How to help remove Mucoid Plaque and Toxins from the colon

How to help remove Mucoid Plaque and Toxins  from the colon

good morning and it's Sunday and I'm going to show you in this video another recipe to help remove mucoid plaque toxins and things of that nature now I do this twice a day some people can do it three times a day and you want to kind of change up your diet a little bit okay so I do this normally and I'll show you in a second an hour or hour and a half before I eat and then a hour or hour and a half before I turn in so around three o'clock 3:30 that's when I stop eating and then after that I'm preparing my body to you know break down the food and then I follow up with this mixture here and then if you start doing that every day you start training your digestive tract to release the fecal matter and then some all right what you see here is activated charcoal now what this is going to do it's going to bind with everything here along with this banana clay is to bind and pull out the toxins okay I have psyllium husk this here is a bulk builder and you you need bulk to help push out the fecal matter so when you're taking this or any type of fiber such as flax seed meal or flax seed or chia seed or any type of grain you want to make sure you drink plenty of water people you got to so it makes no sense to do this if you're not planning to drink more water lemon I have some fresh lemon here what this is gonna do is going to shake up the mucus lemon juice is excellent for cleansing the system as well so this here is going to help chia seed has a gallatin glove slip more slip the or it will help bring out the fecal matter so what you want to do is allow this to fit when you mix it all up together and then you drink it now if you find that you have too much then just a little bit water so again you're going to need at least two and a half cups of water two capsules of your activated charcoal two tablespoon of the bentonite clay psyllium husk I will only use two tablespoon of this one tablespoon of the chia seed and then a tablespoon of your lemon juice I'll put everything down below so now I'm gonna go ahead and mix everything up alright first thing I'm going to do is shake this here now some people will buy the clay and mix it up but I prefer to do it this way and when you finish with this here don't throw this out this can be something that you can mix up some stuff that requires Amber bottle away from sunlight so I keep all of my bottles like this even small ones so I'm just gonna shake this here this is 2tbsp here let's put that in there tablespoon of your lemon juice I'm go ahead and cut I've been in like about what am i bitter night claim I like charka now we're gloves because it will stain now we're gonna add your psyllium husk and your chia seed now you don't want to wait till it gets too thick but because this is a mixture of the chia seed you want to let it swell up so it has that gelatin effect all right so what I'm gonna do and help it out here let's cover it and shake it wait about a few minutes but like I said you can add more water to it so if it gets too thick just bring it up to here and then just drink it slow okay that's one batch I'm gonna put this to the side and I'm gonna make the other one so from here now some beauty tips I just wanted to come in and show you another health nugget this hair you should see something within two weeks if you do it every day but you have to be eating right so if you need a lot of bread if you're eating a lot of fried foods and things of that nature it's not gonna work because what you're doing is allowing more toxins and the body has to work even harder to try to remove that now I'll put down below a video of a man who's trying a product I'm just waiting for them to see if this send it to me and mucoid plaque is no joke everybody has it to some degree okay but this is one way you know to help remove to loosen up the walls of your intestines and to remove this thick won't be gross mucoid plaque that's preventing the vitality of the nutrition of the food that we eat okay nutritional things that we eat or you eat hopefully you're doing that okay so I'll put the video down below and go check that video out alright you guys I'll see you on the next health nugget Oh


  1. Hi Rosa .. I’ve been a long vegan chef nutritionist fellow detoxer… have you heard of Ejuva it’s a collection of several herbs that promote specially mucoid extraction.. I’ve done that and it was VERY effective but this looks even more wow .. I’m quite familiar with all of these miraculous ingredients except the clay solution .. would you mind guiding to the best source for that.. please and thanks .. couldn’t quite read the name of it clearly in the video thanks again ! Keep up the awesomeness!!

  2. A way to empty bowl in 2 seconds, is to stress until you get gluten and dairy, sugar and junk food intolerance, and eat that. Irregular meal-and sleep times help too. A side effect is bad life quality, but no gain no pain, right?
    Seriously, do an overall healthy life style instead. no side effects, only bonuses!

  3. I bet you have a nice clean BUTTHOLE to CUM in when you have your period. Where are you located?

  4. tiny seeds to help cleanse the colon? i was always told that they were irritants and get stuck in the ridges of the intestines causing more problems.

  5. I’ve been doing this for 3days but no big major results yet ..I know I have BM stuck up there because I only go once every 3 days …Does it take time to go ?

  6. Do we have to take it on empty stomach? Do we fast during that day? If so how many days do we have to fast?

  7. My dear friend, this looks like an obsession. The body knows how eliminate. Happiness, properly prepared food, spiritual strength is what keeps us healthy. People live to the age of 106 without doing any of this

  8. Just had mine at 8am June 10th 2019 let's see what happens within these next 2 weeks. I'm excited 🤗.

  9. Pshhh…easier just to go to Sams Club and eat one of their gut buster brats that have been sitting in the warmish water for 10 hours. Your insides will try to leave your rear…

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