay you're you're depleted emotionally your adrenal glands all these things you know are not working in unison so let's understand how we're going to approach dizziness the more we try to get rid of dizziness the worse it gets the more we you know we try to eliminate it from our lives the worse again so the first thing you're going to do is stand or sit in a rotating chair and what you're going to do is rotate for ten seconds all you're going to do is spin around get dizzy and in that time what you're going to find is that you're changing the meaning behind the dizziness okay you're starting to go okay this isn't so bad I'm experiencing it without trying to let it go number two heart palpitations the best thing you can do is go for a jog and find a certain destination that you want to go to I want to go to the market it's about you know five to ten minutes away start jogging lightly get familiarized with the sensations of the heart palpitations the sweating and such and in that moment start to change the meaning a it's not too scary am looking at the facts now I'm still alive remember you don't recognize those things when you start to feel it you start to jump to assumptions compute that's not what we want so you change the meaning by experiencing number three bodies apps get in the cold shower and take a one minute shower a lot of people go through their day and feel this or that you know adapter is app there with health anxiety they automatically start to focus in on it say what is this truth is it means nothing everybody experiences them so get in the cold shower experience the cold shower for one minute okay in that moment without trying to rid yourself for the body's apps just feel just change the meaning of perspective okay change the Association no longer is it a life-threatening thing no longer is busyness heart palpitations body zaps a life-threatening thing it's something that happens to everybody all we have to do is speak different okay so remember experience don't react flood yourself with the very thing that you fear and change the meaning therefore change the Association change the way you feel love you guys so very much you are more than anxiety I'll see you soon


  1. It started with nausea, that started making me anxious, which brought me to the doctors office. Tests were done, everything fine (told me I have acid reflux). Then recently I started getting anxious about that, which brought about non stop headaches all week, and bloating. Now again that is bringing me to the doctors office again. It's the worst thing ever having health anxiety but it can be cured… slowly but surely.

  2. Thanks so much for the encouragement to move past this issue. I’ve suffered from this for a while now and refuse any medication because I don’t want to depend on a pill to keep me normal. I find your videos and podcasts very helpful and relaxing. Before I would just stop whatever I was doing and just go to bed and try to sleep it off and that’s no way to live. I really appreciate you and everything your doing.

  3. my anxiety attacks any time of the day. feels like im going to faint or something then my mind is like going no where. plus i keep checking on my pulse if its normal. then when it is gone it worries me if it will come back again. i just stay at home i dont go out to often and talk to people. i had that idea to go out sometime and go party with friends

  4. On another of your utube videos, you suggested to stay away from Dr Google, and I agree. . . But you're so spot on, and you come from a place of healing, so I plan on continuing to follow you. Now to my problem. . I'm paralyzed with anxiety. . HELP!!

  5. Hey Dennis did the lump in your throught feeling ever make it diffucult for you to breath? And did you ever experince cricopharyngeal spasm?

  6. Hi. I have had health related anxiety since a few years. I always thought about having diabetes, high blood pressure and other health issues that weren't there. Now recently since a few months, I have started experiencing prickly sensation around my right eye and cheek. Sometimes which feels like I was hit bluntly. I got scared and got it evaluated by a neurologist and got MRI done. MRI came clear. He gave me anti anxiety and nerve pain meds. I feel that if am in an anxious state of mind the pain is elevated. If I am experiencing calm the pain and sensations dim as well. Could you please address this issue

  7. Today is a very hard day for me. About 3mon ago i had a very bad episodes of anxiety attacks. Tought with all my heart this was over. Well it had been about 5-6wks without any symptoms. But maybe 1wk ago I started with the nightmares again. And today i woke up with anxiety to the max (no panic attack yet) but anxiety yes and very much. Pleae help i hate to think that i am going backwards or that i need to ho back to the pills. I hate those meds. I hate being so vulnerable to all this I tought i was done. 😢

  8. I am thankful for Dennis’ YouTube posts. I’ve had health anxiety and sensitized nervous system for nearly 6 years. It’s been a journey. I’m at peace With my life. Dennis does a great job explaining what’s going on in my brain. This helped me recognize my biggest obstacle “fear”.

  9. Love your videos, so helpful. One question though, what would do for the tight chest? My chest gets super tight and starts to feel really hot and sometimes I’ll feel a sharp pain or pinch in it.

  10. I’m SO happy you said heart palpitations. I have them every day and they scare me so bad! So many doctors and so much therapy and still I’m searching for change! I’m so excited to continue watching your content, it’s so encouraging!!

  11. I dont know if I have zaps, per se. However, I do have body twitches all over and tremors as if i have tourettes which started when my anxiety started. my head twitches all the time. so do my legs and other body parts.

  12. Please dont use the word hypochondria. These things ARE REAL. It may start in your mind but that's a REAL THING that causes real symptoms. And my heart goes out to those labeled a hypochondriac that turn out to be really ill, like my niece. For years, labeled. She had lymes disease. I believe everything you say and I'm glad I found this channel. I just have some questions . That's all. Dude, your sitting on a gold mine.

  13. I had a panic attack last year june , the attack was scary, sudently i feel heat on my right side of the face ear to lips untill small finger .. the pain from the exact place still exist untill today.. i done with MRI , EEG all kind of text it shows nothing … the pain come and goes the sensation is still there .. can u help me am i having anxiety disorder ??

  14. It's so difficult when you get this anxiety/panic attacks and you can't really talk to anyone because people don't usually take you seriously. They would say "it's just in your mind, relax".. Would anyone like to start a virtual group so we can actually talk to another person that understands what we feel? We can create like a "support text group"

  15. I struggle with my breathing as it feels very tight in my chest and I keep trying to clear my throat. It’s not a lump in the throat feeling but actually my lungs feel obstructed some how. They have been like this for over 6 months, sometimes it’s worse than others but it’s always there. I try to not think about it but it plays on my mind every time I breath. .

  16. Please help me I get shortness of breath I go to the dr and they say it’s anxiety I am so scared 😢

  17. I called an ambulance for indigestion that I thought for sure was a heart attack because I read symptoms on google. 😭

  18. I had a brief period of lightheadedness and now I can’t stop thinking about it. I’ve convinced myself it’s something bad even though it’s not even that severe.

    Got to love anxiety

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